Do you get good help with maths homework?


12th October 2018

PARENTS are struggling to help with their children’s maths homework, says a new survey.

Around a fifth of parents with children aged six to 16 have admitted that they get scared trying to answer number questions – and they often get them wrong when they do! In fact 52% of parents said that they get the answers incorrect and 17% tell their kids to ask their maths teacher for help instead.

Many parents revealed that as soon as their children go to secondary school they particularly struggle to help out with maths homework, as they don’t have the skills to answer the questions. The survey was carried out by the Open University Business School’s research centre and the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding  of Finance.

Do you get good help with maths homework?


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samj · 3 years ago

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habbot07 · 3 years ago

I don't because my mum and dad want me to try and do my maths myself.

rivalgamer · 3 years ago

Yes, although I do get help if I need it, I can often do it myself as what I need to do is often explained very well in school.

curtain08 · 3 years ago

I get good help, although some questions can be quirky; so what I mean is that the education department was not very good then, but it has improved now.

88unicorn · 3 years ago

I don’t get help with my maths homework because I normally find it easy and if it’s hard I still try to do it independently.

con-con · 3 years ago

Well I’m someone who struggles with maths and whenever I have maths homework my mum and dad never really no what to do

man2009 · 3 years ago

I get loads of good help from my dad

natalija · 3 years ago

I get good help so homework is not a problem for me but some other children don't have anyone willing to help them.

rainbow555 · 3 years ago

sometimes when it is hard i have to ask for help because it doesn't matter if your unsure all that matters is you tried and had help.

herbology · 3 years ago

I get help with maths homework. I'm not too bad at it either so I'm fine. Some kids don't get the help they need though and that's BAD.

o2008 · 3 years ago

hmm this is a hard decision

eh-78957 · 3 years ago

My dad is good at maths and helps me lots

eh-78957 · 3 years ago

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Jewab99 · 3 years ago

I don’t really need help because I know what I’m doing most of the time

Layla38274 · 3 years ago

I do get good help because my maths homework is always very complicated #YearEight

[email protected] · 3 years ago

Even though many parents may tell their child to ask for help because they are unsure in the end most people get the grades, strategies and answers they want as they can ask their friends as well as many other people.

lavender08 · 3 years ago

Yes! I usually give the questions a go by myself first, then, if I'm really struggling, I ask my mum or my dad who give me great advice and help. They usually get the answers right!

owly · 3 years ago

I get help with my maths homework but never too much otherwise my parents would be doing it. I think pupils should have the opportunity to understand their work properly, not just pretending to understand.

fbc123 · 3 years ago

I get quite good help with my maths homework, but usually, I can answer the questions myself.

skyangel · 3 years ago

Second to comment. I do my maths hw myself

rocky7777 · 3 years ago

i never really need help but when i do my dad always satisfies me with a reasonable answer

bobalob · 3 years ago

No, because my mum and dad want me to try by myself and when I've done my mum checks it for me and tells me if I have a question wrong and if I do then I correct it.

aquaquazar · 3 years ago

Most of the time when I get stuck with my homework my parents always help showing me how to interpret it

poppypapa · 3 years ago

I get good help when I need it

cheezepuff · 3 years ago

I get great help with my homework, if you don’t here are some things you could try:
Use your brain
Use the objects around you
Ask a friend
If they don’t work ask someone you know or trust!!

agentlord · 3 years ago

2nd to comment

koalalover · 3 years ago

When I get help on maths homework my parents aren't that bad and they do give some good advice but they don't always know what to do.

flossingg · 3 years ago

Im homeschooled and dont like maths.

swace · 3 years ago

Yes and no. No because it is all a new curriculum and most parents haven't been taught any of this, and yes because of all the help and support I get from my maths teachers at school.

ollasherwo · 3 years ago

I will get help when I need it but usually people should try and do it themselves

jp11_2006 · 3 years ago

Yes I generally don't need a lot of help with homework. But if I do I get substantial support in general.

mimpi123 · 3 years ago

my mum helps me when my maths tutor cant come

dreamer44 · 3 years ago

I really don't want to show off- but it's the only way to put it. I'm really good at maths so don't need help and at school have a maths meeting after lunch on top of maths lessons: we get projects every half-term.

parmodrago · 3 years ago

We don’t get maths homework,we get project homework so we have to pick 12 out of 24 tasks and it could be build a model of the chocolate factory or something like that.

claudine · 3 years ago

They tell me to ask my teachers as they'll get it wrong! Lol

moph · 3 years ago

If I need help ,I get it.

xl_s_hhx · 3 years ago

No, but I don’t usually need it. I can usually do it myself because everything is very well explained in school.

aseil11 · 3 years ago

If I need help my mom helps but I never need help I always understand it and enjoy ? it

darth_bob · 3 years ago

If I did need it my parents would help me. I very rarely do though but some people who need help have no one and that is something that needs to be resolved.

prostarsg · 3 years ago

I get help when i have math home work only if i do not understand so even if i did not understand i still tried to figure it out myself.

bigfatcat · 3 years ago

If I ever get stuck I will always ask my mum who does her best to try and help me but if that doesn’t work, then she texts other people who might know a way!

mavis · 3 years ago

Mostly I think your parent help you ???

trackdemon · 3 years ago

Yes because I am good at maths but whenever I struggle they help me get the answer by showing me how I can work it out.

hagrid · 3 years ago

I do sometimes, it depends who I ask. My mum often struggles with my maths homework. Another problem is that the last generation were taught maths differently so if you have to use a specific method parents don't often understand the method.

penguin2 · 3 years ago

I get great help with maths

hfrules · 3 years ago

#First Comment!

elephant_m · 3 years ago

I don't know about other schools but my secondary school has a special homework club which anyone can go to and I think it really helps because all of the teachers come to help especially Maths, and usually a group of around 10 people work on it together. It is so fun.

jamesy10 · 3 years ago

Unfair as my teacher is a maths teacher so I put yes

jedigeorge · 3 years ago

I don't because I enjoy maths and I study it alot so I don't need help

lotussk8er · 2 years ago

The only reason I aced my exams was my mother. She taught me from 5-7 every evening and I am very grateful for that.

vvvv · 2 years ago

I don't usually need help nowadays but my dad helps me a lot with maths in general- homework is done myself nowadays.