Is a gaming bed a good idea or too much?


13th March 2020

DEPENDING on how you feel about videogames, this ‘gamer bed’ is either the greatest thing you’ve ever seen – or one of the worst.

Built by Japanese company Bauhutte, which specialises in building desks and other furniture for gamers, the ‘ultimate gaming bed’ combines eight products into one gaming station.

Costing £800, the bed includes a desk, snack shelves and a tablet holder, meaning that gamers will only ever have to get up to use the bathroom. But Bauhutte also has an answer for that, as it also sells a onesie which features a zip-flap over the bottom, for speedy number twos.

Of course, we should mention that the gamer bed would probably be terrible for your sleep. The NHS says that you should avoid using smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices for an hour or so before you go to bed, as the light from the screen on these devices may have a negative effect on sleep.

Good luck avoiding screens in this bed!


Is a gaming bed a good idea or too much?


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evantml · 11 months ago

very bad idea - a gimmick that is bad for children

nevada · 11 months ago

Good for some but personally I think it’s a bit extreme.
I do not think it is wrong

nevada · 11 months ago

Gaming in a den or treehouse is really fun

asbml · 11 months ago

This is by far the worst thing I have ever seen.

asbml · 11 months ago

It's so unsocial and lazy.

asbml · 11 months ago

So much for gaming and being lazy is done.

asbml · 11 months ago

This is terrible for sleep because you'd be tempted to eat snacks and game more.

asbml · 11 months ago

These things are what get people addicted and lazier.

asbml · 11 months ago

I agree with, evantml

asbml · 11 months ago

Even for gamers I think even this has gone too far.

asbml · 11 months ago

Who agrees?

asbml · 11 months ago


asbml · 11 months ago

I really hate it when people go too far for stuff in gaming.

ameliau · 11 months ago

I think it is a terrible idea because it is just encouraging people to spend more time on technology.

netcheer11 · 11 months ago

People would send all day in this so no not a good idea. This wouldn't help children with behaviour like adults would want.

mahooha123 · 11 months ago

A gaming bed is not a good idea! It would probably lead to a lack of sleep and therefore a poor performance at school/work and short attention span.

quinoa63 · 11 months ago

This is a very bad idea because it encourages kids to laze around and not interact with other people and notice what the real world is like.

unicorn248 · 11 months ago

I believe that this idea is very bad. Not only, does it focus kids too much on screens, but it will also lead to obesity due to the amount of gadgets built in and that is a problem that the UK I trying to tackle currently. This will most probably deteriorate the users' health as they won't go to the toilet when needed, won't eat healthily and will be affected by a lack of sleep.

puppyluv · 11 months ago

Why would anyone buy this???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!! Its just lazy!

anju-fnews · 11 months ago

It is wrong as this will just make children lazier and addicted to video games. This will also make them unsocial, fall behind in education and irresponsible

wildcat90 · 11 months ago

I think this is an awful idea as it teaches children to be unsociable and lazy

daveadave1 · 11 months ago

A gaming bed is a bad idea as it will encourage children to become lazy as they don't have to get up to get food. It will also increase obesity and gaming addiction in children

ocean32 · 11 months ago

I think a bit 2 extreme. I mean, what if people get so addicted they develop muscle problems?

redtoad · 11 months ago

Very bad idea everybody will get addicted to them and anybody who has one probably not want to do there homework.

fiabunny · 11 months ago

it will encourage you to play a lot more than you are meant to and also will probably make you do it before bed which is not a good idea as it makes it harder for you to fall asleep

omangion · 11 months ago

You would not be able to sleep at night with all the screens and game controllers around you.

lolatiger · 11 months ago

This just shows how far shutting your self out from the real world is going. Not only is this bad for your health, it means you miss out on many opportunities in life. I feel sorry for children whose parents allow this bed. This is no way to improve social skills.

ishk · 11 months ago

It's like a death bed..worst idea.. will create health problems

elisabeh11 · 11 months ago

No. Bad idea .it is bad for you.

itsscarlet · 11 months ago

I think it is an awful idea because it will make us kids stay up later and the next day our focus will decrease in our school work.

applepie8 · 11 months ago

Too much screen time is bad for your eyes.

chorkah08 · 11 months ago

I think it is a very bad idea because it will cause health issues to your eyes.

shimmer56 · 11 months ago

I think that's just a new way to get us addicted to video games... No way! Talk about laziness!

juji · 11 months ago

Very bad idea because people can get addicted to whatever they are playing

swimlamb · 11 months ago

Screen time is already bad enough for are health ,why encourage it even more?

piggyo5 · 11 months ago

It is a really bad idea as thi could lead to gaming addictions and focusing too much on a screen. If you get too addicted, it could be bad for your mental health.

fridafluff · 11 months ago

I don't think it's a good idea as if you use it you will be in another world and doing your own thing you won't be in touch with the ACTUAL world we live in. It will also be quite socially depressing , unhealthy and being on electronics for long can change people's moods and usually in a bad way.

rainbow8 · 10 months ago

Of course this is a bad idea! I want words with the people who made this. It is so unsocial and it will encourage children to be lazy. This is such a bad idea.

kattniss · 10 months ago

gaming totally wastes your time as when you log onto a game you say you will spend 30 mins on it and then you look at your clock and youve spend 3 hours on it
the bed ids a con to get people to buy addicting video games ):

supercat24 · 10 months ago

Really bad idea-will just encourage more kids to spend too much screen time on consoles, as well as the bed may bring back problems.

netball_09 · 10 months ago

Too much time on screens can make you feel ill especially if you are in the car

netball_09 · 10 months ago

I would rather be doing sport or something more fun I guess gaming just isn't my thing

netball_09 · 10 months ago

You can buy like a football for £5 and some people are spending £800 on something that is not even good for you

manny1215 · 10 months ago

I THINK IT IS VERY INNOVATIVE AND CAN HELP LOTS of people enjoy what the wat they want and it helps people to live there lives such as really famous YouTubers but it shouldn't be overused.and also anyone hasn't proven that gaming is bad I think it helps you get a better awareness and helps you with Stem. so it is a very innovative creation that we should be gratefull for

petgirl109 · 10 months ago

It's a bad idea because once you buy, you then try it out and you then become addicted to it and that's not good for your health if you play to much video games. You stay up all night to play games and you totally forget to study. Then people get more lazier.

15rcarterr · 10 months ago

I think it is a good idea so long as parents restrict time gaming. This is a bad idea if parents don't care how long their children game, as it would encourage more gaming, but also it is nice to lie down in for the half an hour you are gaming.

netball_09 · 10 months ago

Is it really that hard to get up and walk a few metres to the bathroom?

tepymaki · 10 months ago

Way too much! It might be good idea in Japan though because they have 'manga kissa' (manga cafes) where you can read books, use the internet and play games. Some people stay there and sleep for the night. A bit like a buget book/game hotel. I guess it's aimed at manga kissa and serious game enthusiasts. I don't think it would be popular in the UK though.

lovefox13 · 10 months ago

I myself am a gamer and is always looking to make things easier when I game, but this could be an innovation in technology, but instead personally I think that they ruined it! The idea behind it is great but they could of made it a “gamer seat” instead of a bed because nobody can sleep with video game lights in their eyes

dog_lover · 10 months ago

Bit too much

winkle100 · 10 months ago

It is way to much, I think personally to make it better it should have a fruit station and have an alarm that goes of every 30 minutes that makes you stop gaming and makes you do exercise for 15 minutes .

sleepyfam · 10 months ago

It’s an awesome idea! I really want it!>>>>

sleepyfam · 10 months ago

Well.... it isn’t that good of an idea.... but it looks super cool! Real interesting!!

nexylicia · 10 months ago

first of all, if a parent is concerned about how long a child plays games, i really dont think they would be buying this. secondly, if someone asks for this and their parents say yes, they are most likely to be responsible about how much time they spend using this.

redwolfx · 10 months ago

Really bad for your mind if you on your I pad or something.

snufflypug · 10 months ago

If you want to game, get out of your bed already. Urgh.

codonnell · 10 months ago

This is too extreme. This will just encourage lazy behaviour and users will become antisocial which could have n effect on the way they live or how they think.

oceangirl · 10 months ago

I get that people like to game but a gaming bed is going too far! I mean, it encourages lazy behaviour and means that people (especially kids that game a lot because they would not do their homework and would not get a good nights sleep at all, which would impact on their learning.

lollipop33 · 10 months ago

So, it's a hard one. I'm not voting. It's ingenious and one of the most innovative things I have ever seen. But it can also be bad. I like videogames but only play for like an hour a day. But it will also make people want to stop exercising and just play Fortnite for 10 hours. Gaming is actually OK though if you play: not in the dark, for short amounts of time and not for hours on end. So I won't vote for either. £800 is a lot though!


lollipop33 · 10 months ago

But people can just game not in a bed

lucas0805 · 10 months ago

to much television is bad for you

kelly · 10 months ago

worst idea EVER

jeeta1997 · 10 months ago

I think that this has gone too far.
Kids are already having to be DRAGGED of their Xbox, or Ps4 and now this.
I think that this is completely wrong, and such a bad influence for us children

sloth-love · 10 months ago

This could be dangerous! Also, you'd be in the position to play video games in the night whist sleeping and it may become too tempting!

bamboomilk · 10 months ago

It's a really good idea! YouTubers who are gamers would use them. People who have PlayStations would use them. Also you could just use it to chill in front of the TV. A bigger variety of people actually think that new/different things they have never seen before are actually too much. Just because it's new doesn't mean that. There are just different.

saxophone7 · 10 months ago

It's such a dumb idea kids will get lazy and obese gaming is bad for you anyway. You could buy a football really cheap and thus gaming bed is £800! Who in their right mind would buy that?????

cloandhols · 10 months ago

I think it will make you more addicted to gaming so that won't be good for your health.

mat29110 · 10 months ago

Very bad idea!!! Because It is very bad and even when it lights out you could still play on silently!!!!

stargrl · 10 months ago

People could die from dehydration! 👎👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿

stargrl · 10 months ago

I haven't done any video games at all EVER and I am the cleverest kid in my year. (Not to brag). Yet I know a kid who is very unmotivated and is addicted to screens. He wants to be a youtuber. I mean, who wants to be that!?!

aspeni · 10 months ago

children can get headaches from this [it will hurt them] and our eyes will be painful

aspeni · 10 months ago

you wont sleep, you will be addicted to a screen and you will have rude words in your vocabulary

dontaskme · 10 months ago

I think that this is a TERRIBLE idea! There is already an obesity issue and because of the lockdown people aren’t getting as much opportunity to go out! Staying in a gaming bed would significantly decrease the vitamin D that people get, resulting in rickets. It’s incredibly expensive - even without kids begging for the latest games and in-app purchases!

superdork · 10 months ago

No way! Screen time at 100% now , and you are TRYING to get people active!

bananas08 · 10 months ago

This is really cool but not good for you to have

scichaser2 · 9 months ago

Very bad idea! This encourages bad health habits and could lead to all kinds of things that could even be fatal. It’s totally not fair on anyone else who can’t afford it either. Not only all this, but surely this would be awful for sleep and body clock?

luciah · 9 months ago

where can i bye one

fishgirl2 · 9 months ago

I think it would make kids waaaaay to addicted to games.

Definitely a no for me!

wireskid · 9 months ago

It is a bad idea because then you would want to game all night and if you had school the next day with exams or without them your performance would be poor. Your results would be terrible and it would addict you to gaming, some people in my family are addicted to gaming and when they get made to stop gaming they cry. Gaming ruins your brain. I did a challenge to game all day the day before school to see what gaming did to my brain and when I went to school I couldn't answer one question because of all the gaming I did the day before. I think that it is the worst idea ever, to agree with me comment #BadIdea

edmonds123 · 9 months ago


edmonds123 · 9 months ago

also its not worth the money you can just get a NORMAL chair and then buy a desk and honestly this is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far this will create lazy people and also unsocial people... this is probally also bad for mental health

cakelover1 · 9 months ago

it will encourage kids who may have school the next day to stay up late and play games and that is bad for you and their brains will be tired and could do bad at school work that is very worrying that kids might get that

cakelover1 · 9 months ago

i also agree with edmonds123 way too bad for you and will make you more and more unsocial and lazy

bettyboo92 · 9 months ago

way too much

dinolover1 · 9 months ago

I think that its a good idea but for those who don't agree with me don't take it personally because it is my opinion and I don't have anything against your vote.

bananakid1 · 9 months ago

Bad idea

kanna-chan · 9 months ago

Maybe have an option to fold the stuff away and you need like a parent's finger print to get the shelves and everything out then I would agree

kanna-chan · 9 months ago

Maybe have an option to fold the stuff away and you need like a parent's finger print to get the shelves and everything out then I would agree on it being a good idea

zoor · 9 months ago

I love gaming, so it would be an obvious yes!

xkruger · 9 months ago

imagine this situation you've just done a really long session of gaming and your really tired and you can't be bothered to walk to you're bedroom so what do you do??? just sleep in you're gaming bed simple

cookie2187 · 9 months ago

I think it is a bad idea because i will make people more lazy and interrupt sleep.

cakelover1 · 9 months ago


esmemiller · 9 months ago

Super Bad idea, but i know many people who would think that it is the best!😂

adalard · 8 months ago

Okay, a gaming-dedicated thing is cool, but...

netcheer11 · 8 months ago

People will get addicted and for that it is a bad idea! Children won’t be ready to learn at school! 😴😵🤢They could get ill too!

nickelal10 · 8 months ago

This is a death sentence, if you buy it

fluffycat4 · 8 months ago

This is a very bad idea as children would stop doing homework and things that really need to be done.

opalstar · 8 months ago

I think it is a really bad no one should be into gaming that much.

backbender · 8 months ago

This gaming bed thingy is just too much in my opinion! I think this would be terrible for sleep 😴 because you would be highly tempted to just keep gaming, gaming, gaming and gaming! I think some people would like it but NOT me! I think lots of people would be interested in this though. ❤️

katkid10 · 8 months ago

I wouldn't be able to sleep! How would you be able to sleep with a screen in front of you?! I have to read or I can't go to sleep. How comfortable will it be? Will people be addicted to screens? Watching too much screen increases the chance of getting Brain Cancer by 3%! :0 :0 :0!!!

abifrog123 · 8 months ago

it looks super cool

sunnysmilz · 8 months ago

it's bad for your mental health

superpug27 · 8 months ago

It’s bad for health, it’s bad for social interaction and it’s bad for your bank account. £800 for a chair with some tables? This bed is not good for children or adult ‘gamers’ - another scam.

musiclovr · 7 months ago

I think this is way too much. I like the idea of turning off screens after six o clock and I do like to listen to music before I go to sleep but this, for me, is definitely way too much. There is a chance of the person in the bed saying up most of the night gaming.

sarah.m · 7 months ago

too much. i mean, if you ask me, the idea is really cool but to be honest do you know what damage ALL THAT could do to your mental health

sarah.m · 7 months ago

and when i say the idea is really cool i mean it would be the best fun if it didnt do any damage to you.

hattieliz · 7 months ago

Its a bad idea because if you have one you will just become lazy and its bad for your health too. You need a break between bedtime and activities otherwise you will get addictive and be on it all the time.

giraffe01 · 7 months ago

You won't be able to go to bed for ages

jedboi · 7 months ago


spagletti · 6 months ago

I like playing the odd game- but this is terrible. It’s giving the wrong message to kids.

emilynight · 4 months ago

I love gaming but never in bed cause you’ll never want to get out🤣

toodles · 4 months ago

It could hurt you neck and spine

badgehuff · 3 months ago

Cool but off putting when trying to get to sleep

crystallxd · 3 months ago

A bit to good but I would like to see it and try it out.

crystallxd · 3 months ago

A bit too good but I would like to see it and try it out.

but it will be bad for your eysight.
Covid-19,online school,too much screen.