Have you ever used your pet’s name as a password?


14th April 2021

MILLIONS of British people use their pet’s name as a password for online accounts.

A new study by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that 15% of the public use pets’ names, while 14% use a family member’s name. A further 6% use their favourite sports team, while another 6% use the password ‘password’.

The NCSC has warned that using passwords such as these make accounts easier for cyber criminals to hack into. The centre is encouraging people to change their passwords to three random, unconnected words instead, such as ‘RedPantsTree’.

This makes them far less easy to guess, and much more original.

What about you?


Have you ever used your pet’s name as a password?


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ivansp2011 · 6 months ago

The .............

ivansp2011 · 6 months ago

No, I do not even have a pet

cat55 · 6 months ago


cat55 · 6 months ago

I have only the breed of my cat as a password. Please can somebody which one I should click. Yes or No?

opalstar · 6 months ago

First to comment!

opalstar · 6 months ago

I don't have a pet, if I did I think I would because it's safer that way, you could call your pet Anastasia Christina Rose, who would even suspect your password?!! 😻😻😻

weirdcat · 6 months ago

No, but I don't have any pets so that's not a very good answer.

izzy89 · 5 months ago

I don't even have a pet, want one though...

nivi_madh · 5 months ago

i do not have a pet

owlgebra · 5 months ago

I have fish but no other pets. :-}0

s00114008 · 5 months ago

I don’t have a pet

scarlet10 · 5 months ago

or mine

scarlet10 · 5 months ago


nim-pom · 5 months ago

cat55, I think probably "yes". I say this because it is also information related to your own cat.

nim-pom · 5 months ago

cat55, Also, revealing this information is a bit dangerous! If someone knew your cat's breed, then he/she/they would know your password too!

cr1cket1 · 5 months ago


jedorjok21 · 5 months ago

I do have a pet but I've never used her name in a password.

opalstar · 5 months ago

Yes I think that counts, / relevant to your pet. 😸

charlieee7 · 5 months ago

Yes, but I never just use their name. I'd always add extra letters or numbers as well.

historygal · 5 months ago

I do ha a guini pig but I don’t think it would be cleaver to put something as important as a password as some easily attainable information

riz1234 · 5 months ago

My password used to be my favourite tv show

sherni · 5 months ago

I don't have a pet.

milkpuddin · 5 months ago

I don't have a pet

123emperor · 5 months ago

I don’t have a pet but if I did, I would use random letters and write them down in a diary so I don’t forget them. (I do that already anyway)

tennis22 · 4 months ago

I'm getting a cat but I think pet's names are too risky for passwords.

mcgeorge1 · 4 months ago

i always make sure my password has many characters to make it impossible to guess. I think using pets names or other names is silly as they contain less characters and are miles easier to guess

poodles · 4 months ago

No! Cus I dont even have a pet!

luigi55 · 3 months ago

Of course I have not Or I would be very DUMB AND STUPID

ginny09876 · 3 months ago

I have once but it was with numbers

redindian9 · 1 month ago

Ha ha yes, I use my dear departed hamster's name

redindian9 · 1 month ago

he had a very weird name anyway, so it would be hard to guess