Is wee fertiliser a cool idea or gross?


9th February 2022

AUSTRALIAN scientists are planning to use human wee to fertilise city parks.

A new study by Griffith University in southeast Queensland wants to see if human urine can be recycled as a fertiliser for plants and gardens. Scientists have created different toilet designs that will be installed in public parks, with the aim of separating the good nutrients in wee from the waste.

Professor Cara Beal, from the university, said: “[Urine is] the perfect liquid gold and currently we just flush it down the toilet.” She added that the “yuck factor” has prevented people from using the idea so far.

The trial, which could take place in Brisbane and Sydney, will look at the benefits of using human urine, such as it being free and more sustainable, as well as any health risks.

Is wee fertiliser a cool idea or gross?


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scarlet10 · 6 months ago


charlieee7 · 6 months ago

It's significantly better for the environment than man made fertilisers. Yes, it may be uncommon, but we should give it a chance! Who knows the wonders it could do our plants?

dscool · 6 months ago

Poo fertilizer stinks so it's way better than poo

jacob22 · 6 months ago

I think it would be cool but also weird knowing that a its human wee

izzylottie · 6 months ago

I think using urine as fertiliser is a great idea as it saves money and is significantly better for the environment.

coolcats · 6 months ago

I think it is a good idea as it is proven to work well. However, if the area's wildlife is growing well, this is not a good idea as it will be rather gross. However, I support this idea since it helps keep plants growing which generally keeps humans and animals happy and healthy.

budgerigar · 6 months ago

If the urine can fertilise parks effectively, that prevents more potentially harmful chemicals from being fed into the ground and atmosphere. It also brings long-term costs down: that money can be spent elsewhere in the community. · 6 months ago

Although it seems a bit gross, human urine is really good for plant life, and it doesn't cost anything, so it could be a really beneficial idea.

marthajja · 6 months ago

It is really good but only as long as there is no smell in them

puzzlepeas · 6 months ago

umm, what kind of wee?

tj7755 · 6 months ago

Wee is a great fertiliser. What would it do??? (I don't think we have tried on big parks before?)

katkid10 · 6 months ago

I think that wee fertiliser is a good idea. It helps to keep things from going to waste and it helps to increase the chance that plants will grow, without having to pick up animal poo.

weirdcat · 6 months ago

That is!

weirdcat · 6 months ago


cloandhols · 5 months ago

It’s a really good idea because it’s very good for the environment

athenakid · 5 months ago

Just yes!

amber2604 · 5 months ago

so much better for the environment

superpug27 · 5 months ago

Urine smells a lot! I don't think I'd play football or have a picnic in a park with wee fertiliser.

adikinzaal · 3 months ago

it's totally disgusting

simbasimba · 2 months ago


uniquestar · 6 days ago

our waste won't be wasted