How have you coped with self-isolation?


28th July 2021

DID you know that more than a million pupils in England were self-isolating at the end of term?

This week, we want to know how you coped with it. Head to our website and vote on our poll, then leave a comment explaining your reasons!

Did you cope with self-isolation?


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ayyublol · 1 year ago


stkurian · 1 year ago

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stkurian · 1 year ago

I couldn't stand it when my class went into self isolation. I definitely didn't enjoy it...

d-rabbit · 1 year ago

I found it quite hard self-isolating because I could not go in the park and play. But my class missed a week and we have never had a whole year at school and we have just finished year 1. But at least me and Mummy could play hopscotch in the garden which was fun. Doing google classroom and sending my work was fun though. Writing to my teacher telling her some things like hello for the first time was fun.

scarlet10 · 1 year ago

it was fine i missed everything but didn't miss my friends as much as i thought i would

123emperor · 1 year ago

It was fine because I got to spend more time with my family but I missed school and my friends.

katkid10 · 1 year ago

I hated being so alone. I really don't like being stuck with other people. We have I tiny garden, I could barely go outside, but we had some big walks and bike rides. Sometimes your family can really be boring, just having them to see and talk to. Although, it could have been much worse for me. At least I was able to Skype my friend - we played games like charades. My teacher lived just across the road and she is SUPER DOOPER nice. She also has two young children and we all played together. We even made lemon shortbread. they also had a bigger garden. (Yipee!!!!!)

hami · 1 year ago

It was fine because I got to go online, which was mostly fun, but doing it for a huge amount of time became boring after a while.

phoebeh · 1 year ago

Well, I am homeschooled so I haven't actually self-isolated before, but I can tell you my experience with lockdown!

In my opinion, I found lockdown all right, as there were lots of online resources such as Oak Academy and online lessons with my friends. But what I didn't enjoy about it was that I couldn't do sports such as swimming or badminton or running which are my favourite sports and I couldn't visit my friends either!

But my friends and I did this Zoom social every Sunday so we'd get to 'meet up' virtually at least.

flowerfair · 1 year ago

It was hard to concentrate but i am lucky to have the tools to do ite.g computer

cricbuzz · 1 year ago

I definitely didn’t enjoy self isolation. I couldn’t go anywhere and I was fed up by not being able to see my friends.

xiangxiang · 1 year ago

I didn't enjoy because I am not allowed to go out and when I self isolated the days were hot and I am not allowed to go to the splash park.

krishshiv · 12 months ago

I didn't like isolating because it ruined family plans and we couldn't go out together . When we did go out, we had to wear masks but it was uncomfortable .

piggy9876 · 12 months ago

I didn't enjoy self-isolation because lots of things where either cancelled or preponed. I missed out on my birthday sleepover (twice) and even my transition week to secondary school. I didn't see my friends and piers for six months and I lost my habit of healthy eating and early bedtime that lead to me feeling unwell, tired, sad and all in all rotten.

ridulfa · 12 months ago

It definitely wasn’t horrible, i could cope, but i would have rather been at school or going out instead of lockdown

marthajja · 12 months ago

I had been at school then the person I sat next to got covid so I had to isolate it wasn't easy as my cats crawled across my screen!

humbugs · 12 months ago

It was lonely with no friends.

katkid10 · 12 months ago

I only did two lessons because I just wanted to play...

gurlgmzhi7 · 12 months ago

It was okay for me but it was boring.

puzzlepeas · 12 months ago

it was ok, but a bit boring

tigerkid · 10 months ago

firts part was graet but then my dad say no gaming till six aclock not so great

ellabeegee · 10 months ago

It was fine at the start but by the end of having to spend a lot of year 7 homeschooling, I hated it and just wished it would end