Do you think UK car adverts should also advertise walking and cycling?


6th January 2022

FRENCH car adverts will have to promote cycling alongside the use of cars from 2022, in a bid to help the environment.

The French government wants car companies to include messages about using alternative modes of transport, as part of its plans to tackle CO2 emissions and climate change.

The ads must feature one of three messages: encourage people to cycle or walk instead of drive where possible; use public transport; or “consider carpooling”, which is when people share a car with others.

The new rules will apply to all media adverts, including those in newspapers, on the radio or the internet. The messaging must also include the hashtag “#SeDeplacerMoinsPolluer”, which means ‘Move and Pollute Less’.

Do you think UK car adverts should do the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Do you think UK car adverts should also have to advertise walking and cycling?


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superpug27 · 2 weeks ago

No. It's a car advert. It's supposed to advertise cars! If you saw an advert for an apple, would you expect to see pears in there too?

jammycakes · 2 weeks ago

Yes because Cycling and Walking are more eco friendly and safer for the environment although there are electric Cars