Did you know how dangerous it is to cross a road while using a phone?


9th February 2017

THE number of children killed or badly injured on UK roads has gone up by a fifth in the last year.

Experts warn it’s because children are risking their lives crossing roads while on their phones.

A shocking 650 children were killed or severely injured between July and September last year.

Did you know how dangerous it is to cross a road while using a phone?

Did you know how dangerous it is to cross a road while using a phone?


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oliverj · 7 years ago

Wow! That's shocking. Won't cross a road with a phone again. (I haven't crossed a road with a phone anyway.

TF11 · 7 years ago

1st comment and answer yes.

gscornmell · 7 years ago

Yes I knew!

sisterocks · 7 years ago

Woh that is awful

hello123 · 7 years ago

People at school have told us this countless times. YES. I know it is very important though.

mausi · 7 years ago

Of course it's dangerous. You won't pay attention to what's happening on the road????????

lightning · 7 years ago

never cross a road with a phone some people are so indicted to phones they don't watch the roads

jdode · 7 years ago

Why would dumb people walk with a phone

eca · 7 years ago

It is extremely dangerous to cross the road whilst you are on your phone and of you have headphones in. You should never be on your phone when you are by or crossing the road.

themonster · 7 years ago

i dont even have a phone

fruitz · 7 years ago

Yes, it's the reason I've never done it.

pudsyears · 7 years ago

I would never cross the road looking at my phone I know thats just plane dangerous.

uniquepika · 7 years ago

If you look at a phone whilst crossing the road you are not paying attention to cars around you. If a car driver does not see you , then they could run you over. That is also why you should look both ways (left,right and left again) when about to and whilst crossing a road.
Keep safe on roads and enjoy yourself.
Well done to those who voted yes!❤️

sinister50 · 7 years ago

It is extremely dangerous for children to cross the road whilst looking at their phone, cars aren't always looking out for people crossing the road!

hannahpowe · 7 years ago

You need to be aware of your surroundings all the time when your outside! I probably sound like a parent right now, but come on, use your common sense.

dolphin3 · 7 years ago

People need to focus on the road! It's something that could very easily kill you.

obama22 · 7 years ago

very dangerous!

eleaaylwin · 7 years ago

i know how dangerous it is but i didn't think this many people got killed from it!!

orangebob9 · 7 years ago

DON'T HAVE A PHONE.But I will remember that.

perthgirl · 7 years ago

i don't believe that that many people have bee injured from crossing the road i will never do that (even though i haven't done that)

girlywirly · 7 years ago

It is really dangerous you could kill yourself

wren · 7 years ago

Definitely! Kids and young people should not be crossing roads looking at their phones.

happy4456 · 7 years ago

I knew, it is so distracting so i put it in my pocket unless somebody calls me!

evadore · 7 years ago

Crossing a road while using your phone is a silly idea (sorry to those who do it/have done it in the past). It's almost exactly like crossing the road with your eyes shut.

hfrules · 7 years ago

Be careful

ballerina7 · 7 years ago

Hannahpowe is very right, use your common sense!

Leigh Collazo · 7 years ago

be careful

janatetteh · 7 years ago

Phone accidents happen every day.

schwab1 · 7 years ago

ye I did
I cant believe people even do

dreads · 7 years ago

I agree too

ASA · 7 years ago

Don't even have a phone!!!! and I wouldn't do it anyway

lovedaleks · 7 years ago

I was aware of the danger but I didn't know that it was that bad.

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

YES! I knew and people that didn't know should ask someone (teacher, parent, older brother/sister) how dangerous walking with a phone across a road is! Its really dangerous!!!! I don't know why people love their phones so much!! They (phones) are just a device that can break or stop working and phones don't last for ever where as real life and real people that are not characters on your favourite game (on your phone) will always be there!!!!!!! DON'T USE YOUR PHONES TO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peregrine9 · 7 years ago

school tells us this every day

gaggy116 · 7 years ago

i would never cross holding my phone!

Sashgirl06 · 7 years ago

I've always known it's dangerous to cross a road while using a phone - (well - not since I was 2 weeks old, but you know what I mean!) If you're looking down at a phone screen while crossing a road, it's obviously very dangerous, because you're not looking up at the cars, and you're distracted and any form of distraction while you're crossing a road is very bad.

AlanaH10 · 7 years ago

Uniquepika sorry, u had a nice comment but it sounded as if you were lecturing us

Molo · 7 years ago

Duh who will chose no??

coolguy · 7 years ago

It's so obviouse not toooo!!!!!!!!?????

catonclan · 7 years ago

It is very dangerous you could kill your self.

houss · 7 years ago

I do not have a phone anyway but when I do I will never cross a road staring at it

ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

It is VERY dangerous to cross a road whilst on a phone.

ezbez56 · 7 years ago

my mum has told me this time and time again

girlywirly · 7 years ago

You can get killed

sunglasses · 7 years ago

I would NEVER EVER walk across the road with my phone. (I've only ever walked by myself across a road once, when I was seven. Naughty me!!!)
It's really bad but because drivers also know the dangers of us crossing the road that should also be more careful. I mean, if everyone walked across the road looking at a phone we would all probably be dead. So yeah.

harshil · 7 years ago

That's a bit harsh

miadabest · 6 years ago


sootysweep · 6 years ago

I have never crossed a road with a phone. Even if i did then I still would not. People should tell people who are going to cross looking at a phone.

ti-10 · 6 years ago

If you cross the road and look at your phone, one of your senses will be cut off and you will be potentially involved in a accident. It's best (if you even have a phone) to put it away in your bag or pocket and look at the light where it has the green and red man. If you don't and just cross the road when the red man is showing you may get run over or just make it to the other side.

uniglitz · 6 years ago

It's VERRY dangerous

katkid10 · 4 years ago

I don't own any phones. at all...