If you use social media, how old were you when you began?


20th October 2021

A THIRD of American children aged 7-9 use social media, says a new poll. It also found that half of children aged 10-12 use their devices to connect with others on social media apps – even though most have age restrictions.

Children are now using TikTok, chatting through Snapchat and sharing pictures on Instagram. Nearly all social media companies require users to be aged 13 or older to have an account.

While most parents track their kids’ use of social media, one in six confessed that they aren’t using any parental controls. Sarah Clark from the University of Michigan Health CS Mott Children’s Hospital, which ran the poll of 1,030 parents who had at least one child aged 7-12, said parents should be using controls on apps as well as “having regular conversations with their kids to teach them online safety rules”.

She added that parents must help children to understand the dangers of sharing too much information and interacting with strangers online.

If you use social media, how old were you when you began?


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mothstar · 10 months ago

I use WhatsApp to chat to my friends but I don't use other social media at all

anonymous8 · 10 months ago

I've never used it because most social media platforms are 13+ and I am only 10, so I want to be safe and not do it until I'm 13.

roguelion · 10 months ago

I wont use it

roguelion · 10 months ago

I wont use it until i am old enough because i dont want to risk my acount being hacked and my private info getting shared

marthajja · 10 months ago

I only use it with my mum

panda89 · 10 months ago

I got Whatsapp when I was 10 and TikTok when I was (am) 11. i think these are sensible as Whatsapp is an easy way to chat to your friends and although TikTok has a bad reputation, it is very difficult to find explicit content unless you actively search for it. My friends all have Snapchat and I’ll probably get that soon to :)

panda89 · 10 months ago

Tbh i’m surprised over half of everyone hasn’t used it at all 👍👍

witu78 · 10 months ago

I only use whatsapp now and I am aloud to use Instagram tick-tock snapchat etc etc when I am 13

fudgekid · 10 months ago

I don't use any :'(

cr1cket1 · 10 months ago

I think all social media should be banned is younger than 15

cr1cket1 · 10 months ago


pollardian · 9 months ago

I first used it when I was 12 but I only used YouTube. Now that I'm 13, I use Instagram to connect with my friends but I have a private account.

humbugs · 9 months ago

Technically I was 11-12 when I started

humbugs · 9 months ago

mothstar I agree with you. I also use WhatsApp to chat with my friends and family

tradcath · 8 months ago

Somewhere in my tweens (10/11/12).

mistyiscat · 8 months ago

i got snapchat when i think was 8 and whatsap when i was (am) 10 because i got a phone for my birthday and i used snap chat on my moms phone and on my Ipad. Bye stay safe on social media!!!

lovelymrj · 2 weeks ago

My parents don't even use social media.