Nearly a year after the pandemic began, do you prefer home learning or being at school?


27th January 2021

BACK in April 2020, around five weeks after the pandemic began, we asked you what you liked best – home learning or being at school?

1,000 of you took part in our poll. 46% said you preferred school, and 54% said you preferred being at home.

When asked whether schools would reopen, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Government would be looking again at the lockdown rules on 15 February, and that there would be no news on schools until then.

Since lots of you are likely to be home learning again, we want to know if you still feel the same.

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Nearly a year after the pandemic began, do you prefer home learning or being at school?


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arya · 2 years ago

Wow the poll is 50/50 right now!
I think I prefer home learning because it find it more relaxing than rushing to school in the morning, but it does get quite boring sometimes!

fr1d410ves · 2 years ago

I prefer home learning because I find school quite stressful and I live very far from school so I have to wake up very early. The only thing I don't like about home learning is that you don't have the same amount of support from your teacher as if you were in school.

marmoty100 · 2 years ago

School because you get to see your friends and teachers in real life in stead of online!

panda89 · 2 years ago

I think school is way better as you are in a learning environment with professional teachers and your friends. I find it so hard to get engaged at home - it’s sooo boring! And i can’t not say about my friends: nothing beats break time and i miss talking to them so much.

rudy · 2 years ago

Personally, i definitely would say that i prefer learning at school. Home learning does have it's benefits but it comes with drawbacks too! Such as a loss in my social life and damage to my mental health as i never leave the house anymore because of lockdown. I also find it much easier to focus with students around me as it motivates my to keep on working hard.

puzzlepeas · 2 years ago

I prefer being at home school because you get to interact more, and you get a clear experience. Sometimes at homeschool you can feel grumpy and start to slow down, and you just want to get things done. At school, you know it won't finish until all the work is done and you feel more confident in what your doing.

aann · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because it is a bit boring at home and stuff makes a little less sense,but i also like it at home because you get to do a bit less work!

minniegbd · 2 years ago

I prefer being in school as having technology in front of me all the time while home learning gives me headaches. Not seeing my friends is a real struggle.

nim-pom · 2 years ago

Although I get to wake up an hour later for school, at home, and I am in the comfort of my home (I can wear my own clothes and eat during lessons!) it is very stressful to constantly look at a screen, whilst sitting down for a long time. I find myself getting distracted and not focussing on my tasks and lessons. I also think education at school is better than online learning, as we are in the "right atmosphere" and have in-person support.

candyflos · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school as you can be with your friends and it gets boring learning at home with not many people to talk to or see apart from your family and at school your teachers can help and support you when your stuck and it’s easier to learn.

mdob · 2 years ago

My parents are teachers so I have been going into school with a few other children. However, I still prefer normal school because it’s more difficult to get my work done online and it can be stressful

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because at home, you can not talk to anyone however at school you can get support.Also, there might be technical problems and everything might go wrong.

opalbarnet · 2 years ago

I like home learning because my family and pets are always there and I get more work done. My class is very noisy. The teachers post a lot. But I can wake up an hour later ( even though I like to wake up early) and I can have snacks and more time for lunch.

lilslby · 2 years ago

I prefer home learning because at the moment school is not normal so home learning is more enjoyable. I just wish that we could still see our friends though.

toodles · 2 years ago

I don't know which I would choose... Proberbly school learning because you have the teachers there to support you in your work. I mean parents are ok at this but definitely not as good as teachers are. Working from home also puts stress on me too because home is supposed to be where I wind down, a place where I can chill. I miss seeing humans a lot!! My friends the most!

Newsbies · 2 years ago


peebi0412 · 2 years ago

From the very start, I hated home learning! I find it quite stressful and boring. What do you think?

terryg · 2 years ago

I prefer school learning. If you’re having a home learning, you need to join an online class. However, you might have problems with internet connection. Then you’ll not be able to attend the lesson. But in school, you don’t have to worry about anything, teachers are there to care you and you actually learn more things in school that in home. ( I have to admit that home learning is also not bad if you don’t have trouble with internet, sitting on the comfortable sofa with a packet of crisp )

joe_k1ng · 2 years ago

I like going to school more because I can actually interact with my friends but I also like home learning because you don't have to get up early to get ready to go to school so I get up 3 hours later than I normally do.

avion14 · 2 years ago

I prefer learning in school because it is much harder to concentrate at home, and without the classroom atmosphere it is more difficult to understand the work in the same amount of depth as in school.

garthmcbro · 2 years ago

I find school easier to work in because there’s a teacher helping me.

aarush789 · 2 years ago

I prefer home learning because I don't have to finish all my work on the same day. If I can't do it I can do it the next day. Also, another advantage is that if you finish your work early you can do something else instead of reading a book like you would at school. I live 2 miles from school and in winter our car gets covered in frost which means we have to walk which means waking up really early. The only disadvantage I found was that you don't get as much help from the teachers as you would if you were at school.

latiosgod7 · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because if I get stuck and need help, my teachers are there to help me.
This is much easier than having to message them over a platform like Microsoft Teams as they might not see your message/question.

yen7 · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because I get to see my friends.

aayanba · 2 years ago

I prefer being at home, the work is less and I enjoy it. I can eat anything when I am hungry. My teachers are online all day to help and we have an all day timetable but we have plenty of breaks!

spursgirl · 2 years ago

I like seeing my friends at school

panda89 · 2 years ago

I like school way more because i feel so much more engaged at school as i am i a learning environment with professional teachers. Also at school I get to see my friends, who i miss so much right now, all the time.

lavjh · 2 years ago

I really think that home learning has bad benefits such as mental health issues and boredom. I would definitely say learning at school makes you realise how interactive school is. Going to school means interacting with teachers and friends, using less technology, and just socialising with friends, which we can’t do at home.

owlgebra · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at home because I think that I learn more than at school

owlgebra · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at home because I think that I learn more than at school.

goodturtle · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because I'm normally at boarding school, so missing out on important events is a big part of why I dislike online learning. During the first lockdown, it was more exciting because we were the first people to ever experience it, but now, the days are fully packed and tiring at times.

greenfit · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because I get to play with my friends at playtime.

michael.ds · 2 years ago

I like being at school better because I get to see my friends more and I am always happy to learn. I really like my teachers and so I wish that the pandemic would be over.

aces10 · 2 years ago

Although I’ve been less work during home learning, I prefer learning at school. At the moment I’m living in Kuwait, where I’ve not been in school since last February. I really miss being in the classroom with my teacher, and being able to interact with my classmates. With home learning, it’s harder to ask the teacher questions if I need help with my work.

Also, when I go to school, it starts at 7:30am, so I have to wake up at 5:45, which is very early.

notsniw · 2 years ago

I like home learning more because I like typing and not writing and in home learning you do not have to wear collars and ties but I miss my friends and playing with them.

katkid10 · 2 years ago

I really HATE homeschooling because I am never in the right mindset and I always want to play a board game or a computer game instead of actually doing the work I should be doing.

oceangirl · 2 years ago

I prefer learning at school because I am more engaged and interested at school. Also, at home, you are staring at a screen all day. A third thing, you can interact with friends and you are more active, because you have to walk around, rather than just sitting down!

sherni · 2 years ago

I think school was less stressful and I loved being with my friends and family , not just with my family. I like home learning too because you get as many breaks as you want!

123emperor · 2 years ago

I prefer home learning since you’re not stared at for looking puzzled at a piece of paper. However I miss playing bulldog with the whole year group.

sushirat1 · 2 years ago


dogbro · 2 years ago

I’m in key worker group so I don’t do home learning but I much prefer being in school with my friends

afrogem1 · 2 years ago

Its not the same at home, because you need the teacher in front of u saying: This is your work and after that u can have break time. But at HOME,you just have parents who ALSO need their OWN break time!
( LOL parents, and no offence parents)

royalrebel · 2 years ago

I really like homeschooling because it is relaxed, easier plus if you finish all you work fast you get more time off

alibali9 · 1 year ago

I think at school is better because I can hear the teacher clearer and I can interact with people and actually go and eat the disgusting lunch food, even though it ACTUALLY IS DISGUSTING. I can actually go in the playground and walk around the school grounds whereas with home-learning your just 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘 ᗩT 𝓽𝓱𝓮 ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴜᴛᴇʀ 𝚝𝚢𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐 ᵃʷᵃʸ. And even when its break, we have work or I play on my piano.

luigi55 · 1 year ago

I like school more because I can see my friends. I miss them!!!!!!!!!!

opalstar · 1 year ago

I prefer school because as much as I enjoy life at home, the only other place in many of our lives that we permanently visit IS school. I love the school environment, books being carried around, chatting, [Being told off for talking!].
And it can't be replaced.
Home just isn't the same

opalstar · 1 year ago

Advantages: You can eat whenever you want!

wolfgang · 1 year ago

Well I'm actually homeschooled and I can say when its proper homeschooling it's so much fun , you can be swimming and your friends are in school stuck at a desck writing a page of 1×÷+=65838 ( btw I love maths ) . You get to learn based on your interests and and what you would like to know . I do miss school and my friends but I would never go back , I hate homework YOUR MENT TO DO YOUR WORK AT SCHOOL not at home that's what school Is for . But anyway I do wonder what would have happened if I went to high school, but I like it now and its going to help me be a vet .

spookyboot · 1 year ago

home learning is identical. there is no difference and at school we get to go swimming (yay!!) that is one of the reasons i love school

ellabeegee · 1 year ago

I am SO bored of homeschool I find myself daydreaming

dadoo · 1 year ago

I prefer school because seeing your friends and I’m getting pretty bored 😐 and distracted when I am learning at home 🏠.I hate lockdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔒⬇️

bookworm66 · 1 year ago

I prefer learning at school because there are less distractions and it is easier to concentrate. Also at school you can ask the teacher for help. The only thing I prefer about homeschool is you don't have to get up as early and it is less rushed.

amyunicorn · 1 year ago

school, I've been missing my friends sooooooo much

pinksquid · 1 year ago

I prefer learning at school because if there is any work which you need help with, you cannot get any help
whereas at school, you can get the help you need and you will learn much better than if you were learning at home.

tinytimlm · 1 year ago

I prefer being at school because you get to interact with your friends. At home, as lovely as your family can be, they can annoy you when you have been stuck together in a house for weeks and weeks.

isssad · 1 year ago

I picked learning at school but it was nice to see what home schooling was like even tho it was a bit boring!

ameliau · 1 year ago

I voted Home Learning because I don't like going to school. It is just my personality ok! Don't judge me!!!

tsait · 1 year ago

School learning - even during pandemic you would be able to see your friends & at home, you won't be able to do the leisure activities (etc. computing, science, art geography...)

It also helps ME as i have a little sibling in reception and my parents both work full time at home so a 4 yr old & 11 isn't the best way to work

weirdcat · 1 year ago

I was home educated before lockdown, and all my life (except pre school) so technically I don't know what it's like to be in school,but I do know that I love being home educated! (:

epicflame · 1 year ago

I like 🏠 learning more

epicflame · 1 year ago

I like home learning more

enyu_enbao · 1 year ago

I didn't hesitate to click 'I prefer learning at school' because teachers gave you 8 hours to do school work, and i never managed to complete anything apart from Maths 😂