Do you think we should replace ‘Empire’ with ‘Excellence’?


16th June 2021

THERE have been calls to change a word in the titles given to people receiving honours.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours, which recognise the work of people in the UK, have recently been announced. Individuals can be given different titles after their name, like MBE, CBE or OBE.

The ‘BE’ in all of these stands for ‘British Empire’, in reference to the country’s colonial past, when Britain occupied other countries around the globe, such as India and Kenya.

Some people, including those who have received honours in the past, want the ‘E’ to be changed from ‘Empire’ to ‘Excellence’ instead.

Some of those who received honours were born in countries that were taken over by the British Empire many years ago. They don’t think a positive award should be named after something which caused harm and trauma to lots of people.

What do you think?

Do you think we should replace ‘Empire’ with ‘Excellence’ in honours?


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superpug27 · 4 months ago

I think that it doesn’t really matter that much but changing it to excellence makes a lot more sense for me personally so that’s my opinion. Also FIRST! :)

ginny09876 · 4 months ago

Excellence is a lot better than Empire. Empire sounds to dominating where’s Excellence sounds less dominant.

ginny09876 · 4 months ago

#first to vote

ebazgo · 4 months ago

idk why

scarlet10 · 4 months ago


dksmunro · 4 months ago

Excellence sounds like Britain are saying that they are excellent. It kind of gets across the message of boasting or bragging that they are excellent and if they are doing that then they probably aren't excellent.

dksmunro · 4 months ago

Empire makes a lot more sense than excellence. Sorry if you disagree but its my opinion.

duckduck21 · 4 months ago

I voted for excellence

panda89 · 4 months ago

Empire is old fashioned and in some cases offensive, I think it should definitely be changed to Excellence

theo_gym · 4 months ago

It was a long time ago that Britain invaded but I think excellence is better.

loldoll20 · 3 months ago

Empire sounds so hostile! Excellence means, British Excellence means, every body is important not just people who suck up to leaders.

hami · 3 months ago

Because not many invaded countries approved of Britain ruling them, I don't think it should be replaced with Excellence as Empire is neutral when Excellence sounds like it was perfect and everyone enjoyed being a part of it, which wasn't true.

cutiecat · 3 months ago

I love how most of the comments say excellence but more people voted for empire.

BTW: I voted for excellence

ivansp2011 · 3 months ago

I believe Excellence as the Empire had caused suffering for people in it's colonies, and then they are rewarding people with it.

frogster10 · 2 months ago

Definitely change it. The invasions and everything were horrible and there are still effects of it today.

phoebeh · 2 months ago


I don't really see a clear reason why

mwhitty · 2 months ago

Excelence is a more rewarding word