Does your school have too many branded or badged items that you need?


26th November 2021

THE Government says that families in England “will save money” from next year, due to new uniform rules that schools have to follow.

Schools will have to reduce the number of branded items pupils need, and allow families to buy cheaper options from supermarkets or high street stores. They will have to make sure that second-hand uniforms are available too, which the NEU teaching union said was “not only cost- effective but sustainable”.

“For too many years the cost of school uniform has been a heavy financial burden on many families, causing money worries and even debt,” said Mark Russell, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society.

Does your school have too many branded or badged items that you need?


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marthajja · 9 months ago

Yes they do and they are really expensive as well which is really bad and some people have divorced parents and they left things at their mum or dad's house and we get to off from not having them

mdavies1 · 9 months ago

My school requires that you buy all uniform from their uniform shop. Whilst I know that blazers and PE kit etc. should be branded, I can’t really understand the point of the shirts and jumpers having the school logo on. We’re supposed to wear our blazers all the time in school so you can’t even see the logo. I think any non-branded shirt or navy jumper from a supermarket or wherever would be fine. The skirts/trousers too could come from anywhere; I think reducing the amount of specific uniform we have would be a much more affordable option.

katkid10 · 9 months ago

The school that I do to only has a jumper and a polo shirt that is branded. Also, we don't have to wear the branded jumper, only a blue one, and there are loads of different uniform choices that aren't branded (like a white polo, white shirt with a special blue tie).

shining151 · 9 months ago

I think for sure. Everywhere I go around the school, it will always be posted, and I think a positive change should be needed. However, all schools can still be happy with their logo!

katkid10 · 9 months ago

PE top too.

sailor31 · 9 months ago

I think that having branded thing are good but I think that they should all be made a reasonable price so that everyone can afford to buy them easily but I think one of the questions that should be asked is wether our uniforms are eviromentally friendly/sustainable, and there should be a second hand uniform collection at every school so that A: good quality clothes aren't wasted. and B: the second hand uniform should be sold at a lower price so that for low income families or for families with lots of children then having branded uniform isn't such a lot of money.

sunnysmilz · 9 months ago

My school doesn’t have too much branded uniform, it is just expensive

scarlet10 · 9 months ago


dscool · 8 months ago

My school have t-shirts,jumpers,water bottles and a PE kit with our badge on it

squish123 · 8 months ago


olivew · 8 months ago

My school has no school uniform

anonymous8 · 8 months ago

We have branded items, which I think is unfair because the uniform will increase in cost. Many countries in the EU like France and Denmark do not have branded items. Some parents find it hard to access branded items.

torchex · 8 months ago

Yes my school has loads of branded items which cost a lot of money, for example a branded item costed £60 just for one! The government really need to lower the prices or family’s may start to go in debt just because of how expensive uniform is.

weirdcat · 8 months ago

I don't need any"branded items" but I'm home ed... so I don't think it really counts 😆

iloveelly · 7 months ago

They are very optional. You can get a badge to sew onto jumpers and that sort of thing. Sometimes, school give you the badges anyway.

fridakhalo · 5 months ago

Unfortunately, yes.
It was so expensive to pay for all my new secondary school clothes for when i started in September 2021 and we'd recently moved house in May.