How do you feel about drones being used for advertising?


26th May 2021

DRONE displays are being used for some expensive marketing stunts in China, but is it amazing or a step too far?

Korean car brand Genesis picked up a Guinness World Record for having the most drones in the sky at the same time. The impressive spectacle saw 3,281 drones being launched into the air in Shanghai to celebrate the company entering the Chinese market.

Since then, a Chinese company called Bilibili pulled off another drone display to advertise a Japanese role-playing game called Princess Connect! Re:Dive. The display included a QR code that you could scan with your phone to find out more about the game.

Using thousands of individual drones to make pictures in the sky is very clever, but some people weren’t very impressed.

They think we see enough advertising in the world, from billboards in the street to ads on the internet, and don’t want promotion in the sky to become normal.

What do you think? Are aerial adverts a creative work of art or a smear on our skies?

How do you feel about drones being used for advertising?


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katkid10 · 1 year ago

It can be bad for the environment because of light pollution and not everyone would be looking out of their window or be outside to see it. So I don't think that it will be a good idea, but it won't take up so much ground space. People may get run over while staring at them!!! (a bit far-fetched but still...)

squish123 · 1 year ago

invasion of privacy

historygal · 1 year ago

It’s cool and I know that companies need to advertise but it seems a bit over the top and expensive

cheetah221 · 1 year ago

#fist to comment

123emperor · 1 year ago

First to comment 😁

123emperor · 1 year ago

It would be good because people would not have to stand on risky spots to capture photos of cities. It also uses less time so you can sit down while flying your drone instead of capturing pictures in a more time consuming way with a camera.

lulu_plqn · 1 year ago

From my point of view it is a bad idea and we should only have them for special occasions (; tennis matches, world premiers, Awards...).
I think it isnt a good idea because if we authorise this then our skies are going to be filled with millions of drones and we wont be able to see the night sky for example. We already have satellites stopping us from watching it!! I think it is to rethink about!

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

It does have a good view

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

Also drones do not have any disadvantages apart from one and that is to crash with aeroplanes or helicopters. It does not hurt our environment as they are electric

monkey61 · 1 year ago

I don't really know but it probably costs a lot of money for the drones.

weirdcat · 1 year ago

It looks super cool! Though I wish it wasn't just a giant ad....

weirdcat · 1 year ago

First to comment I think?

abhi01 · 1 year ago

How would they annoy you and companies need their business to boom

wojciech · 1 year ago

I think it’s a bad idea it’s bad because it’s expensive and you could use that money for climate change.

beingme · 1 year ago

I think that drones should not be used for advertising because some of our people want to look into our sky and see stars not advertisements to gain money for businesses.

scarlet10 · 1 year ago

this is not helping with the whole robots taking over the world thing

trixx · 1 year ago

There are already so many advertising platforms. I don’t want to see them everywhere I look, doing that is very extreme and could end with people ‘buying’ the sky and wildlife being threatened through light pollution and meaning you would no longer see the stars at night

poodles · 1 year ago


cr1cket1 · 1 year ago

You can't see bright lights well in daytime so they will do it at night. What happens to the people who are sleeping. Might it keep the awake with all the light from the drones??

cr1cket1 · 1 year ago

Plus companies would have to pay loads. It looks cool though.

ihorsman · 1 year ago

no nothing is go about this at all and we need to stop it from happening. xo xo

lego04 · 1 year ago

Why would they want to use drones there not good for our planet . Anyway this money used to manufacture the drones could be put forward for a different cause that will prevent climate change . I could make several issues why drones are bad . Why don’t they put the money used for the drones go to a more better issue we are facing . Like homelessness or animal conservations to put the most critically endangered animals in there to be sure they don’t go extinct any time soon

sadiepinki · 1 year ago

I don't think this is a good idea as it is just yet another way to polute our planet. It is all very well advertising the companies who can afford the drones but what about the smaller companies!

ebazgo · 1 year ago

Drones are epic( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

jedorjok21 · 1 year ago

@Katkld10. LOL!

duckduck21 · 1 year ago

I don’t like it because it is making our skies unnatural and also it must take a lot of energy to get the advert to go in the sky.

[email protected] · 1 year ago


piggy9876 · 1 year ago

I would not like to see drones used as avertisments because it would block the view of the stars. Humans have taken over the land and sea, possible space soon however, other than planes and helicopter, the sky is practicaly untouched.

loldoll20 · 1 year ago

Robots aren’t gonna take over but peeps wanna see stars and comets not ads and business shows. 😑😒 Not cool at all. Drones are cool but big waste of electricity.

lemonrey · 1 year ago

Drones are an unnecessary intrusion on peoples lives when used for advertising.

mothstar · 12 months ago

it's a bit silly

gurlgmzhi7 · 12 months ago

It's very cool and very unique and very creative. But what about the aeroplanes flying in the sky? They would surely crash into the drones, right? I chose 'I like it' though.

frogster10 · 11 months ago

Some people are saying it’s invasion of privacy and light pollution and etc…personally I think it’s a very clever idea. The drones will definitely catch people’s attentions. Plus, it’s not like the drones are filming everyone! As well as that, most cities that these drone advertisements are being shown in are cities which are already incredibly bright.

dscool · 8 months ago

It looks really nice and cool 😎👍