Now the vaccine is available, will you be getting it?


24th February 2022

CHILDREN aged 5-11 will be offered the Covid-19 vaccine in all countries of the UK.

The decision was made after the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said children should be offered a Covid jab.

The JCVI said that while the virus isn’t much of a threat to most children, a very small number who are infected can have serious symptoms.

The JCVI also said that it will help to protect five to 11-year-olds from a future wave of Covid-19.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that the roll-out will be “non-urgent” and that the decision meant that “parents can, if they want, take up the offer to increase protection against potential future waves of Covid-19 as we learn to live with this virus”.

Children will get a much smaller dose of the vaccine, similar to other countries who are already vaccinating children around the world.

The US has given it to eight million children aged five to 11 so far, while Cuba and Venezuela are giving the Soberana 2 vaccine to children as young as two.

Wales announced the decision first, and was soon followed by Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

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Now the vaccine is available, will you be getting it?


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tradcath · 5 months ago

No, I don't trust the vaccine.

cloandhols · 5 months ago

I hate needles 💉 😬

manuqueen · 5 months ago

Even though I don't like needles I will still be getting it because I want to protect others as well as myself and if we want to get back to some form of normality people need to get vaccinated.

jeremyfrog · 5 months ago

I have already done the vaccine, and trust me it really doesn't hurt.

roserivers · 5 months ago

I agree with manuqueen.

sailor31 · 5 months ago

I'm 14 and decided not to get it because in the first place I have already had covid and just had a headache and cough for a few days. I felt tired after I went back to school but nothing serious. Secondly I think if adult are being offered boosters now then in a years time how many vaccines doses will have been offered to kids and when will it stop.

dscool · 5 months ago

I know that if you don't get it that it might harm people that don't have the vaccine
Plus it will make you feel good and that you're doing your bit

athenakid · 5 months ago

I do want the vaccine 💉 but I think others need it more so I said no. · 5 months ago

I'm not sure yet. Although COVID-19 doesn't affect most children very much, Long-Covid can affect children with symptoms of exhaustion and fatigue, so I am thinking that I might get it to protect me from Long-Covid.

superpug27 · 5 months ago

I don't think I need the vaccine since I'm healthy and have had covid before so I'm immune :)

stingray1 · 5 months ago

I HATE NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sadie2010 · 4 months ago

I hate needles but I still have gotten it. The vaccine can help get us all back to normal and let us do fun stuff such as going on holiday and the cinema.

jabby · 4 months ago

Please Take The Vaccine People Just because You Don’t Like Needles Doesn’t Mean You Should Put Others At Risk