Would you eat a meal made from jellyfish?


23rd February 2018

ALTHOUGH you might not like the sound of it, it’d be better for the environment if we all started crunching on jellyfish crisps at lunchtime!

A combination of warming ocean temperatures and an overfishing of key predators has meant that the number of jellyfish in our seas has grown massively in recent years.

Huge swarms of them have been known to clog up and shut down power stations, and more people than ever before are getting stung. But what can be done?

Some Italian scientists think they know the answer. “There’s no way to get rid of jellyfish blooms,” Stefano Piraino, one of the scientists, explained, “but it’s worth transforming a problem into an opportunity.”

Stefano is part of GoJelly, a team of researchers looking into how these growing numbers of jellyfish can help humanity.

One way that GoJelly believe that jellyfish can be used, is if we started eating them! They’re already a delicacy in Asia, but we should apparently start eating them over here, too!

Would you eat a meal made from jellyfish?


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pheebz10 · 4 years ago

I would depending on what its texture is like. If its really bumpy then maybe not

aash1234 · 4 years ago

I don't mind doing that, so long as it protects the world and nature. But it probably won't taste too good...

fg-14 · 4 years ago

i would definitely not eat jellyfish.It just doesnt seem right.

dachshund7 · 4 years ago

I voted yes because I think everyone should do what they can for the environment even if it means eating jellyfish flavoured cake!

jp_1919 · 4 years ago

If it's going to help the environment then i'll do it, because it might help the plastic problem,calthough it depends on what it tastes like! First comment!

cmi_hall1 · 4 years ago

No because it sounds disgusting even though it's better for the environment.

popcorn987 · 4 years ago

No! That would be disgusting.

gamer07 · 4 years ago

First comment

No, as adults say quite a lot, you do not know where they Have been.
Comment below if you agree.

cambababam · 4 years ago

I would try anything and if we had to I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a choice

gamer07 · 4 years ago

I don't fancy crunching on jellyfish crisps.

netbalover · 4 years ago

Quite honestly I wouldn't mind toooooo much cos I love all types of meat/ protein
plus, it'll help the environment
I JUST HOPE WE DON'T GET STUNG just thinking of it makes my tongue tingle!!!!!!!??

netbalover · 4 years ago


unicornzz · 4 years ago

If we can eat fish, we can eat jellyfish.

unicornzz · 4 years ago

?Also it might sound tasty ? to others. Some people may think it's disgusting ?. But I think it's ??could be tasty ? ?

elise2006 · 4 years ago

if it was something like crisps then I would mainly because so much is being said about the environment then i would be happy to eat it.

hfrules · 4 years ago

Hi guys, it's me Hannah.
Obviously I WOULD NEVER eat jellyfish as it can have poisonous chemicals inside its body according to scientists, So....

Bye Gotta go!
#First to comment

asdfiscool · 4 years ago

jellyfish have a life too and we're going to eat them?? doesn't feel right.


sonnyfirst · 4 years ago

I would maybe do it if it’s good for the environment

claudine · 4 years ago

I think it would be really slimy. Once I tried a snail in France and didn't like it so I don't think I'll like jellyfish!

holly · 4 years ago

I don't fancy that!??

unicorn3 · 4 years ago

Even though I am a fan of being environmental friendly, I can't picture myself eating something that I am afraid of when I go into the sea. It also strange because they sting you, and I would be quite scared of whether it would sting me when I ate it.

hptigers · 4 years ago

Probably not because I think it would be quite slimy and it might upset my stomach!

thelolman · 4 years ago

Im a vegetarian so no

rinlen432 · 4 years ago

Jelly Fish are living things and they need to be respected and cared for. We shouldn't just be eating them. Its sad to think that people eat other people but these people are a different species. They have a right , just like us, to be safe and have no harm to come to us and the animals should have this right too.

jaguar119 · 4 years ago

No but if it saved the environment I would eat it, but not direct, like just a jellyfish on a plate. Eck!

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

No, I'm vegan. I don't eat meat, dairy, eggs or any animal product.

bobsjam · 4 years ago

Well it depends because if they forget to put the poison out of jellyfish then were☠️

allertons · 4 years ago

No because it would taste horrible. It will sting you

allertons · 4 years ago


allertons · 4 years ago

It is better for the environment though... So maybe? I not have clue! ?

allertons · 4 years ago

*don't have a clue

agudhka · 4 years ago

I am a vegetarian

dork · 4 years ago

No no no. That sounds weird and horrible.?

anjakf · 4 years ago

If it helps the environment then of course- we should do whatever it takes because it is our problem, even if it means eating jellyfish!!!!?

sealover13 · 4 years ago

Yes i would eat them. I've eaten jellyfish with noodles before in Thailand it's tasty.

Fablehaven · 4 years ago

No because it just seems weird but I don't disagree that encouraging people to eat jellyfish is a good idea.

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

It depends on how they’ve cooked it. If they’ve fried it like what we do with chips then maybe . If they have boiled it then probably not. But it is good for the environment. If it tasted nice & had lots of vitamins, I would eat it

queenloopy · 4 years ago

I'd give it a try but it doesn't sound very nice

cooledie · 4 years ago

i might if it is not making jellyfish endangered and i wouldn't if it was absolutely horrible.

constieb · 4 years ago

I wouldn’t who would eat something like that

sparks357 · 4 years ago

No because can you imagine how slimy and slippy it would be it might slip out your mouth

sethini · 4 years ago

The jellyfish deserve to live. Even if it is for the environment, it isn't a good enough reason to kill any animal.

RockyTabbs · 4 years ago

I would NOT like to eat jellyfish. It just seems wrong.

lb07myk · 4 years ago

Yes, but I’d have to see someone else eat it first to make sure it wasn’t too horrible!!

orangebob9 · 4 years ago

I'm not too keen on seafood meals but DEFINATELY NOT JELLYFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bumper · 4 years ago

if it is going to help the environment i would do this. i actually like jellyfish anyway. i hope all the toxins have been removed ????

sophette · 4 years ago

If I HAD do I would, unless they sting you!!! Hahahaha

sophette · 4 years ago


sophette · 4 years ago

If you agree with me, put this ? emoji at the end of your comment

dude28899 · 4 years ago

yum or eh

macaroon8 · 4 years ago

I would LOVE to give it a go but I doubt I would find it a delicacy!

bubblyball · 4 years ago

It's best to try new foods before you judge them ?.

oceangirl · 4 years ago

if it would help the environment then YES

hamster7 · 4 years ago

Never they will become endangered and woohoo we start at the beging again

zoya · 4 years ago

I don't mind, but then again its not the most delicious snack.

fwsa · 4 years ago

Of course, we need to protect the environment and even if we need to eat something slightly unusual for that, so be it.

amberspell · 4 years ago

I think it's a good opportunity to try something new, plus I would do anything to help the environment!!! ;)

kestj003.3 · 4 years ago


greenboy7 · 4 years ago

I think we should because it is much,much better for the environment!

blackdog · 4 years ago

I have had a bad expirence with jelly fish so i wouldnt

7diamond07 · 4 years ago

I would not eat jellyfish because I am not allowed to; I only eat Halal food.

izzy28 · 4 years ago

i would definitely not eat jellyfish as even though it would help the enviroment their part of our environment too and their our wildlife which we're meant to be protecting .

eh-78957 · 4 years ago

I don’t know if it’s tasty so ?or?

eh-78957 · 4 years ago


lightning · 4 years ago


RedWombat · 4 years ago

I'm vegetarian so nope.

ag0807 · 4 years ago

i wouldn't it could be poisonous or we could get stung and it doesn't sound good

miniontube · 4 years ago


bigfatcat · 4 years ago

I’d try one anyday! It sounds quite tasty! I think most people would think that it tastes horrible because they imagine jellyfish swimming in the ocean but a lot of other ingredients would go into the meal as well so you aren’t actually eating raw jellyfish. I think that you can’t really say anything unless you’ve tried it.

rivalgamer · 4 years ago

Yes, I definitely would because I eat everything!!!!!!!

hulkstar1 · 4 years ago

It depends on how it tastes, as long as it doesn't taste too bad, what is the harm?

hulkstar1 · 4 years ago

I agree with bigfatcat

RoseBun · 4 years ago

there is nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way I will ever eat a jelly fish. It would be disgusting and not to mention cruel. Plus there are many species of jellyfish which are endangered (I think) and I would not want them to become extinct.

rosyrhada · 4 years ago


theminion · 4 years ago

Yes I would to help save the environment in a helpful, thoughtful way
It probably won't taste nice though!

hobbes123 · 4 years ago

I would but only if tasted nice!

artymartin · 4 years ago

I would like to try jellyfish but we need to make sure that we don’t eat to many.If it means protecting the fish and people in the oacen then yes.

rufuspug · 4 years ago

hard question but i would if i had to

fantastict · 3 years ago

No. It might taste different.

leanneli · 3 years ago

Eating a jellyfish is gross

intelburst · 3 years ago

i think it is a good idea to taste new things to see if you like them or not

ponyclub · 3 years ago

I would like to try jellyfish and see what it tastes like

ironman5 · 3 years ago

If it was safe to eat, some fish are poisonous if not cooked properly

gabbydog · 3 years ago

I would only if I had to though

hobbes123 · 3 years ago

YUCKY??☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ ?❌❌❌❌??

Magic10 · 3 years ago

Ewww... it sounds horrible but if it tastes nice I’m all for it! I am happy that this would help the environment, but it’s not fair on the jellyfish. ?

dcb10 · 3 years ago

No I wouldn't want to because that just sounds disgusting. And plus it is bad for the environment!!!!!!!!!!!

pinky123 · 3 years ago

jellfsh stings

fluffy14 · 3 years ago

yes because we already eat other seafood's like squid and monkfish and oysters so it would just be good to try something new

holholster · 3 years ago

Despite it being more environmentally friendly, I would not eat a meal made from jellyfish, because I am already a picky eater as it is. Also, I don't want to be eating an animal that is harmful to us when alive.

lilpenguin · 3 years ago

Yes. Save the environment!

redpikachu · 3 years ago

no because even though it is disgusting eventually all of the jellyfish would be killed and eaten anyway.

sootysweep · 3 years ago

yes! If it would help nature then i'm in!

melon_cow7 · 3 years ago

no it can poison you

loveslego · 2 years ago

I'm vegetarian

lottielove · 2 years ago

Eww! I would never eat a jellyfish.
1) It would be a horrible weird texture in your mouth
2) It has weird legs
3) It would be real cruel to kill the jellyfish
4) It just sounds wrong

lottielove · 2 years ago

That put me off my breakfast!

katkid10 · 10 months ago

I would eat it as long as it doesn't kill me, or sting me, or taste gross.