Does maths make you feel anxious?


22nd March 2019

MANY school pupils across the country are experiencing something called “maths anxiety”, say scientists at Cambridge University.

Does maths ever make you feel stressed, nervous or frustrated? Perhaps it gives you butterflies in your stomach or makes your heart race? Sound familiar? Well, you could be struggling with something called “maths anxiety”.

New research by academics from Cambridge’s Faculty Education and its Centre for Neuroscience suggests that one in ten children currently studying maths at school suffers from “despair and rage” at the subject. The term “maths anxiety” is being used to summarise these strong emotional reactions to maths and their research suggests that it’s a real problem, leading to a general loss of confidence in young people.

Researchers quizzed 1,700 British schoolchildren aged 8 to 13 (so children at both primary and secondary schools) all about their feelings towards maths and found that ten percent of the pupils suffered from some degree of “maths anxiety”.

Academics behind the research have said that adults need to be taking “maths anxiety” seriously as it can seriously affect a child’s learning. They also stated that it could be contributing to an ongoing maths crisis in the UK, where adult numeracy levels are getting worse.

The research says key triggers for “maths anxiety” include poor marks in tests, exam pressures and class teasing.

Does maths make you feel anxious?


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orangeplum · 2 years ago


piggy01 · 2 years ago

Maths makes me feel anxious because I always feel slightly pressured by my friends to get a better maths score than them.

finbob207 · 2 years ago

NO I LOVE MATHS IT IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(What does the orangeplum person mean?)

finbob207 · 2 years ago

You should have seen her comment on the school therapy dogs poll though.

aim123 · 2 years ago

Maths does not make me feel anxious as I know the questions but some people panick, even if they know what to do, therefore getting the question wrong.

aim123 · 2 years ago


aim123 · 2 years ago


sammyboy · 2 years ago


ginnywise · 2 years ago

I love maths and all that, don't get anxious.

mancityfan · 2 years ago

No because I enjoy it but the new maths scheme at our school is not very good

brh_21 · 2 years ago

maths is easy i'm in y5 and i do y8&9 stuff

lucky810 · 2 years ago

people get fixed mindset instead of growth mindset they can do it if they work hard enough

andrine_34 · 2 years ago

No . No subjects make me feel anxious because we all make mistakes and we are meant to learn from them. There is always something new to learn

drduck · 2 years ago

Yes alot

juicej99 · 2 years ago

it makes me feel anxious because i used to be one of the best and now ive got to keep that up

sammyboy · 2 years ago


trudie · 2 years ago

Yes I have anxiety for school anyway I cry a lot I get stressed

wireskid · 2 years ago

I do in exams but not in normal classes

wireskid · 2 years ago


marmaladef · 1 year ago

I don’t like maths :(

rhubarbf · 5 months ago

I get anxious in maths because I get embarrassed if I get something wrong