Is Buckingham Palace’s makeover money well spent?


24th November 2016

The Queen’s house may be getting a makeover that could cost the UK Government more than £369 million!

The huge sum of money will be spent on Buckingham Palace as part of a ten-year refurbishment plan. Old brickwork needs restoring, and wiring and pipes which are more than 60 years old will be replaced, in a bid to reduce fire and flood risks.

The final decision on whether the work goes ahead will be made by Parliament in March, with the first stage of construction due to start in April 2017.

The palace is the Queen’s main home and she plans to stay there while the work takes place. The 775-room building has been the home of the UK’s kings and queens since 1837.

Is Buckingham Palace's makeover money well spent?


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AlanaH10 · 8 years ago

Why don't the government spend the money wisely,like helping stop climate change or helping London's streets be more clean instead of for even more luxury for the Queen when she already has so many privileges and there are so many problems in the ?

diamond1 · 8 years ago

Money should be spent wisely not on a house even if it is a palace!

zachyf · 8 years ago

The UK government really should spend money wiser like donating it to homeless people or helping with the animals who could be gone forever. Buckingham Palace is already a beautiful home and doesn't need any more refurbishment as it is very lovely and known to be that size.

osiantowns · 8 years ago

If the money is spent on safety things I see no reason for it to be an unreasonable price to pay.

hello123 · 8 years ago

I totally agree with AlanaH10

gscornmell · 8 years ago

I totally agree
- Georgia

ginneapig4 · 8 years ago

Yes because it needs to be done one day so they may as well do it now so that it doesn't get worse and also because it is an old building it is always going to cost more whenever they do it.

Dylster888 · 8 years ago

I think it has because look what they have spent it on

pratham25 · 8 years ago

yeah, but think of all the people who could suffer if it collapses

ktill123 · 8 years ago

AlanaH10 YOU are right we need money to help the world not for the queen

ktill123 · 8 years ago

AlanaH10 YOU are right we need money to help the world not for the queen help us money

sportfire · 8 years ago

I'm not saying no to a makeover cause it'll stop floods but the queen could pay for it herself or maybe the royal family

sportfire · 8 years ago

Alana is right

wren · 8 years ago

I think that Buckingham Palace should be preserved, but the Queen should pay for it as she is very rich. It is not the government's job to fund this work, but it is their role to spend money on other things like helping the homeless or like climate change, as AlanaH10 said.

sportfire · 8 years ago

That's exactly what I said !!!!!!

owly · 8 years ago

No! Why do they waste their money on decorations? Why, the Queen get's loads of luxury already; the government are also helping her now! But I dare not call her a spoil brat...

mastermit · 8 years ago

The Queen gets a better home than us and it would be good if it were for a good reason.

superdude9 · 8 years ago

the government should spend money on more urgent and important things like climate change and poverty

mjustice · 8 years ago

If it is old they should fix it for the queen

gaggy116 · 8 years ago

it is completely not well spent! The royal family are so rich they could have anything they want and now we are spending more money on them? If we gave that money to charity, for example to help child refugees from syria, think of how many innocent lives could be saved! And now that money is being spent on people who don't need help or money at all!

firefox24 · 8 years ago

AlanaH10------Definitely agree with you the queen already has enough luxury!????

applerose · 8 years ago

Money should be spent to help stop the bad in this world? but if the palace is becoming a crumbling dangerous place then money has to be spent on safety. If they didn't spend he money, the public could be in danger as you can have tours around the castle and if it's not safe then people could potentially be hurt (in the future) but I also agree with AlanaH10

applerose · 8 years ago

And I agree with wren

reevolve · 8 years ago

This is simply ridiculous...

Asupercool · 8 years ago

Whats the difference?

Rigejti25 · 8 years ago

AlanaH10 is totally right. The Queen has so many privileges why should we give her more instead of helping our country in things like global warming and trading

kkshah · 8 years ago

The Government should spend money on better things like good schools, library, instead they are wasting their money on the unworthy Queen when she already has so many privileges, he should just be a normal person,no biggy of a person.

kkshah · 8 years ago

The government are being so silly now.

pony · 8 years ago

I think the money is spent well because it needs to be protective and some things need to be replaced.

ernie4545 · 8 years ago

why would you spend money on something that's already beutiful

coolcakey · 8 years ago

It depends. It could be useful if it's helping them, but when you think again you think that should we really spend £369000000 on one makeover? And besides, it doesn't take that much money to fix a few pipes! It's obviously getting a makeover on the outside and inside to do with painting, new rooms and more furniture instead of just hiring a couple of plumbers. We don't need this! It only makes a couple of people's lives better, if any lives at all! So my final answer is no.

ponyclub · 8 years ago

The Queen's house is already beautiful so why change it????????

sinister50 · 8 years ago

No, the government should spend money on the vulnerable people out there and help stop climate change!

unicornmag · 8 years ago

well it is a wonderful peice of work and is needed to be kept lively but they can use it for something else.

kc123 · 7 years ago

that money should be spent on helping others that need more than the queen

hfrules · 7 years ago

You could help other people in the world that are desperately in need

dh9 · 7 years ago

All that money could be spent on important things like homeless people

GeeMee · 7 years ago

The money comes back into the government because of how many tourists there are and don't forget the queen pays tax so her home can be redone sometimes. Also hopefully these works will last for a couple of decades at least

welovenews · 7 years ago


bluehair11 · 7 years ago

Hmm....... I wonder what the Queen would say if she saw this lol :).

And I totaly think that the money should be spent on poeple who need it, and climate change.

bluehair11 · 7 years ago

I mean maybe if the queen saw this, she would think diffently lol

elyons9299 · 7 years ago

Money isn't there to be played around with
The money wasn't spent wisely
why didn't the government spend the money on refugees and climate change

catonclan · 7 years ago

We should be spent on people who do not have homes having homes having homes!

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

The news says all the things like 'not enough money to solve the housing crisis,' and here they are refurbishing a palace with 775 rooms. I agree with AlanaH10

gscornmell · 7 years ago

Think about all the poverty and homeless people living in streets why don't they spend the money on that instead of the queen she already has many privileges. She has a house unlike many others so she doesn't need an upgrade she should be happy with what she already has. Homeless people have nothing.... ?

clothie · 7 years ago

WASTE O' MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

espion23 · 7 years ago

should use money on refugees

beelaaaaa · 7 years ago

The money should be spent wisely, not on the looks of the Queens house. The government should be using 369 million for more important things, like climate change or something else to help the world :)

happy4456 · 7 years ago

I think they are being spoilt and selfish using it on a palace where our majesty lives. Nearly every room has gold in it - why do they need to add more? Some people might be in need but instead they're thinking about the palace and not the people that they were actually assigned to help.

1isme · 7 years ago

Buckingham palace is one of the things that represent the country and it should be in good condition

CatLover01 · 7 years ago

Really, I thought the government were wiser than this! Doesn't the Queen already have so many amazing things in her palace? I can think of so many things which would have been wiser to spend that £369,000,000 - (e.g. Donating to charity). Honestly, I don't believe they did this1

mjmd222 · 7 years ago

Really?! Is that hard?!

shea2005 · 7 years ago

We give the goverment money to make the world better not to make Buckingham palace look nicer. come on!We ❤ our world!

pudsyears · 7 years ago

Why are they spending it on something stupid like that. They should be spending it on something useful like food for refugees in our 2 mile long refugee camp or for homeless peoples to have lovely homes and plenty of food. We have so many problems and this is not one of them.

pudsyears · 7 years ago

But then also americans will come and spend loads on seeing the land mark. So i'm a bit confused right now.

pudsyears · 7 years ago

/ Happy4456 is correct about every thing including this.

shpee · 7 years ago

It's better spent than HS2 because Buckingham Palace actually makes money via tourism. Plus, it would cost more to clear up if it fell down.

elyons9299 · 7 years ago

The Queen has way to many things
the money should be spent on homeless people and stuff like that

amelia.a · 7 years ago

can't say no can we
queens choice

lmo07 · 7 years ago

It's money is well spent ?

ozoz · 7 years ago

With AlanaH10

alexfoster · 7 years ago

The Queen could use it on more shelters for poor people

humzie · 7 years ago

no of corse not

flameemily · 7 years ago

If we had sorted out world problems that could be solved with money then it would be fine but we have not.

sunglasses · 7 years ago

For goodness sake, the Queen has practically everything except getting to be informal!!! Look at all the poverty in our world!!! If the government has all this money, they should spend it on helping people instead of a few measly charitys!!! Honestly, I think the Queen should just move into a usual house.

elliefn123 · 7 years ago

Yes because everybody needs a good home ! Including the queen most of all!?

oceangirl · 7 years ago

People Buckingham palace does not need a makeover!

hookswool · 7 years ago

The money spent on Bukingham palace could of been used for example the NHS.

oceangirl · 6 years ago

The Queen already has lots of luxury’s so why spend money ? on that when they could spend money on the homeless and the wellbeing of the poor?? I have no idea. And when we are the ones that are going to experience it and other things like that, we should be the ones that should be able to vote, but, no, because the government thinks we’re not responsible enough.

katkid10 · 4 years ago

775 ROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!

weirdcat · 3 years ago

There are people litarely living on the streets with no food, and who have to beg and the government can just go spend £365 million on a Buckingham palace makeover??? Use it for free food and cheap rent instead.