Is it a good idea to finish at lunchtime on Fridays?


27th April 2018

A BIRMINGHAM school is planning to let pupils go home at lunchtime on Fridays, in the hope of saving £100,000 a year.

Bordesley Green Primary School says that the four-and-a-half-day week will save money on supply teachers, give pupils more time to do homework, and allow teachers to spend more time preparing lessons.

Pupils will be allowed to go home at 12.30pm on Friday, although the school says that kids could stay at school to do their homework if parents are at work and can’t pick their children up that early.

Is it a good idea to finish at lunchtime on Fridays?


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netbalover · 3 years ago

It's a REALLY good idea! I didn't think Fridays could get any better! Plus in countries like Belgium (some) children leave school early on Fridays AND Wednesdays!????

superspy11 · 3 years ago

No! It is a valuable chance to learn something new blown! This is unacceptable!

FNFan · 3 years ago

in Scotland we already do this and it works perfectly

dolfincake · 3 years ago

I do not think that pupils should be allowed to leave school early as they are actually missing at least, 2h and 30mins of their study time. In that time, they could've studied some more such at Science or R.E. I am sticking with a firm NO. After all, it's our future which is important...

aim123 · 3 years ago

i think it is a bad idea because we alerady get lots of homewrk and if this happens we will get more

farmer · 3 years ago

I think that it is a nice idea but lots of parents would be at work so it would be really awkward and mess with their job . Also it would mean teachers would have to skip a lesson which would probably be PE and lots of children don’t get enough sports as it is.

catonclan · 3 years ago

No because they would miss out on much needed time of their education.

kfcfanboy · 3 years ago

Yes it would be good because it would mean more time that you could spend with friends or family and it might be a nice change for the school week

aim123 · 3 years ago

It is a great idea because kids have the option to go home early or to stay and study

pengwin325 · 3 years ago

Awesome idea for 2 reasons
1: less school
2: more fun time
It's also a good idea in summer because there's more time to enjoy the sun and to play outside

monkey2.0 · 3 years ago

We already do in Scotland and it gives me time to have fun with my friends and do more out of school clubs.

donutlove · 3 years ago

No way! I don't think this is a good idea for childrens' education and it is not fair that some children get to go home and do what they want and others have to do homework at school, this is like just sending some children home after lunch and others have to do work for 2 more hours.

natalija · 3 years ago

I don't agree with this idea. Pupils should learn in this time and homework is for students to do at home in their own time.

dancemunch · 3 years ago

I think it is a GREAT way to end the week after 4 days of studying - if people want to study during that time then go ahead! Study! There are other ways.

newslove97 · 3 years ago

Yes I think so, we would be tired after a WHOLE week af schoolwork

cmi_hall1 · 3 years ago

It's a great idea because then kids don't have an excuse for not doing your homework plus the extra money could go towards other learning facilities.

aamzaf · 3 years ago


skate · 3 years ago

yes i think school is a bit to long,to think that i to go school 36 hours! it would also give us more time to do our home work

yllom · 3 years ago

I think it is a great idea and we would have more time to do our homework even if we did get more of it

ep-22579 · 3 years ago

I think they shouldn't leave at lunchtime on Friday because that means that in about a month pupils would of missed about a week off education

gullupuppy · 3 years ago

I think that is a really good idea. After a long week of hard work, children should have time to relax, and the weekend is not enough. Schools should balance time out, for example, Monday-Friday lunch should be school and Friday lunch-Sunday should be a rest. I definitely agree with this idea to let kids go home on a Friday lunch.

snufflypug · 3 years ago

No!!!!Children need to have education.
Just because it’s Friday they should still get educated

lollydor · 3 years ago

Good idea but in year six people have to do SATS and they need the revision time.

fluffy14 · 3 years ago

I think this is a good idea because not only do you get more time to spend with your family but you can do your homework that afternoon and then you won't have to do any over the weekend

ellaelevy · 3 years ago

I think it is a good idea. Firstly, it would save a lot of money. Secondly, there will be more time to do things such as homework and planning better lessons.

explorer12 · 3 years ago

It is because you would be having free time but no because you'd be missing lessons.

bigfatcat · 3 years ago

It’s a good saving scheme for the school but if they haven’t realised, the children won’t get that vital afternoon of education. For many children it might seem amazing but what about their education that their leaving behind? Although an afternoon off doesn’t seem like they will miss anything, it builds up, the afternoons add together and then you would end up missing hours and hours of school!

appleman · 3 years ago

good idea, except I don't know what lessons are on a friday afternoon

chazfret · 3 years ago

I love this this idea!!! School stresses me out and it would be perfect to unwind.

chazfret · 3 years ago

I love this idea!!! School stresses me out and it would be perfect to unwind.

narwhale1 · 3 years ago

Amazing idea

buddyboi · 3 years ago

WITHOUT DOUBT YES!!!!?????? yes, we miss out on a couple of lessons, but it gives us more chance to avoid doing our homework at the weekend! And plus, it means a few extra weekend hours! BRILLIANT!!

julio · 3 years ago

When I was younger I would have been saying yes but learning is so important and missing half a day meens you loose learning time in which you could have learnt something vital and you will begin to fall behind in class!
So I am defiantly going to say NO!!??‍???‍?

bubble33 · 3 years ago

hmmm... possibly no, as we would be missing out on learning.... though we mostly do art or stuff on friday afternoons....

jake10 · 3 years ago


22well · 3 years ago

Nooooooooooooooooo I do not think we should leave school early on Friday because then we might be able to get more holiday time.?

5honypony · 3 years ago

Yes because children will be refreshed and won't be too stressed about not enough time for homework

5honypony · 3 years ago

Yes because children will be refreshed and won't be too stressed about not enough time for homework

emperor · 3 years ago

Yes, its a good idea, but our school finishes early on Thursday — however we have to do sport ??, so in my case I would rather we didn’t finish early

frog3.1415 · 3 years ago

I think that it is a good way to give teachers more time for marking and a chance to give the students a rest and a chance to get all their homework done.
Most schools already let you leave slightly early on Fridays and some sixth forms have lots of free periods and on certain days students can go home around lunchtime so that they have more time to study and rest.

norensanz · 3 years ago

It could be good as nobody does anything at school in the afternoons on Friday, but it could have a very negative impact on learning and routine.??

norensanz · 3 years ago

what is worse have no money and not knowing how to get any more or to have no money and knowing how to earn it?It is our future they are taking away from us.

shreddeddo · 3 years ago

who cares about homework or lessons leave school early!

libskhan · 3 years ago

I think we should because we spent soooo much time at school and in the afternoon in my year you do extra maths and english in our school

daisy101 · 3 years ago

I beleive that they should be allowed out at lunchtime if they were asked to complete a project on something over the year instead of School, it should be classed as extra homework

claudine · 3 years ago

We'd only miss 1 lesson and tutor so I think yes!

firegirl16 · 3 years ago

I think yes. It would give you more time to see friends and family, study and play games, which are all important and stress free.

lemurdog2 · 3 years ago

No! Because others will get jelous and people won't know as much as others will.

itzzelz · 3 years ago

No because the kids will be missing out a whole afternoons education. They’re young kids and need to learn to get a better education. Maybe on a rare occasion.

popcorn10 · 3 years ago

Yes- I think that going home early is a wonderful idea and children would be able to get some rest and do homework while the school can save money- this will create a great difference!

sisi · 3 years ago

No, as we are already only going to school for 5 days a week. Maybe they could do that sometimes, though, like before a holiday.

buster_08 · 3 years ago

No, because spending time at school is important. I know it's only 2 days but we get the weekend and that's enough.

catiebug11 · 3 years ago

My school lets us out early on Friday and I think it works out well and I am very pleased with Birmingham school

titmouse · 3 years ago

Yes. It would save lots of money which can be used for something else.

reader9000 · 3 years ago

I think this is a good idea because I always get tired on a friday and my class never do that much work on a friday anyway. This also means that kids have more free time which they should have any way . I say...

ihavesai · 3 years ago

It is good and bad.If we go home early we could miss valuable learning time but our parents know what we are bad at so they can tutor us directly whereas the teacher can't because they have to manage a whole class.

sambrophy · 3 years ago

I disagree because children need to get all the learning they can and you will be wasting 3 hours of useful time.

gingetoff · 3 years ago

This is not acceptable and my school keeps us busy until home time 3:10
And even then we can sometimes go home late

ihavesai · 3 years ago

It is good and bad.If we go home early then we could miss valuable learning time but our parents know what we need to practice so they can tutor us directly whereas the teacher can't because they have got to manage a whole class.So I say maybe.

newsedit · 3 years ago

I think it would be a good idea, as Friday afternoon would be good for getting all your homework done and helping you relax after a week of school.

azure000 · 3 years ago

No, if they want children to have more time for home work that means either children don't complete enough homework or find the home work hard. If so, they should just teach better or more ways of doing the homework.

cocoloco88 · 3 years ago

I think that it is a really good idea because we spend 6 hours a day at school 5 times a week!!!

xcurlysuex · 3 years ago

I love this idea. It's good because children have the option to stay at school so it's not necessarily true that children are missing out on learning. It's also good because imagine what your school could do if they had an extra 100, 000 a week to spend on more resources for the school!

xcurlysuex · 3 years ago

I also love this idea because teachers wouldn't get too stressed out due to marking work, planning lessons and loads of other stuff. They will have more to relax and be refreshed for the next week. Same goes for children.

mayasoccer · 3 years ago

Yes! It's amazing! I live in Australia and we are allowed to leave an hour early on Tuesday for study time and 2 hours early when we have exams.

missgalaxy · 3 years ago


missgalaxy · 3 years ago

I think its a good idea. Dont get me wrong, educating is important, but it would give children a chance to catch up with their parents. As well, weekends are always busy because almost nobody goes to work so kids could go and play at the park without the hustle and bustle of cars!

pandacool · 3 years ago

if people finish school at lunch, they might not concentrate during the day.

unicorn248 · 3 years ago

NO as we need the best education possible in order to have a good future which means getting a lot of work to help children through life.

epicvader · 3 years ago

I think it is a good idea, as on Fridays, children are a lot more tired, so not only will it benefit the school, it will benifit the children.

rollersk8t · 3 years ago

Like everyone else I would like to go home at Lunchtime on Friday but most children need to be picked up by Guardians or Carers. What if some people can't get home from work in time!

holholster · 3 years ago

I don't think it is a good idea to let schools finish at lunchtime on a Friday, because that means that we will miss out on a lot of education.

sarahimran · 3 years ago

my school on Friday all ready finishes at 11 and my sister seconder school finishes at 12

sarahimran · 3 years ago

my school on Friday all ready finishes at 11 and my sisters secondary school finishes at 12

samuel08 · 3 years ago

I think they should if their parents are at home but if they are working they should go home at 3:15 but in our school parents who are working their children go to after school club

unicorn5 · 3 years ago

No I like Friday afternoons. At my school we get to do clubs.

tintin13 · 3 years ago

Yes! I think its a good idea . We do it in are school!

doris16 · 3 years ago

There is no one to look after me

sophia6 · 3 years ago

NO!When you go home early on Fridays parents feel pressured to pick you up and are usually late.Also when you stay at school and your friends go home you could feel left out.?

dcb10 · 3 years ago

YES because I go to my friends house after school every Friday for my instrument lesson so iI WOULD HAVE MORE TIME TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rshingy30 · 3 years ago

They only have about 2-3 hrs of school left
Besides what a waste of time; they could do something fun in those hours!!!

synchro101 · 3 years ago

YES! We should be able to leave early because we do a lot of hard work at school so we need time to relax.

synchro101 · 3 years ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love the idea

killknight · 3 years ago

It would financially benefit the schools. A lot of schools already have this as well. It would also positively change students attitude to school time.

coolio99 · 3 years ago

No, because I think children will learn more if they go home at the same time on the other school days

unicorn3 · 3 years ago

Yes, not only is it fun and kids can look forward to the end of the week more, but also it is a good way for kids to relax after a long school week.

ciarza123 · 3 years ago

No, because you could not have enough education and when your older you might not know as much.

malimoo · 3 years ago

Yes I agree with the school in Birmingham because you would get a relaxing afternoon and then the rest of the weekend you can have fun

redpikachu · 3 years ago

yes and also if the school dosen't have the money they could spend it on better resources insteasd

mollyboo8 · 3 years ago



xdcoconut · 3 years ago


amacca · 3 years ago

Yes, because it's hardly taking off much schooltime! But it would be weird coming home early

locktight2 · 3 years ago

My secondary school finishes at 12:00 every Friday

boyhornet · 3 years ago

Are you joking me? This is a really bad idea as it will dent a HUGE amount of the pupils learning. I acknowledge that they are trying to spend less money on the educational system, but what totally disgusts me is that you can guarantee that the cash is going to Brexit. BREXIT IS NO WAY AS IMPORTANT TO A HEALTHY COUNTRY AS EDUCATION! This is appalling.

bubbles08 · 3 years ago

Yes because then they can do there homework if there parents can't pick them up

10emoore · 3 years ago

Yes, or maybe just after a week of exams or on the last day of term.

nergit · 3 years ago

Of course they should! Everyone deserves a bit of time to flop down on the sofa every once every 5 weekdays! ? We all deserve a break after an exhausting 4 hrs of school and hard work! ?

cloudysky · 3 years ago

REALLY BAD IDEA! I understand that the school wants to save money, but it is also limiting a child's education and, because of this, could result in bad qualifications

gamerbug8 · 3 years ago

It happens in scotland we have “golden time” after lunch for the rest of the day... well in my school at least

sootysweep · 3 years ago

yes. It will give teachers they rs time to plan exciting lessons and chidren won't be as tired because they will have more time to rest. Also children can do more activities like music lessons and swimming.

melon_cow7 · 3 years ago


amepower17 · 3 years ago

No because I Board at school (stay overnight) on a Friday night and if they finished at lunch I wouldn’t be able to board and also I have Saturday school that finishes at 3 so their is no point and my school finishes at 5 on a week day

jedigeorge · 3 years ago

no, kids need the education and some parents may not be able to pick them up that early

lamb14 · 3 years ago

Yes! It means we get more time to hang out with our friends!