• 9th June 2022

    Should Boris Johnson stay on as prime minister?

    PRIME Minister Boris Johnson got to keep his job after winning “a vote of confidence”… Vote Now

  • 9th June 2022

    Should the Government bring back old-fashioned imperial measurements?

    THE Government is asking for opinions about its plans to allow shops to start selling… Vote Now

  • 9th June 2022

    Does traffic noise outside your school ruin your concentration?

    NOISE pollution in schools makes it harder for kids to concentrate, shows a study in… Vote Now

  • 2nd June 2022

    Do you think that CBBC going online-only is a good idea?

    THE BBC has announced plans to take CBBC and BBC Four off traditional TV and… Vote Now

  • 2nd June 2022

    Would you only work for companies that don’t harm the environment?

    AT a university in the US, the UN Secretary-General told students not to work for… Vote Now

  • 2nd June 2022

    Do you feel safe when you go to a football match?

    EUROPEAN football bosses and the French police have been criticised for the chaotic scenes outside… Vote Now

  • 26th May 2022

    Is it ever okay to sell ivory?

    ZIMBABWE wants to be allowed to sell off its seizures of elephant ivory and rhino… Vote Now

  • 20th May 2022

    Do you spend too much time online?

    CHILDREN’S charity the Youth Sport Trust (YST) has warned that childhood inactivity and loneliness is… Vote Now

  • 20th May 2022

    Would you want to play wallball?

    IS wallball the key to getting Brits off their bums? Wallball is, quite simply, squash… Vote Now

  • 10th May 2022

    Ant and Dec want your questions!

    TO celebrate the release of their new book, Propa Happy, and the launch of their… Vote Now

  • 5th May 2022

    Do girls dislike hard maths?

    A GOVERNMENT adviser says girls don’t study A-level physics because they don’t like “hard maths”. Vote Now