Have you been recycling more or less during the pandemic?


19th May 2021

GOVERNMENT data has shown that recycling rates in England dropped during the start of the pandemic.

The findings show that, between April and June 2020, the rate of recycling for waste from households was 45%, down from 48.4% between April and June 2019.

The total amount of waste recycled was also lower. From April to June 2020, it was 2.6m tonnes, a 10.1% decrease from the 2.9m tonnes recycled from April to June 2019.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) put the decrease down to the effects of the pandemic and the first national lockdown.

While the effect on local authorities varied, there were disruptions and some cancellations of kerbside collections of recycling and garden waste. Household waste recycling centres were also largely closed during the time period.

Have you been recycling more or less during the pandemic?


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katkid10 · 1 year ago

We have been recycling the same amount, but maybe more because we have been at home for longer than we normally would be.

weirdcat · 1 year ago

Same as usual I think.....no more no less...

weirdcat · 1 year ago

But I try to recycle as often as I can

krazy-kat · 1 year ago

I've been recyclig less as it has been a VERY busy time in lockdown and ind the covid pandemic.

loldoll20 · 1 year ago

I've been recycling more because in lockdown, my dad and I started making a compost bin out of orange peel and fruit skins.

mcgeorge1 · 1 year ago

i personally have not changed my recycling habits because of covid. I still do put recyclable rubbish up for recycling but it has not changed my routine that much.

omangion · 1 year ago

I have been recycling way more during lockdown because I have had more time to think about what I could make with my old milk cartons and toothpaste tubes!

meepemeeps · 1 year ago

I think people have become more aware of what plastic does to the world, and the word has been spread a lot. I have been recycling more after seeing what it does to the planet and the things that live here.

piggy9876 · 1 year ago

First to comment

piggy9876 · 1 year ago

Also I have been recycling more, but not because e of covid but because the worlds kinda moving on and yeah

wojciech · 1 year ago

I have recycled more because I made stuff out of plastic

wojciech · 1 year ago

And I as well recycled before the pandemic

ophipps · 1 year ago

my family recycle loads because it's great for the environment!

123emperor · 1 year ago

Less because there’s less things to buy from shops as most are shut

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

I don't kknow about you but I have been getting these black bins for compost and we have been putting there a LOT.

beingme · 1 year ago

I have been recycling through the pandemic as i have created a club about saving the wildlife in my school as
the environment is very important to me and so are the animals who live in our wildlife.

beingme · 1 year ago

and i have not just recycled in the pandemic i have done it for as long as i can remember

ojpolls · 1 year ago

Lot’s of people would have more plastic because of online shopping with those plastic bags in plastic bags.

poodles · 1 year ago

More, as we were spending more time at home so it was easier.

jesscub · 1 year ago

I think the usual amount, if not more.

superpug27 · 1 year ago

Personally, I’ve been recycling more because I have more time on my hands and a bigger reason to do it. I honestly think that EVERYONE should recycle, pandemic or not. It takes a second to make the decision between ‘Bin’ and ‘Recycle’.

mwhitty · 11 months ago

I am so suprised how many people have been voteing more!

mwhitty · 11 months ago

More BTW

lottielou · 2 months ago

Same amount.