Do you want to go to university when you leave school?


15th July 2020

EDUCATION secretary Gavin Williamson has ditched a target set in 1999 to get 50% of young people into university.

Mr Williamson has said the Government wants to carry out a major overhaul of colleges and apprenticeships, rather than focus on sending half of the nation’s pupils to university. This autumn he will set out plans for a “world-class, German-style, further education system.”


Do you want to go to university when you leave school?


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5honypony · 4 weeks ago

First to comment!

5honypony · 4 weeks ago

I want to be a scientist or a teacher, so I want to go to university

jediknight · 4 weeks ago

surely right

anyab3 · 4 weeks ago

I definitely want to go to uni as it's such a good opportunity and it's sad that many people who want to go can't.

sarah.m · 4 weeks ago

i would want to go whether i like it or not because university is where you get your job - without it, you are off to live on the streets as you don't have a job to get money and pay the bills

sarah.m · 4 weeks ago

also i agree with anyab3

sarah.m · 4 weeks ago

if you said you dont want to go to university I NEED TO KNOW WHY

codonnell · 4 weeks ago

I'm not sure because I want to be an author when I'm older and I don't know if you need to go to uni for that and there are other people who could go in my place if I don't really need to go.

katkid10 · 4 weeks ago

I don't know!

wildcat90 · 3 weeks ago

I definitely want to go to university and get a further education

puppy123 · 3 weeks ago

I want to be a paediatrician so yes

crazycat09 · 3 weeks ago

I think that it is very important to go to university as you get to learn so much more and it also helps you get a better job.

musiclovr · 3 weeks ago

I want to go to University so I will have a larger choice when I am older of what job to do and I will get to have fun with all the other students too. 😁

ezme200200 · 3 weeks ago

I wanna be a teacher

epice · 3 weeks ago

No, I am more interested in doing an apprenticeship as they will give you vital experience and skills in the area of work you are looking to go into. This advantage will put you ahead of people who have not experienced this. Going to University will not guarantee you a job at the end. For many professions it is important to go to University but going just because everyone else is or because you don't know job you want to do is not worth the huge cost involved.

eggboigmz8 · 3 weeks ago

I don't really know what job I want but I just wanna go.

sarah.m · 3 weeks ago

codonell i never thought of that

lune · 3 weeks ago

I want to go to uni because I will have better education there and a wider choice of jobs!

ninjahorse · 3 weeks ago

i want to go to uni coz i can and i will

tennis22 · 3 weeks ago

I definitely want to go because I want to be a doctor or lawyer.
I also agree with anyab3 it’s sad some people won’t get to go.

superpug27 · 3 weeks ago

Tennis22, you don’t have to go to university to get a good job. For example, entrepreneurs need to leave school ASAP so they can start their business quickly, and one of the richest people in the world didn’t even go to uni. And spaces don’t even get filled up by people who want it, my dad didn’t go to university because he was gonna go to study sport science. Later in life he realised that he could make even more money off of maths that he studied in school. Now he’s the head accountant for a company and has a steady job, you don’t have to go to uni to be successful or have a steady job.

superpug27 · 3 weeks ago

Sarah.M, look at my other comment. Is MY dad homeless and living off the streets? No, he has three kids, a wife and a steady job. Lots of people think that if you didn’t go to uni, you’ll never get a job which is absurd and not fair.

tennis22 · 3 weeks ago

superpug27 is totally right but in my opinion it would be better to get an education before a job
Obviously people have different opinions but I think you should go to uni

kinsparke9 · 2 weeks ago

I already know what uni I want to go to (the irish world academy of music and dance)

camembert · 2 weeks ago

I would go to university even if I didn't exactly need too. I want to be an author when I'm older and I'm not sure you need too but I'm more likely to get a good job if I go to uni.

opalstar · 2 weeks ago

Of course , I want to be a doctor it's essential, though I'm studying for my eleven plus soon who else is?

opalstar · 2 weeks ago

I feel sad people don't get the opportunities

opalstar · 2 weeks ago

p.s If you want to answer my first comment please say : this is for OpalStar

ilovelions · 2 weeks ago

Codonnell, to be an author you should be going to university because you can get a degree in literature and english, and you can also have a major in creative writing. So, yes, you probably should consider going to university to be an author.

opalstar · 1 week ago

Well I didn't know that! 👍🏻

puzzlepeas · 1 week ago

I think when you leave school, you might not be ready, I think you should get a choice of when.

ivansp2011 · 1 week ago

I would go to University because I would get more education which means that I will be better at my work after Universitythan without it

sophie.w · 6 days ago

Yes, definitely. Going to university will help tremendously with everyones education and it is very imoortant for the majority of jobs like being a doctor, a scientist, teacher and many more.

smartmaths · 3 days ago

It is an excellent opportunity to boost skills, which can be essential for jobs

abinews · 3 days ago

I definitely want to go to university, even if I don't know what I want to do yet.