These movies are all being shown at Luna Kids Cinema this year, but we want to know which one is your favourite!


20th March 2019

AHEAD of Luna Kids Cinema touring the UK later this year, we want to know which of these five films shown is your favourite!  

We’ve thought long and hard about it in the First News office – but we just can’t decide which of these is best. So we thought we’d turn it over to you since everyone knows the FNLive crowd love their films!

So here’s the list – and be sure to let us know why the film you’re voting for is your favourite in the comments below.

Which of these films is your favourite?


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drduck · 3 years ago

Am i first?

drduck · 3 years ago

I AM!¬!

drduck · 3 years ago


potter2007 · 3 years ago

So hard
First comment

crystalx27 · 3 years ago

I LOVE Mary Poppins Returns because it is so creative, fun and perfect for everyone. Emily Blunt does a great job as Mary! Love it!

mrhugger · 3 years ago

Spider-Man into the spider verse is very touching and teaches many lessons

emeve · 3 years ago

Mary Poppins is such a good film!
Moana is good too

oceangirl · 3 years ago

Incredibles 2

First to comment

sqiudge07 · 3 years ago

Moana is definitely the best - it’s my favourite film EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xx_tan_xx · 3 years ago


chococooki · 3 years ago

I really enjoy all the Lego movies, as they are very comedic and family friendly.

spacegirlg · 3 years ago

Spider man into the spider verse because I haven’t whatched The Incredibles 2, The Lego Movie 2 or Mary Poppins Returns, and I don’t like Moana. Sorry to people who like Moana. And any people who like the ones I haven’t watched.

hellopeeps · 3 years ago

First to comment ?

jake10 · 3 years ago

incredibles2 is just the best

safisuh · 3 years ago

They are all so good I can't decide?

jammybob · 3 years ago

first to comment

harryrocks · 3 years ago

I loved the lego movie 2, why has practically no one voted for it???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zebra10 · 3 years ago

I have not seen any of these

cutemouse · 3 years ago

I LOVE Lego movie is really different to the first movie though!! I recommend it to everyone...!! I hope it wins!!!?

catonclan · 2 years ago

Mary Poppins by 1 million miles

gucci · 2 years ago

i like it cause it shows diversity

oceangirl · 2 years ago

Incredibles 2 all the way

gamer07 · 2 years ago

LEGO MOVIE 2!!!!!!!!!!

lilywpink · 2 years ago

mary popings return

oceancraze · 2 years ago

Moana! love it
plus I'm singing the songs in my choir!

ijm · 2 years ago


llyffant · 2 years ago

I choose "Mary Poppins Returns" because of the AMAZING songs and a lovely story that many people can relate to because of the poverty crisis

dede · 2 years ago

i think moana is best

it is so cool and the songs are amazing

super5tar · 2 years ago

I voted Incredies two but I have never watched Mary Poppins Returns, and if I have I would have voted for it

whizz10 · 2 years ago

❤️ Lego Movie 2!

piggy01 · 2 years ago

I definitely would vote Moana as it is very inspirational for young woman and is very humorous and quirky.

aim123 · 2 years ago


aim123 · 2 years ago


sprint54 · 2 years ago

Incredible 2 is really exciting

squidge11 · 2 years ago

They are all so good that I can't decide!

sandwichbo · 2 years ago


dis · 2 years ago

I am a MOANA fan!

dog_lover2 · 2 years ago

100% Mary Poppins Returns because it is a great film and it's very family friendly. Absolutely the #1 film after the greatest showman cause that is my favourite film.

dog_lover2 · 2 years ago

But then my 2nd would be lego movie 2

hop · 2 years ago

My favourite film is Mary poppins returns because it has a range of new casts who are so good and amazing actors

dustymisty · 2 years ago

I think they are all really go but i'm waiting for the new lion king and toy story 4

kuhuzoo9 · 2 years ago

Love aalllll of them especially MARY POPPINS??

hector7 · 2 years ago

Mary Popins , perfect in every way.

rights123 · 2 years ago

I love the Lego movie 2 and moana.

gina · 2 years ago

Mary Poppins Returns

ghilt09 · 2 years ago

LEGO MOVIE 1+17x4-70

panda89 · 12 months ago

i don’t really like any of those films but my favourites are spider-man into the spider verse and incredibles 2

rhubarbf · 7 months ago

Spider-Man is so exiting and there are quite a few explosions.