Is it time for women in Britain to stop taking their husband’s surname when they get married?


23rd March 2022

SEVEN-TIME Formula One (F1) world champion Lewis Hamilton has said that he’s planning to change his name to include his mother’s surname.

He revealed the news at an event before the new F1 season, which began in Bahrain last week (see more on page 28).

“I am really proud of my family’s name,” he said. “My mum’s name is Larbalestier and I am just about to put that in my name. I don’t really fully understand the whole idea that when people get married the woman loses her name and I really want my mum’s name to continue on with the Hamilton name.”

In a 2016 survey, it was found that nearly all married women in Britain – almost 90% – lose their original ‘maiden’ surnames and take their husband’s.

This isn’t the case everywhere, however. In some cultures, a mother’s maiden name is passed down to her kids, sometimes with the father’s.

What do you think? Is it time for a change?

Is it time for women in Britain to stop taking their husband’s surname when they get married?


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blackmamba · 5 months ago

Why not. I always thought why don't they change it . There is nothing wrong with a lady's surname.

hairypoter · 5 months ago

I think it is because a lot of women when they get married do use change their surname to their husband's one but if they do want to have their husband's surname I am totally fine with that.

hairypoter · 5 months ago

Sorry about that last comment I put do use change their surname when it should be do change their surname sorry.

marthajja · 5 months ago

Yes they should as men get all the praise and women get barely any so it needs to change

tilly_dog · 5 months ago

I think women should decide wether they use their surname when they get married. If they don't want to it's still an option.

scarlet10 · 4 months ago

you chose when you get married

monkey61 · 4 months ago

If women want to have their own surname then they should be allowed to do it. It is their decision not other people's.

dragonnerd · 4 months ago

I think that the couple should be able to decide between them because only having the mothers surname is still not fair and for it to be completely fair, it should be agreed between the couple when they get married.

trainboi · 4 months ago

I think it is time for this to change but this could possibly lead to having to choose which surname the child goes with.

keyas123 · 4 months ago

This will be a mark to women independence.

sadie2010 · 4 months ago

Woman should definitely keep their surname, it would be a big leap in finding woman's own independence and shows that they do not have to rely on their husbands to do amazing things in the world.

sy24 · 4 months ago

You should let the woman be free with their surname.

emi1234567 · 4 months ago

When I am older I want to keep my surname

randompeep · 4 months ago

I think that your parents can choose if they want to keep it, or even add their husband's surname to their name.

ginny09876 · 4 months ago

It should be the couples choice on which name they take, they should both agree on it

tomato6 · 4 months ago

The world needs to become a fairer place! This is just a step closer to that goal. Women should choose which surname they get

mothstar · 4 months ago

agreed tilly_dog

max1234 · 3 months ago

I chose yes, but a no too. It's because my mother has her surname and she's married. It's just that my family is Chinese so we have different cultures.

mxm0 · 3 months ago

What I don't get is why can't the man have the woman's name. It's the same difference and for me my family name will die out if I change mine.

squeezjoos · 2 months ago

I agree but the couple can choose

squeezjoos · 2 months ago

Agreed with Tilly _dog