Is an hour long enough to be using TikTok?


8th March 2023

TIKTOK has announced that its new default setting means that teenagers will be limited to one hour on the app per day.

Social media companies are under pressure to restrict the time that kids spend on their platforms and to make sure they don’t see inappropriate content, which is why TikTok has brought in this new setting.

New requirements introduced in 2021 say tech companies must be more aware of how their services are used by children.

Last week, the first formal complaint against a major tech company was made, when a father said that YouTube was capturing data from under-13s.

Is an hour long enough to be using TikTok?


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anonymous8 · 12 months ago

More than one hour would addict teenagers to the app and social media is not all of life. Furthermore, I think one hour should be a limit.

duolingo · 12 months ago

an hour is enough because the videos are so short

henken10 · 11 months ago

I think less than hour is enough time as there is silly and inappropriate things on it and the age should be 15 not

potterwolf · 11 months ago

I think that children’s parents should be able to decide because everyone is different so some might have more and some might have less (time) because it’s better for them.

nessness · 11 months ago

I think that an hour is too long too because they could be spending that hour studying but their on tik tok

lavu · 11 months ago

an hour is definitely enough time for social media. its not healthy for you to be staring at a screen for the whole day.

flamingoid · 11 months ago

I think that an hour (or less) is enough time for teenages to be on tiktok as if they are on it for longer it cpuld damage their eye sight and make them more and more addicted to the app.

bonniebill · 11 months ago

I think that having more than an hour on Ticktok would be silly because it can addict you and keep you on there for hours.

0039.kapsc · 11 months ago

Teenagers are addicted to apps and social media like TikTok so an hour is enough

laxviji@gm · 11 months ago

An hour is enough because if there was no setting they could be there for hours. Also, if parents controlled it, they might not know the correct amount of screen time so the teenager would end up with either too much or not enough screen time so tiktok should know how much screen time teenagers should have.

aces10 · 11 months ago

1 hour is definitely enough, even too much, for teenagers to be using TikTok. Scrolling aimlessly through videos drastically shorten people’s attention spans. Plus, young people can sometimes access inappropriate content, so the risk of this increases the longer the time they spend on it.

ramblebook · 11 months ago

At the most half an hour because it can be addictingXx

ramblebook · 11 months ago

henken10 I totally agree!!!

raincloud0 · 11 months ago

Going on tiktok for 1hour is good enough or they may use it for a too long so there must be a restriction

elsamyd · 11 months ago

I don't really agree with TikTok anyway so personally I think no time should be spent it.

elsamyd · 11 months ago

I agree with henken10 & aces10!!!!!!

iloveelly · 10 months ago

If I had Tik Tok then I would only spend like 10 minutes on it a day.

mimi365 · 10 months ago

It depends on their personality. They could have a condition which means that it can be good for them. If not then one hour is enough📱

zipgirl · 10 months ago

Tik tok has been banned in the US anyway. It was on the news.

xiangxiang · 10 months ago

If they open Tik Tok they might get addicted to it and when it time to put their phones down they might not listen.