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Would you like your school to do the Daily Mile?


11th May 2018

A TEAM of British scientists are calling on governments worldwide to introduce a 15-minute ‘Daily Mile’ in schools to improve children’s health and fitness.

The Daily Mile involves kids taking a 15-minute break from class to do basic physical activity. It was started in 2012 by Elaine Wyllie, who was then headteacher of a primary school in Stirling, Scotland.

Her aim was to improve the fitness of her pupils by giving them a short break each day to run, jog or walk around the school grounds. This activity is done in addition to the school’s regular PE and sports classes. Around half of Scottish primary schools now have the initiative in place.

Researchers at the University of Stirling and University of Edinburgh have carried out the first study into the effectiveness of the Daily Mile.

The report looked at 391 children across two schools, one of which didn’t have the Daily Mile, and another which did. The results confirmed it improves fitness, reduces body fat and increases activity levels in children.

Colin Moran, one of the lead researchers, says the study shows it’s time politicians consider making this a compulsory activity in schools. He said: “It suggests that the Daily Mile is a worthwhile intervention to introduce in schools and that it should be considered for inclusion in government policy, both at home and abroad.”

Would you like to do the daily mile?


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dolfincake · 5 months ago

I do think we should do the Daily Mile in schools because It will increase the amount of exercise each day for a pupil who maybe doesn't have the time to do exercise at all!

darjap · 5 months ago

Yes, I think a 'daily mile' is a brilliant idea since it improves your fitness and health which may help to deal with the problem of obesity and other health problems.

dogspigs · 5 months ago

I already do the daily mile at school.
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dachshund7 · 5 months ago

I love running and i think it's a great idea! In some high schools, after you pick your GCSE's and haven't picked pe then you get one lesson a week so this will keep us fit and healthy.

dachshund7 · 5 months ago


shreddeddo · 5 months ago

I would

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larabass123 · 5 months ago

I don’t think we should have to do the daily mile run because it takes too much time when we could be in lessons.

czesio007 · 5 months ago

I think yes because it would keep our school fit and healthy and we could raise money.

hobbes123 · 5 months ago

Yes it would be great to get more excise & would be fun too!!
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natalija · 5 months ago

Of course, this is a great idea as it keeps children fit.

popcorn100 · 5 months ago

I think doing he daily mile is a good idea as it keeps you fit and prevents obesity.

hobbes123 · 5 months ago


epicvader · 5 months ago

First to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love it, as I like the exercise, but it would also let us have less lesson time!!

unicorn248 · 5 months ago

Yes because it helps be fit and keep active whilst helping the country tackle child obesity which is a big problem.

bobfm · 5 months ago

At are school we do the daily mile and it is great it helps us be awake for school!

pheebz10 · 5 months ago

I would like to because it will hep tackle the obesity problem and it is a fun way to stay fit and healthy

donutlove · 5 months ago

I disagree because maybe some children like running but others might have asthma or they might easily get stitches or run out of breath. Maybe this could be a choice for pupils I guess but what do you then do with the rest? Also this is letting children spend time running instead of learning. Though I suppose it kind of depends if your school actually have overweight problems or not.

cmi_hall1 · 5 months ago


I would like to do the daily mile because for some children it would be there only exercise of the day.Also, it would mean we could have a break for lesson whilst keeping fit.

sambrophy · 5 months ago

I think the Daily Mile is a great idea because it will keep children active and give them more attention in class.

izjoeseth · 5 months ago

The daily mile is a great way to be active and improve your stamina - as well as helping you learn better in the classroom!

ysiad1 · 5 months ago

We used to do the daily mile and I really enjoyed it. It helped me to concentrate more in class and it was also a good way to stay healthy . Many people really don't like running and they would just walk around but we should just have a go as it is only 15 minutes then it's over. Now we don't do it because so many people didn't like it. But luckily there is a running club that I go to every lunch time .

aamzaf · 5 months ago

Yes because it would help improve the fitness of my class because some people just sit down at play.

dolphindm · 5 months ago

Yes- I think that most schools need to improve the students fitness and health. It can boost brainpower and alleviate children from stress. Also, the Daily Mile improves fitness so you can actually start eating more and prevent disease.

If your school already does a lot of activities to improve children's fitness then you don't have to incorporate this but it could be very beneficial for students who don't get that much of exercise.

newsedit · 5 months ago

I think it’s a great idea and will help to get many people fitter and healthier.

icestarz · 5 months ago

Maybe! It would keep children healthy but also be tiring.

dancemunch · 5 months ago

Why not? Our school already does it but my class really only does it once a week and I think it's great!

satsuma09 · 5 months ago

our school does it so sad

rollersk8t · 5 months ago

My school already do daily mile and any time in the afternoon we go outside and run a track. It settles everyone if they are being loud and noisy! I love the daily mile!

holholster · 5 months ago

I would love to do the 'Daily Mile', because it would keep me and my class fit, as well as encouraging other people to walk to school.

ryanjm · 5 months ago

I'd love to do this to get out of lessons...and fun. Not when it's raining though!

samuel08 · 5 months ago

I think it would be cool to do it because its boring in class and if you go outside you get exercise and vitamin D from the sun

I was the first to comment!!!!!!

emperor · 5 months ago

I don't think it is necessary to force children to do physical activity. My school forces us to run a kilometre once a week, in addition to sport and games. Some children would find it difficult running for ten minutes (myself included) let alone 15. For most kids, 15 minutes would be a daily mile but for some it would be half a mile, which isn't really the point but anyway I think it is wrong.

explorer12 · 5 months ago

Yes,because exercise is good for you and it would wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead.

skate · 5 months ago

first to comment!

Pumpkin31 · 5 months ago

It keeps you fit and healthy!

zipling200 · 5 months ago

My School already does this but we usually only have the time to do it about once a week. So I don't think its the best idea because the school timetable is already very full.

bubble33 · 5 months ago

No, as making children do a mile a day might make them tired and distracted during proper lessons.

wren · 5 months ago

My friends and I have started a cross-country running club to do four miles every other day. It's great for fitness, for socialising and for getting out in nature. You learn determination and team spirit too.

itzzelz · 5 months ago

We already do at my school. We started when I was in year 4. It has made a very big difference with how healthier the children at my school are. Also it is better because the lesson before lunch is way shorter. We do about 20-25 mins everyday after break. The teacher collects on how many laps we did and we certificates in assembly.

n3rdzanoop · 5 months ago

Why would you want to do a daily mile?😒I think walking or any other transport would be a charm

ollasherwo · 5 months ago

i think it would be good to run 15 minutes a day it is healthier and you brain would have more oxygen for the rest of the day

tintin13 · 5 months ago

I think its a good thing to do .We do it in are school and its good fun!

yath-yath · 5 months ago

No, as many children will get tired easier and they won't concentrate during the lessons as most of them will panting for breath

shroomboom · 5 months ago

I think doing a daily mile is a great idea, because it’s very healthy for you to have a run in the morning and it’s only about 15 minutes, so you won’t miss any classes!

aim123 · 5 months ago

I think we should do the daily mile because it warms us up and gets us ready for lessons so we will learn and understand them better.Also it may look long but is actually quite short when you start running it.

dcfan · 5 months ago

I don't know whether I would like to do the Daily Mile. The good things about it are that it helps prevent obesity , it gets more people moving and it helps people get fitter . However,not all people enjoy sport,some people get tired easily ,so may not be able to get through it and the Daily Mile means people will have shorter lessons.

cherryishu · 5 months ago

I love running !!!!!!

I already do it at school!!!!!1

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mrriley · 5 months ago

We already do it

sisi · 5 months ago

I think we should definitely do it. It will help kids around the UK to have another reason to exercise. An one mile is a good distance to run, not too less and not too far. It may also help children focus more in lessons, as their brain is even more pumped up.

explorer12 · 5 months ago

No, because pupils would get tired and worn out and won't concentrate on work.

kawaiicat · 5 months ago

A 'Daily Mile' is a great way to increase your health and fitness so I would love to do it!

tabbycat29 · 5 months ago

It would help people get out and do more exercise. I don’t think people do enough excersise due to online gaming and things like that.

norensanz · 5 months ago

we already do it .its horrible

dcb10 · 5 months ago

I think YES because it would be good exercise and also be much more active than sitting at a desk all day.

uglypigeon · 5 months ago

No, because we would have to get changed in to our pe kits and then run and then get changed again it seems a waste, we can just run at break time!!

doctor2010 · 5 months ago

No because we could miss out on lessons and fail tests.

daisy101 · 5 months ago

We should as we can get fitter and also itb helps calm you down and get rid of energy that distracts you i9n class

Kids1 · 5 months ago

no, maybe once a week though.

koalalover · 5 months ago

I don't think we should do this in schools as it would waste precious learning time which could be used to do important lessons such as maths or English.

julio · 5 months ago

I think it would be good so that the school can do exercise together.

lovetrains · 5 months ago

Yes, I do running in my spare time and I have felt better for it since. It could be the better alternative to obesity than taxing bad food as the people who want that food will still get it in my opinion. Remember, this obesity thing is about stopping it, not making a profit form it.

coolio99 · 5 months ago

I think you should because if your child doesn’t do at least 30 mins of exercise a day (which is what you need to do daily), it is good for your child to get fitter!

synchro101 · 5 months ago

This is a poop 💩💩💩💩 idea

synchro101 · 5 months ago


pony · 5 months ago

It could be a great idea because it is physical education and makes your body more alert for learning.

hipposcrib · 5 months ago

I think schools should do the daily mile because it will help childrens' bodies to grow. It could also decrease child obesity.

oceangirl5 · 5 months ago

Definitely! It would be great fun and a new way to keep fit!

mayasoccer · 5 months ago

Yes, you get fitttt

ciarza123 · 5 months ago

Yes I would love to, because it's more exercise because we all just sit around in the classroom all day being really lazy so I think we should do it.

kratos · 5 months ago

At kingsbury green primary school you do it and trust me it's horrible

elsatrot · 4 months ago

I think that is good for you to go on a long run because it's very good for your health and if you don't you could get very fat

daisywells · 4 months ago

This is a fabulous idea! Whether students want to sprint it, or whether they want to slowly jog it, it gets children outside and enjoying themselves!

jamesy10 · 4 months ago

We already do it at our school

nergit · 4 months ago

Definitely a yes! We could get some fresh air after being stuck in your hot, stuffy classroom :)

nannycelia · 4 months ago

Oh yeah baby

xdcoconut · 4 months ago

d'now because it gets you very fit but it's so tiring!

sophia6 · 4 months ago

My school do it and you don't have to run toy can also walk and they let you talk to your friends when you do it

RoseBun · 4 months ago

At our school we got a running track so we could do the daily mile but our class rarely ever uses it and in the rare occasion that we do do it, we have to run. I think the daily mile is a good thing and would like to do it more often just not run it all.

oceangirl · 4 months ago

We do the Golden mile once a week, which makes people run

sct06 · 4 months ago

At our school we have to do 9 laps of our field every day but we just want to play football which also keeps you very fit. I think people in primary school get enough exercise.

drummercmd · 4 months ago

YES! I think it would be really healthy for your school! Also, a good time to chat to your friends!

roseydog · 4 months ago

Yes because it will make much fitter than you all ready are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apple92 · 3 months ago

I recommend you join the Daily Mile because you can get daily exercise😀

ridjipro9 · 3 months ago


rosiem · 3 months ago

Yes, i do but our school has already just started it! I think it keeps everyone fit and healthy. It also gives everyone a chance to run at the own pace whether its slow or fast.

ZENCE40 · 3 months ago

YES! YES! And a million more YESES!!
nowadays all people do is lazily sit around on things such as fortnite and I think exercising should be more encouraged.

aquaquazar · 3 months ago

I would like everyone to do a daily mile because our school already does one. It also helps me release all my energy so I can concentrate more in class.

hc-524219 · 2 months ago

I think no because if we do excercise too much then some of us might get ill

elk10 · 1 month ago