If it’s very hot, should you be allowed to wear what you like to school?


28th June 2017

DOZENS of schoolboys wore skirts to school in last week’s hot weather when they were told they couldn’t wear shorts.

Around 50 lads from Years 7 to 11 at ISCA College in Exeter, Devon, turned up in skirts the day after the hottest day of the year. Parents say the school uniform policy is too strict because boys have to wear long trousers whatever the weather.

So, they decided to wear the girls’ uniform instead! Some boys were seen borrowing spare skirts from girls near the school.

One boy smiled: “I liked wearing it – it was a nice breeze.”

A mum of a 14-year-old boy at the school said: “The boys see the women teachers in sandals and nice cool skirts and tops while they are wearing long trousers and shoes and the older boys have to wear blazers.

“They just think it’s unfair that they can’t wear shorts in this heat. They are doing this to cool down – but also to protest.”

Head teacher Aimee Mitchell is thinking about changing the uniform rules now.

She said: “We recognise that the last few days have been exceptionally hot and we are doing our utmost to enable both students and staff to remain as comfortable as possible.

“Shorts are not currently part of our uniform for boys and I would not want to make any changes without consulting both students and their families.

“However, with hotter weather becoming more normal, I would be happy to consider a change for the future.”

If it’s very hot, should you be allowed to wear what you like to school?


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radishes10 · 4 years ago


anyway, I think it's totally fair, because girls get all these nice cool skirts and dresses, and boys don't have any of that. they should at least be allowed to take their tie off, undo their top button or untuck their shirt.
But luckily I'm a girl, so I don't have to worry about that!??

zoshi09 · 4 years ago

i think that it is really cruel to not let boys where black shorts but when i hear that they can't wear black shorts i think its amazing that boys are standing up and wearing skirts

YOU GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

shpee · 4 years ago

Not anything ou like, but you should be able to wear things like shorts

Sashgirl06 · 4 years ago

I am a girl, but any sort of gender unfairness, whether it's towards girls or boys, really annoys me. Why do the boys have to wear long trousers and blazers in the heat? Maybe the school can't make lots of pairs of shorts, but they could at least do something. I think it was a great idea for the boys to wear skirts as a protest!

Jo Salt · 4 years ago

i'm a boy

aaronf · 4 years ago

I think it is fair because teachers don't wear things with the school logo. That would just be the best if you could do that haha :)

brain · 4 years ago

as long as it is appropriate

stigofthe · 4 years ago


rebecca.xo · 4 years ago

Yes because u can get to wear shorts and summer clothes cause some schools don't have summer uniform

sunglasses · 4 years ago

I think it's sexist saying that boys can't wear the things girls wear. We should all have equal rights and I think that everyone should wear what they like.

akurapaty · 4 years ago

Our school do allow summer dresses ? but they don't help. Boys and girls can wear shorts but again it doesn't help

Umbrella4 · 4 years ago

You should be able to wear skirts if you would like to but it is very unfair how girls can wear nice floaty skirts while boys have to wear long trousers and blazers. They should at least be able to roll there shirts up,

Luckily I'm a girl so I have to worry about that!

liv_rules · 4 years ago

Stand up for yourselves, don't hold back, be open

riverdance · 4 years ago

I think that you should be able to wear what you like BUT, still something smart like no neon colours or patterns. But I do agree that they should be able to wear what they like mostly
One more thing...

asialife · 4 years ago

i live in cambodia where its never cold a few weeks ago we had a week of 42degreese celcius at my international school we dont even have a school uniform. dont think its right to have to be sweating hot in long trousers it probably doesnt help you learn.i think short trousers is the least they can do

schwab1 · 4 years ago

NO!-then everyone would go nutty and were crazy stuff. They should maybe do a were a colourful t-shirt and bring in a pound and give it to charity , like mine did.

amynatalie · 4 years ago

Within reason. Children who go to a school with uniform should just have looser boundaries in the hot seasons so they can wear shorts, short sleeved polo shirts and things of their choice.

amynatalie · 4 years ago

It's not fair because girls can wear skirts, trousers, tights - what ever they need for different temperatures. Boys have trousers. ONLY trousers.

girlywirly · 4 years ago

No, because boys wearing skirts just makes them look really silly band if you got lost on a school trip no one would know what school you are from. You should be allowed to wear shorts instead of trousers though!

happy4456 · 4 years ago

Even though I'm a girl, I still think that boys should be able to where shorts on a VERY hot day. Personally, i wish I could go to that school, just to see the boys wearing skirts!!!

lily_ash · 4 years ago

At my high school, the uniform doesn't change at all during the summer. We can sometimes take our blazers off though but it's still way too hot! I would definitely prefer it if there was a big change in uniform for summer.

poptyfan_ · 4 years ago

We Defently should be able to wear shorts if it hot its not really fair and i dont see how the people who said NO voted its really Not fair for boys

peters9 · 4 years ago

Skirts? Why are they not allowed shorts?

evadore · 4 years ago

Yes because people might get heatstroke if they're too hot.

themanspan · 4 years ago


gscornmell · 4 years ago

My bff brother was very sick because it was VERY hot but he had to keep his blazer on ?

ozzie27 · 4 years ago

To be fair, its quite sexist not letting 'boys' where 'girly' stuff!

orangebob9 · 4 years ago

They should be aloud yo wear shorts but not anything they like.I think it's really cruel that they're not aloud to wear shorts and just trousers because they will get really sweaty and it's not good for them!!!

wren · 4 years ago

I don't know. Uniforms are important, but there has to be exceptions sometimes.

moggle12 · 4 years ago

In our school girls have to wear either skirts with tights or trousers and in summer it can get really hot. Also, the boys aren't allowed to wear shorts. So I think you should be able to wear what you want to school.

emperor · 4 years ago

Ok I put no for the reason being boys wearing skirts is slightly weird (only slightly), but I totally agree that boys should be allowed to untuck their shirt, undo their tie and take off their blazer.

oceangirl · 4 years ago

Boys' should be able to wear skirts and ?.They should stick to the school uniform but skirts' and pinafores' are in the school uniform so they should be allowed ?REMEMBER THAT BOYS!

oceangirl · 4 years ago

Go on BOYS!You rock ?????☄️????

gracie777 · 4 years ago

boys should be able to wear anything they want

cnovel11 · 4 years ago

I understand that everyone would like to not wear uniform, but it would make the school look incredibly informal.
What happened to those boys was very unprofessional of the school, not letting them wear cooler clothes, but most schools would let shorts be allowed along with water legally. So its fine.

catonclan · 4 years ago

I thing the school uniform should only be altered slightly. Children need order.

catonclan · 4 years ago


artymartin · 4 years ago

I think boys should be allowed to were shorts and clothes like that insted of hot sticky uniform.

tolu · 4 years ago

if you get lost how would the teacher know if you are from their school

april2008 · 4 years ago

I personally think that boys should wear what they want because like us girls get to wear skirts and all that stuff but boys don't so boys should have a right to but on what they want to school *I'm just saying*

march2010 · 4 years ago

its kinda not fair and i voted no because boys are gonna be so sweaty and hot and when they get home they will be super hot including boys that have a long way home from school

bigdream · 4 years ago

My school summer uniform still keeps me and my friends boiling hot. We have to change into our P.E kit which made no difference. At home I have a top that would keep me so cool.

ben · 4 years ago

I think boys should be able to wear skirts and dresses because if it's reaally hot weather they won't survive in the temperature.

ben · 4 years ago


prongsii · 4 years ago


babylandia · 4 years ago

in my sister's school, the younger boys have to wear shorts even if it's the middle of winter and the rest of the boys have to wear trousers no matter what. The girls wear skirts and tights/socks but they have to tie their hair back.

clackyg6c · 4 years ago

i have to wear trousers whatever the weather, it's soon unfair!!

flameemily · 4 years ago

Yes, with sensible boundaries. We have to wear blazers around school and in lessons and the only time we don't is when it is over 30 . However they say we MUST wear them walking home from school which is ridiculous!

ng849 · 4 years ago

it depends, if you have a summer uniform then yes.

areosquid · 4 years ago


boys all ways say there better than girls but girls argue they are equel,then if we are equal the we should all equely cooler (as in colder) clothers

a.k.a i am a boy :)

3v0charl · 4 years ago


prongsii · 4 years ago

Really, I think boys should be able to wear shorts, but not dresses and skirts. Hearing you people say that you should be able to wear whatever is absurd as school is for education, and not for style.

prongsii · 4 years ago

or for caring about how hot it is

lollypop · 4 years ago

Yeah I think its totally fine full stop

Magic10 · 4 years ago

I admire the boys who wore skirts and I appreciate it's not fair for boys that they can't wear shorts. But not absolutely anything you like. I mean, yes, wear a skirt if you need to but not anything you like. You can't just show up at school with a top and shorts on that's not part of the uniform at all.

gm333 · 4 years ago

The schools need to keep a level of discipline in them, so i think it's not good to be wearing other uniforms within schools, as you can still wear what you want outside.

daisy101 · 4 years ago

at my secondary school,boys must wear trousers yet girls can wear skirts with or without tights and trousers surely shorts would make a fair alternative to a skirt without tights

gagho · 4 years ago

Our head teacher ?‍? makes us wear blue bows

10d · 4 years ago

YES cause if it's very hot then shorts and skirts should be allowed. I mean if it was a blazing hot day then you would not want to be hot

dork · 4 years ago

go go go boys you don't need to be so hot all the time

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

#YeA guyZ

RoseBun · 4 years ago

you can wear clothes that suit you for the type of weather

amberspell · 4 years ago

yes! It's not fair on boys because girls get to wear skirts+dresses and trousers+shorts so why can't boys wear both as well?

julio · 3 years ago

You should be able to wear whatever you want to school aslong as its smart. ?

bubble33 · 3 years ago

My school doesn't have a uniform! but, after reading this... I said YES

sootysweep · 3 years ago

you should be allowed to wear what you want when it is hot. Then people will concentrate better.

ti-10 · 3 years ago

I did vote yes. But really boys should be able to wear shorts and tops in the summer. Non uniform days are fun and awesome but in our school we only do it for charities like children in need or red nose day. Doing non uniform everyday would be awesome, but I don't think it will suit some people. They shouldn't be wearing trousers in this hot weather but I guess, everyone has different opinions. I am a girl but I strongly agree to boys wearing shorts and t-shirts (or tops) in the summer when its the highest of tempratures.

katkid10 · 1 year ago

The boys in our school can wear shorts if they want

katkid10 · 9 months ago

As long as you get permission or it is part of anything of the school uniform - for any gender.