Do you know the name of your MP (Member of Parliament)?


11th June 2024

Thousands of young people are preparing to vote in a nationwide mock general election called Our Generation. Our Vote. 

In the lead-up, polling has revealed that:

  •  70% of young people under 18 don’t know the name of their MP
  •  59% are unable to name which party their local MP belongs to
  •  79% are unaware of which issues matter most to their elected representative

Do you know the name of your MP (Member of Parliament)?

We launched the First News Children’s Party to give young people a voice during this general election year.

Each week in the paper you’ll find information on the general election, including exciting events, articles from young ambassadors and more about each of the ten manifesto topics. In Issue 939, we take a look at two of those topics: Jobs and Skills, and Social Care, and we hear from young ambassadors Sumaira and Rebecca. You can read more about the topics and find out how to get involved by going to

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