Is this Greta Thunberg statue a good use of money?


1st April 2021

WINCHESTER University has unveiled a statue of environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

The university has spent £23,760 on the life- sized sculpture, named Make A Difference. It was commissioned (ordered) back in 2019 and was intended to be “an inspiration for all students”.

However, the artwork has caused arguments with many saying that the money could have been spent in better ways.

The Student Union at Winchester says that the statue’s unveiling comes at a time when there have been job losses and library cuts at the university, and argues that the money could have been used for things such as mental health services instead.

What do you think?



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ansha007 · 1 week ago

yes, a very good idea, Greta Thunberg deserves some gratitude after helping the environment so much

ansha007 · 1 week ago


kittymoi · 1 week ago

i like it and i don't
well greta should have a statue but also the money was wasted

dottypop1 · 1 week ago

The money could have been put to better use to help people who have suffered during the pandemic.

lemonrey · 1 week ago

l think that they should have spent all that money on it because Greta Thunberg is a great and inspiring girl who caught the attention of many people.

ellabeegee · 1 week ago

I think that it may be because people could become more inspired to make a difference but I mostly don’t think so because the world has so many other things like the the pandemic to focus the money towards

fn_reader · 1 week ago

That’s a yearly salary for some people so they should have spent it on their own students and teachers who needed it instead of some statue

fn_reader · 1 week ago

That’s a yearly salary for some people so they should have spent it on their own students and teachers who needed it instead of a statue

fn_reader · 1 week ago

Sorry my internet was bad so I accidentally posted the message twice

scarlet10 · 1 week ago

to much money for a statue but I like greta and she deserves a statue so get rid of the old ones

scarlet10 · 1 week ago

I mean the old statues

porkman13 · 1 week ago


charlieee7 · 1 week ago

I think it is a waste of money because I agree that this money could have been spent in a better way. To inspire people in a more effective way, Winchester University could have funded projects or put this money into educating and involving people by doing fun activities, instead of spending a ludicrous amount on one statue. If they particularly wanted to help the environment, like what Greta Thunberg wants, they could have given this money to charity or spent it on beach cleans and conservation of our environment. I definitely think it was a waste of Monday and this money could have been utilised a lot more effectively.

charlieee7 · 1 week ago

*waste of money, not Monday.

ivansp2011 · 1 week ago

I do not think so

nim-pom · 1 week ago

I believe this was a LOT of money to be spent on a statue! The money could definitely have been spent on something else. If the statue was meant to inspire students to take part in the fight against Climate Change, then the money could have gone to charities that support this.

brienreg · 1 week ago

I think that the statue of Greta was a good idea. Maybe they shouldn't have used so much money but actually she is a very inspiring person and deserves the statue. I think it's understandable that the people thought it wasn't okay because they used LOTS of money.

historygal · 1 week ago

They could have spent it on helping the climate or training people to do so

weirdcat · 1 week ago


ora · 1 week ago

I think that it is a good thing, but also bad use of money. The good use is that it might help people believe that they can make a difference to the environment, but it is a bad use of money because they could have spent it on the actual environment.

toodles · 1 week ago

Yes because if it is meant for inspiring students then mabye the world will be made a better place.

madalien · 1 week ago


tjsherwin · 1 week ago


sushirat1 · 1 week ago

I think it is not a waste of money because hopefully this will make people look at it and realise this big climate issue and try to do more about it.

frapea · 1 week ago

They should have asked a local business to sponsor it instead rather than use university funds

freya2909 · 6 days ago

Yes because Greta is so important she deserves that

applepear · 6 days ago

First To Comment :) I think it was a bad decision as the money could be spent on mental health support and more.

weirdcat · 4 days ago

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