Have you got a brand new Christmas jumper this year?


13th December 2019

CHRISTMAS jumpers are fuelling the climate crisis, says environmental charity Hubbub.

The report has found that even though Brits own approximately 65 million novelty Christmas jumpers, an estimated 12 million more will be bought during the holiday season.

They also found that most novelty Christmas jumpers on sale are made from plastic materials, likely to produce thousands of plastic microfibres when washed.

Sarah Divall, a co-ordinator at Hubbub, said to remember that “a jumper is for life, not just for Christmas”.

Have you got a brand new Christmas jumper this year?


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henry26010 · 4 months ago

I have not got a jumper

ohmycool · 4 months ago

2nd to comment!!!

catonclan · 4 months ago

I got a new Christmas jumper this year because I had grown out of my old one. However I usually just get a hand-me-down from one of my brothers or I use the one I had the year before; also when we buy jumpers we by the on the large side so they last longer.

asbml · 4 months ago

I really don't care if I don't look Christmassy. I've never had any Christmas jumper in my junior life because I thought that you could wear any jumper all seasons but X - mas ones are only for then.

asbml · 4 months ago

What do you think ?

spurs_10 · 4 months ago

There is no point in buying a new Christmas Jumper if your one from last year fits, its really not necessary and it's harmful to the environment in many ways. If you wash a jumper with plastic microfibers they will all flood out into the water and go into the sea. Its quite depressing to see the state of this world all because of one material.

spurs_10 · 4 months ago

I don't buy xmas jumpers as they're really itchy

sandwichbo · 4 months ago

No jumper I stay in my pjs then I change into a reindeer dress I got 3 years ago. I like to save money and the environment. It’s very important to and besides your not going to need new clothes when you stay inside all day and wear your pjs all morning. At least that’s what my family does

flagfan · 4 months ago

I have two Christmas jumpers but I will not buy any more next year

starlock · 4 months ago

I think that the environment is more important that a new jumper, because then we won’t have a planet to wear our jumpers on.

15rcarterr · 4 months ago

2nd to vote!

sadjoshua6 · 4 months ago

I think people should re-use their old jumpers because it would be better for the environment and there is no point buying a new jumper when your old one fits!

shandee · 4 months ago

We had a charity day at our school supporting the dullness of childrens’ wards in T11 north London to make it look cooler. So for charity day, we were asked to wear Christmas jumpers and bring £3 for funds to the charity and even though I wore a new jumper, it was a woolly jumper from next. Furthermore, most people in my school also wore festive Christmas jumpers.
After the afternoon registration, we carried on our lessons but in a festive way. For example, in Science we made fake snow and in French we made a traditional French meal called “crepes”, a bit like pancakes.

oceangirl · 4 months ago

I have because mine doesn’t fit me anymore but I always use my Christmas jumper until it doesn’t fit me anymore

kittycorn · 4 months ago

I don't have a new one because my old one still fits perfectly on me.🤗😃

linecony · 4 months ago

I didn't buy a new Christmas jumper this year because I think that a Christmas jumper should be for life! If you grow out of it, you can wear an older relative's jumper or you can buy a second hand one from a charity shop, like I did!

connie_ct · 4 months ago

No I haven’t got a Christmas jumper as on Christmas I just where my comfy jumper I don’t have to have a Christmas one

hedgehoge · 4 months ago

I think you should get a jumper every few years and try and get eco friendly ones . This year I bought one as I didn’t already have one but I will be saving it for next year as well.

thehkh · 4 months ago

I've used the same Christmas jumper for over 3 years now! I bought a very big one to begin with so, I could wear it every year.

ameliau · 4 months ago

hi! i'm amelia and i would just like to mention i don't have a new christmas jumper this year

crystalx27 · 4 months ago

I don't have a new jumper this year. I'm still growing out of my current one!

crazyslime · 4 months ago

No jumper, just used my old one😃

lilpenguin · 4 months ago

I just wear the same jumper every year. If you need a new one, buy it big so that you can wear it next year too.

kittens23 · 4 months ago

I only get one if I grow out of my old one. I wore my previous jumper for 3 years!

5honypony · 4 months ago

I did, but I still wear last years one. I wore this one once on Christmas jumper day, to school and I have worn it at least 10 times either to bed or around the house. Last years I am actually wearing right now!

5honypony · 4 months ago

But both of my jumpers are ecol-friendly. I think this years one is actually made from recycled old jumpers!

Stella · 4 months ago

I dont like the feeling of the texture of the material they use in the jumpers as they make me feel a bit itchy.

plane · 4 months ago

I didn't get a new jumper this year since my old one still fits me. If I did, I would buy a large one so that it can serve me for the next 3-4 years and I wouldn't be spoiling the environment.

flagfan · 4 months ago

I also only got a new one because my old one was a bit too small for me

sciencycat · 3 months ago

I bought a jumper but I can\will wear it all year round and use it for my Christmas jumper next year. I usually have the same Christmas jumper every year until it doesn't fit me but this year I must have grown!

safisuh · 3 months ago

Donnelly not

dontaskme · 3 months ago

My auntie gave me a jumper for my birthday about 4 years ago and it was way too big. Then my school was having a Christmas jumper day but I didn’t have one so I sewed tinsel on the jumper and I’ve just been wearing that every year

bamboomilk · 3 months ago

No surprisingly, I haven't. I usually buy a new one every year, but this year we stuck to old ones. :)

netcheer11 · 2 months ago

I bought it after I grew out of my old one last year.

lindawalla · 1 month ago

I answered no because I barely even wear Christmas jumpers!

netball_09 · 3 weeks ago

I usually have my big brothers jumper because well why not. Why buy a new one when you have one that is a bit big but otherwise fine