Is joining our armed forces at 16 OK?


31st January 2018

A MINORITY of countries, including the UK, still recruit children for the armed forces.

In the UK, kids can sign up from the age of 16 (with their parents’ consent), but can’t take part in combat until they’re 18.

According to Child Soldiers International, around two-thirds of the world’s countries only recruit people from the age of 18.

When we asked the Ministry of Defence (MoD) why the UK still lets children join the armed forces, they said that: “Joining the armed forces gives young people the opportunity for a great career and we are proud of the opportunities we can offer to recruits. We take our duty of care for all personnel extremely seriously and ensure under-18s are not deployed on operations that would expose them to hostilities.”

What do you think?

Is joining our armed forces at 16 OK?


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soggynando · 5 years ago

No I don’t think so u are putting your whole life at risk what if u get killed

Commet bellow if u agree ❤️????

7diamond07 · 5 years ago

I think not because they should be able to enjoy their young lives as much as possible.

gingetoff · 5 years ago

I say no

bigfatcat · 5 years ago

#First comment!
I think that it is totally and absolutely fine. I mean - they have their parents permission AND they don’t actually take part in combat until they’re 18! What’s wrong with that?

shpee · 5 years ago

I mean, if they aren't deployed into combat and it has to be with their parents consent then I guess it's ok. After all, they might just join to get experience and training as a chef or something.

izzywiz · 5 years ago

I think it shouldn't be aloud because there are loads of young men risking there lives just to go shoot some people

fg-14 · 5 years ago

I think we should have as many soldiers as we can get because that will make our army stronger and people will respect us and won't attack us.And if people don't attack us no one will die.

bunnygirl2 · 5 years ago

It is putting their lives in danger

asdfiscool · 5 years ago

Yes because at the age of 16 you are mature enough to understand the fate of army service.

elise2006 · 5 years ago

It is ok because the army will protect them and train them up before they are 18. They would also have more experience than the others who join later. It could mean as well that they would get to know the commanders and officers better before they go into combat. It gives them a head start in life as they would have a career planned out in front of them.

elise2006 · 5 years ago

They won't get killed young anyway because they don't go into combat till they are 18 and they should know about the dangers anyway.

reader9000 · 5 years ago

NO! it is unfair to put a child through unimaginable things and expose them to a world of hate and death.

mrsquash · 5 years ago

Yes because then they can prepare for combat.When your 18 you have to do 2 extra years.My answer is yes.

Bobbox · 5 years ago

I don’t think it’s safe for people that aren’t adults yet to fight. They could get injured easily.

joep101 · 5 years ago

I have mixed feeling about joining the armed forces at 16. On one hand, you can hold a gun at sixteen though you cannot vote until eighteen; on the other hand, you do not go into combat until eighteen. There are many jobs in the army - not just a soldier. Chefs, mechanics, medics and pilots all can go into the army; however, some may argue that 16 is too young an age to put your life at risk.

jic007 · 5 years ago

I think if a 16 year old wants to and their parents want to then I think that that’s ok.
However 16 is quite young.

izzyddogg · 5 years ago

I think that 16 is to young to join the army. You should enjoy yourself as much as you can. Focusing on that kind of thing would put pressure on you and stress you out.

pokeball1 · 5 years ago

I don't think that it is okay to join the army at such a young age because you might get worked to hard!

izzie99 · 5 years ago

Boys need to enjoy their childhood, they need to make the most out of being a child.

f1donut · 5 years ago

I think going into the army could put your life at risk at such a young age.

frederico · 5 years ago

Young men and women don't tend to be very experienced therefore making reckless decisions and unnecessarily put themselves at risk. Plus there not even adults yet and have there whole lives to live. Sorry if you disagree with me! : )

dude28899 · 5 years ago

It`s hard to choose but I think that people should only join at 18 or 19 years since being too young in war effects your future.

cubemaster · 5 years ago

If they want to join and they have their parent's permission to, then why shouldn't they? After all, they can choose what to do with their life, and if that's what they want to do with their life, then so be it.

gracehope · 5 years ago

They should enjoy ? their life while there still young and in school not go to for fight and get risk of dying. Do u agree? I would never go in the army not matter what I would hate it ???????

cmi_hall1 · 5 years ago

No because at the age of 16 you're young and have a whole life ahead of you.

zarla_101 · 5 years ago

Nopety nopety nope nopey nope nope. By forcing young people as young as 16 into the army you are not only messing with their minds, but your taking away their future. Changes for them to work hard if they can and grow up... they have a good chance of dying because they are un-trained and un-willing. No. It's not right and it needs to stop. You are committing an unforgiveable crime by doing this his because you are deleting hope and happiness from these childrens lives, if they even had any. Taking away purity and innocence and replacing it with war, conflict and depression. It's horrendous to think what might happen to these children and what horrif I can things they could see.

zarla_101 · 5 years ago

@shpee as a chef?! They are armed with guns and forced to commit murder because they are kidnapped! No parental consent, no training, just sent out there to KILL A HUMAN at the age of 16, usually another child. It's not like the navy or army in the UK my friend.

hoozles11 · 5 years ago

I highly believe that 16 year olds should not have to join the army. They still have most of their lives yet to live and being in the army would hold them back from living a usual life.

popchip4 · 5 years ago

I think that when u r 16 u are too young to join,
your are less smart than elder ppl and are
still growing and have long lives 2 live.
you r putting your life at risk

emma2163 · 5 years ago

Yes I think it is totally fine because they only do combat at 18 and by then they will be prepared. They also have parents permission ??

woof04 · 5 years ago

I think joining the armed forces at 16 is good because it gives you a good experience and a fair idea of what it would be like if they were to work for the army when they are older. Though some 16-year-olds are more mature than others, so some might not necessarily do the job right.

unicornzz · 5 years ago

I don't think it is a good idea to let children aged 16 to join armed forces because when you're 16 you'll be going to school and some people like aiming there guns at young people.

guppy2 · 5 years ago

I agree with zarla_101.
it is not fiar.

shpee · 5 years ago

@zarla_101 What country are you talking about? Sixteen year olds aren't kidnapped and sent out to fight, yet alone without training! What would be the point of sending out a child with a gun that they have no idea how to use? There would be none! The military would have no reason to do that, which is why they don't! So unless you're talking about some other country (which I don't think you are) then where have you gotten this information from?! And you can definitely become a chef or cook in the military! You still need to eat! You don't just have to become a soldier when you join the military. You can become an engineer, a medic, a pilot and many other things like joep101 said.

radishes10 · 5 years ago

We shouldn't be wasting all these young peoples lives- it's unfair and unnecessary!!

queenfirst · 5 years ago

i think this is stupid i think children should at least be able to live until they are an adult because what if they get killed

popcorn987 · 5 years ago

I strongly disagree because even if they have their parent's consent, it would be unsafe and they have the right to enjoy their lives instead of go out and fight, just to be killed.

daisy101 · 5 years ago

I believe if they want to join it at 16 instead of college or A levels . So be it . Its there life to live not yours

radishes10 · 5 years ago

Good point @ shpee they could help out with the war effort but in other safe ways like a chef ?‍? or medic and let the other older men do the dangerous job

lavender08 · 5 years ago

Why, why, why????? They should complete their education. If they join the army they have one career option. If they complete high school and college, then they have hundreds of options! It's actually really simple.

dork · 5 years ago

I say no. I would not die at 16

pony · 5 years ago

They are young and still have a life to enjoy!

kestj003.3 · 5 years ago

16 and already at the army ridiculous if you ask me you probably get wounded or worse and could lose your life at such a young age compared to some lucky people

dachshund7 · 5 years ago

No so many bad things could happen to you at such a young age!!! I definitely think no!!!

kgrewal · 5 years ago

If they don't go into combat until 18 years old then nothing can happen to them.

fridayfun9 · 5 years ago

I think that you should not join the armed forces at sixteen because you are leaving school early and everyone should get a good education even if it is your choice.

popsicle10 · 5 years ago

It's their choice so if they want to join the army they can

emperor · 5 years ago

Yes, only with the consent of their parents and if they are not allowed in combat until 18. They aren’t risking their lives then, and can serve from an early age. Some people and kids dream of joining the army. Even though I don't, I said yes because the question is not ‘Would you like to join the army at 16?’. Some people want to risk their lives for others.

pheebz10 · 5 years ago

I think no because they might get killed and they would only be young but if you are older at least you would have had a long and exciting life.

ayms · 4 years ago

No, 16 is SOOOOOOOOOO YOUNG! Soggynando I agree with u

texas07 · 4 years ago

it is your decions in life

melon_cow7 · 4 years ago

No! 16 year olds shouldn't because they could die so young

cahn · 4 years ago

no because if you are sent to war by a party you did not want you cant decide and you could potentially cant vote because you are 16 and yo8 have to be 18 to vote

smudge55 · 4 years ago

Yes, as BigFatCat said, they don't go into combat until they are adults, and the main purpose of the army is to defend our country. Also, the army teaches discipline and responsability.
And it's great if 16 year olds care enough to join. :-)

flash769 · 4 years ago

I think that people can join the armed forces at 16 but they can’t fight, they can train until they are adults.

hfrules · 4 years ago

Hi guys, its me, Hannah. Ignore the people who say no, because they don't read and understand that the 18-year-olds AREN'T in battle. This is an amzing opportunity so don't discourage people who want to do what they want. YOU can't boss them about and this might be their dream job, and you could be ruining for them.
Anyways, Gotta go.

thilojan · 4 years ago

You might ruin your whole life just because you went to join the army at 16. you might die at 16 when you join the army and won't have fun any longer

bennevis · 4 years ago

I think yes as it is good to start training recruits early and they obviously wont go abroad fighting whilst they are still 16 and they are choosing what age they are joining and they are choosing to put their lives at risk, the Armed Forces are not forcing them to join.

djl5 · 4 years ago

I think it's fine because you are not actually allowed into combat until you reach the age of 18 so I think it's OK

flamingcub · 4 years ago

In a respect no as they should be studying and practising for GCSE exams. They have time to join when they're older

headygoose · 4 years ago

It will put teens in danger so say no.

dolphin13 · 4 years ago

I think the minimum age should be 21 years ol because these people need to finish their education like 6 form and university before they thing of joining the army.

Dohvinci · 4 years ago

I voted no because of the impact it will have on a kids life.Although if they choose to join and have their parents permission than I do not feel like they should be held back.

egajjar · 4 years ago


pancake135 · 4 years ago

Joining the army at 16 is simply just silly. I think you should only start working once you have finish your education and legally have the option to vote.

jadyn · 4 years ago

No because if you just go to the army you might die and only 16 years that's a bit shirt your not even a full adult

oolaboola · 4 years ago

i think that it should be age 18. but.........
i can see other peoples point of view that it is their (and their parents) decision but i am totally against people forcing them to do it

FNFan · 4 years ago

They should be training for once they turn 19

newsnow387 · 4 years ago

No because children are young and I do not think that young people should be risking their lives - even if they wish to be patriotic. Also, some countries do not care and they will kill 16 year-olds just for the sake of it

gamer07 · 4 years ago

I AGREE with soggynado.

kinsparke9 · 4 years ago

Fighting is wrong AT ANY AGE!!!!!

netbalover · 4 years ago

I think its OK? for people to join the army at 16 IF the person in question is mature enough. The people wont be " deployed on operations that would expose them to hostilities " anyway?✌

kinsparke9 · 4 years ago

hfrules, it’s not right to say “ignore the people who said no”
Please be nice.

rainbow11 · 4 years ago

16 is very young as they are risking their lives. I know they have their parents' consent but it's a huge thing because 16 is a time to enjoy life.

epicvader · 4 years ago

As long as they are not forced into it, and know what joining up means, then yes.

mollyboo8 · 4 years ago

There to young to die - DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!!!!!?????????????

unicorn3 · 4 years ago

Of course! You can get married at 16. This means that you can choose what happens to your life, but no your country.

rinlen432 · 4 years ago

18 is the official age to become an adult
People at the age of 16 is unacceptable. No child should have to be at the army at sixteen.
Being in the army roughly means that you have to risk your life in order to protect your homeland.
The child's parent will feel scared and depressed thinking about the safety of the kid.
They still have 2 more years to be kids to they have to spend as kids would.

allertons · 4 years ago

No because you are too young to die at 16. You are still a child so therefore NO

3066a · 4 years ago


sparks357 · 4 years ago

No because you are still a child and you need to make the most of childhood while you have it . Also I would think are you really old enough to be taking someones life?

aash1234 · 4 years ago

No way! 16 is way too young to join the armed forces and it is very dangerous.

intelburst · 4 years ago

I think that it is ok to join the army at 16 so you can quickly start on the training

oceangirl · 4 years ago

you are16, no

amberspell · 4 years ago

I mean, I know you can get married at 16. But getting married and going out to fight your way to your grave is COMPLETELY different. I think you should be at least 20. At the very VERY least. I know they both concern how the rest of your life is going to be like, but choosing to go and fight at 16 is shortening your life dramatically.

squad11 · 4 years ago

I think yes because what if someone’s homeless the army can offer them a bed and food and I think maybe sixteen year olds should have a vote just for them

izzy28 · 4 years ago

NO their lives are in danger their at risk they should have time without being at risk as much as possible when their young !!

eh-78957 · 4 years ago


eh-78957 · 4 years ago


pumpkin1 · 4 years ago

At that age, children should focus on education, relationships and making the most of their age. Joining the army could give you mental and physical health problems, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) - a mental health illness, which make it excruciatingly difficult to trust people and live in the constant worry and shock that you were in previously; many people from the army get this. Furthermore, you are liable to get bullet wounds etc. After these experiences, people may be damaged for life and may not be able to concentrate on school and education.

superspy11 · 4 years ago

I think yes because if you want to fight for other people, it should be your choice and no-one else's.

Benjyb1 · 4 years ago

i think they shouldn't join the army at 16 years old because they have their whole life ahead of them and if they die they would be wasting it fighting against other contries.

rosyrhada · 4 years ago

THEY COULD DIE! Risking your life like that.Imagion me saying you go and start fighting in world war 3. Exactly!

amo · 4 years ago

I think it it is a very young age to be risking your life by joining the army

theminion · 4 years ago

They are too young to be fighting for their country. It could also affect their learning at school.

bellacoona · 4 years ago

You aren't even an adult

hobbes123 · 4 years ago

Because you might still live with your parents!!!!
I think it's ok to be in the army when you're 18???????

shreddeddo · 4 years ago

16or 17 or even 20 is way too young to die

holholster · 4 years ago

I don't think that joining the armed forces at 16 is OK, because all recruits are putting their life in danger, and 16 is too young to die.

redpikachu · 4 years ago

No way! I think they shouldn't enter combat until they're 30! It would be a waste of young lives. they should be able to join when they're past 26.

redpikachu · 4 years ago

zarla_101 I'm sorry but you are probably thinking about what terrorists do to get troops not the armed forces. Like shpee said.

redpikachu · 4 years ago

However, I also agree with shpee because they do not have to join the main forces they can also do the other jobs.But if they had to join the combat army at 16/17 (17 after a year of training) I strongly believe it is not right.

nostrils · 4 years ago

I think we should really have one age for everything rather that it all being different. They do have the right but sixteen is way too young. They should finish school.

6626fj5 · 2 years ago

By 16 years old you are old enough to make that decision yourself and responsible to know if it's a good option for you. Without being deployed until 18, there's no real threat except the mental pressure of being in the training environment. But considering that you signed up willingly, it would be your own fault if you made that decision on a whim.

tradcath · 11 months ago

Why not?