• 8th October 2020

    Have you been to the cinema since they re-opened?

    THIS week, Cineworld, Britain’s largest cinema chain, announced that it is closing its doors until… View Poll

  • 9th September 2020

    Would you rather text your friends than talk on the phone?

    ARE you a texter or a talker? A new survey has revealed that most British… View Poll

  • 4th September 2020

    Which Pokémon are you most like?

    © 2020 Pokémon. Sponsored Poll IN THE brand new series Pokémon… View Poll

  • 2nd September 2020

    Should grown-up return to work in offices?

    THIS week there’s been a lot of debate around whether people should be returning to… View Poll

  • 26th August 2020

    Are you happy to return to school?

    MANY pupils across Britain are heading back to classrooms for the first time since… View Poll

  • 13th August 2020

    Would you rather take an exam or be given a grade?

    THE drawings of a young artist went viral after he “thanked” his exam board… View Poll

  • 4th August 2020

    Would you rather go away or stay home this summer?

    SCHOOL may be out for summer, but has COVID-19 made foreign holidays out of the… View Poll

  • 29th July 2020

    Do you think the government’s new Better Health rules will help you to eat more healthily?

    BORIS Johnson has announced tough new rules to help Britain become more healthy. The prime… View Poll

  • 22nd July 2020

    Could you last a five-hour-long lesson?

    WOULD you like to spend all day doing maths? Well, lessons at one school in… View Poll

  • 22nd July 2020

    Do you like to read your horoscopes?

    SHOULD horoscopes be ditched from newspapers? That was the question posed in a recent opinion… View Poll

  • 15th July 2020

    Do you want to go to university when you leave school?

    EDUCATION secretary Gavin Williamson has ditched a target set in 1999 to get 50% of… View Poll