Has your mental health been better or worse during lockdown?


22nd May 2020

A NEW report from the World Health Organization, published during Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May), has revealed that young people’s mental wellbeing got worse in many countries between 2014-2018.

The report, led by researchers at the University of Glasgow and the University of St Andrews, looked at 227,441 schoolchildren aged 11, 13 and 15 from 45 European countries.

They discovered that, although lots of young people in Scotland, Wales and England are generally satisfied with their lives, sleep difficulties and social and emotional difficulties, such as feeling low and nervous, are on the rise.

Compared to other countries, young people in the UK are also more likely to worry about their weight. It was also found that school-related stress was particularly high among 15-year-olds across the UK, with three-quarters reporting high levels of pressure from schoolwork.

Poor mental health can affect all of us at some point, which is why it’s so important to have services to help people. One of these is a 24-hour text service called ‘SHOUT’, which is run by almost 2,000 volunteers.

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to some of those volunteers, and thanked them for all their hard work since the service launched last year.

Has your mental health been better or worse during lockdown?


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arya · 8 months ago

First to comment! 😁

arya · 8 months ago

Wow at the time the vote is 50/50. I voted better because It is less stressful trying to rush to school in the morning and you are more relaxed

cakelover1 · 8 months ago

before it was easier but now because of what is happening to the SATs I'm getting worried about them and imreally scared about my high school when i get there and if i will be in a good level for my age

fluffycat4 · 8 months ago

I feel better as we have no rush to do things and I can take my time on my work. Also if I finish early I can relax and go in my pool.

rainbow8 · 8 months ago

I feel worse because I have a brother who is quite annoying. I also don't like getting headaches after being in the sun to long!
#second to comment

ljay · 8 months ago

3 rd to comment

ljay · 8 months ago

I miss my friends and teachers and It’s my last year at primary school (year6) .I also need time away from my siblings . They make my choice easy

ebeezo · 8 months ago


lune · 8 months ago

My mental health has been worse during lockdown because i don’t get that much exercise as normal life and I don’t feel that happy everyday now due to close people falling ill. I think life and health was way better in normal life.

books128 · 8 months ago

this is actually really difficult, but I voted worse because you can't go and do the things that you really love, like tennis, or have school lessons online or on your own instead of the teacher actually being there to help you (no offence parents, you're great but it's not the same.)

sambrophy · 8 months ago

I think my mental health has been worse because I haven't been socially interacting with others, and I haven't interacted with nature that much.

plane · 8 months ago

Personally, it is a matter of personal opinion and the situation you are facing- still going to school or home learning. Though the mental health is better as school hours have decreased for both key worker children and home schoolers. This means you don't need to rush each time.

ravioli · 8 months ago

It is all just more relaxed at home. You don’t have to stress about anything like going to school, you never have any deadlines to worry about, and you have your family with you all the time. If I have any problems I can just ask my parents, which is more comfortable than asking my schoolteachers. I‘m finding plenty of things to do as well.

5honypony · 8 months ago

Hmmm.... tricky. I think I am BORED nearly every day. I do get worried every so often, but not a lot. I think my mental health is the slightest bit worse, but not a distinctive amount!

lilyjenkie · 8 months ago

I think I'm finding it harder to sleep and school work is very different as I still gets a huge amount of it. I am finding that I spend more time in my room and so I have even less interaction than I could and it causes me to live inside my head a lot more. I also find that as I am doing a lot less exercise I worry about my health and weight a little more.

izzie99 · 8 months ago

At first I wasn’t worried but I am now scared for my loved ones and close relatives and am fearful of spreading the virus. I am also scared because the number of deaths is getting higher every day and every time someone in my house goes out shopping, I am scared for that person, whether it be my mum or dad. It is just a very frightening time but I know that we will get through this together. Keep calm and read First News!

marmoty100 · 8 months ago

I said the same because I do the same stuff and do lots of work at the time I'm meant to so like school!

arya · 8 months ago

I voted on my computer at first and there were only two options! 🤔
Now there's three so this time I voted it hasn't really changed

oceangirl · 8 months ago

It feels worse because I cannot see my friends and most of my family face to face, and when I see them, I want to give them a big hug, but I can’t do that because of coronavirus

dragon13 · 8 months ago

It feels better as I am getting more sleep and feel more relaxed about my schoolwork, with less homework and more free time.

fishingpod · 8 months ago

I actually feel better!

sloth-love · 8 months ago

For me, it has been ALOT worse as I get anxious really easily and love a routine.

5honypony · 8 months ago

I also think that First News should have an advice column where people anonymously send in problems, and they answer one per week!

lottiesc15 · 8 months ago

My mental health has been Worse

opalstar · 8 months ago

I am in yr 4 so it is not as bad for me I feel really sorry for those people in yr 6 cause it is their last year and it is not normal. I voted worse because you can't relax without knowing you can't hug or see your friends . We might all be in different schools but we know what it is like

bench · 8 months ago

5honypony, that's a great idea!

cocopoppy · 8 months ago

5honypony, that is the BEST idea!!!
Hopefully the read all these comments and consider taking in the idea! 😯😄

cupcakesxo · 8 months ago

It hasn’t changed 😬😬😬😬😬

redpupblup · 8 months ago

It feels worse as I am feeling anxious

backbender · 8 months ago

I don’t think that my mental health has changed during lockdown! ❤️😎

737rocks · 7 months ago

Not being at school means that you don't see your friends, and you don't get the validation that you are doing OK.

beabopper · 7 months ago

all the stress! XD

lindawalla · 7 months ago

It feels better cause I haven’t had classes to worry about and I have been getting more time to have calming activities and to read

bamboomilk · 7 months ago

My mental health has been getting worse and worse. I miss my friends and I keep getting upset at least twice a week, unlike before when I had only, very occasionally, cried from being sad. I used to never cry except from when I was injured.

bamboomilk · 7 months ago

My mental health has been getting worse and worse. I miss my friends and I keep getting upset at least twice a week, unlike before when I had only, very occasionally, cried from being sad. I used to never cry except from when I was injured.

bamboomilk · 7 months ago

Oops, I did the same comment twice, my bad.

musiclovr · 7 months ago

Mine feels better because I didn't have to worry about people judging me and I could just have fun with my family.

smartirl · 7 months ago

Worse. I feel depressed, no friends next to me

pizza9910 · 7 months ago

It feels way worse!! 😟 😥 😬 😟 😥 😬

news54321 · 7 months ago

It is hard to cope through such strange times.

agysens · 7 months ago

The only thing that has made me hate screens is that when I was being home-schooled, my head ached.

codonnell · 7 months ago

I'm really worried about going into my last year at primary school and I will have missed out on most of my learning and I'm super nervous but happy to get back to school. But if there is a second wave like people are always saying, I'll get back into the routine and then we will be in lockdown for another 3/4 months and I couldn't stand it if that happened.

zkpopcorn · 7 months ago


crystalx27 · 6 months ago

Worse for me, I just find it difficult now that everything is all laid back and I am struggling so much to stay on top of everything because the teachers are having to make rough guesses on how long the set tasks are going to take, meaning some of my lessons take a lot longer than others. However it is nice to not worry about getting any detentions. Also, I don't have to line up at the mile-long school dinner queue! :)

lollipop33 · 6 months ago

Much worse. I know lockdown is really important and helps everyone, but I HATE it.

emilynight · 4 months ago

Don’t know don’t have it

badgehuff · 2 months ago

My mental health has been the same during lockdown and the bonus is I can take more time on my work.