Do you think that it’s too risky for Brits to go on holiday in other countries this summer?


5th May 2021

NEW traffic light rules are being created so that people can go on holiday abroad.

Foreign holidays are banned completely until 17 May because of COVID-19 but, after that, countries will be on either a green, amber or red list.

Travellers to green countries will not need to isolate on their return, but they will need to take a COVID test.

Arrivals from amber countries will need to isolate for ten days, while red list countries have the strictest rules. Only UK residents and Irish citizens can return, and must pay to stay in a quarantine hotel for ten days.

However, some people think we still shouldn’t be allowed to travel outside the UK at all. A group of MPs says the Government should ban people from travelling for longer.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus says airports will help the virus spread, because arrivals will mix together whether they have travelled from green, amber or red countries.

They say we are opening ourselves up to bringing new variants of the virus into Britain, just when we are recovering from the pandemic here. The group says people should stay in Britain and have a ‘staycation’ in this country instead of travelling abroad.

The first ministers of Scotland and Wales have already said that 17 May is too early for us to be able to go on foreign holidays.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson thinks the traffic light system will mean the UK can manage the risk from other countries.

The UK’s daily coronavirus infection numbers are dropping steadily. And we hit another vaccine milestone this week when the number of people to have received two doses of the jab passed 15 million. More than 34 million people have had at least one dose.

The picture is not so good in the rest of the world. Things are especially bad in India, where they have a shortage of oxygen to treat people suffering with COVID-19. The country of 1.3 billion had 3,689 coronavirus deaths on Sunday, with another 400,000 new cases reported. The UK has already sent 495 oxygen concentrators and 200 ventilators to help, and is sending a further 1,000 ventilators as the crisis worsens.

Alarm bells are ringing in other countries in South Asia, too, and surges of coronavirus are being seen in countries such as Brazil and Canada.

In total, known global infections are well over 150 million.

What do you think?


Do you think it's too risky for Brits to go on holiday in other countries?


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avion14 · 1 year ago

I think it is too risky to go on holiday abroad during this time because going abroad could risk creating new strains of the virus which could spread worldwide. So I think it would be wiser to go on holiday in the UK instead.

verdant · 1 year ago

Even though I want to go on holiday, I think that it is too dangerous to go. If more people were vaccinated, especially kids, if more countries were on the green list and if you didn't have to isolate when you came back; but until then coronavirus still has its grip on holidays.

weirdcat · 1 year ago

I think its quite risky still. I would allow people to leave and return to the country for family emergencies, though.

cr1cket1 · 1 year ago

We don't want to start another wave when we think we have got an end date to this!!!

katkid10 · 1 year ago

I think that we shouldn't be traveling outside of Great Britain because Covid is still going on in different countries, it is not just about the UK. For example, India has had another outbreak, other countries may too - because of our traveling to the other countries. 🌎🌏🌍

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

I believe it is too risky for the brits to go to a different country as there is a different type of covid in countries.

loldoll20 · 1 year ago

It's not fine to do that because we want to get the vaccine to everyone so we should stay in our country to stop the spread.

ginny09876 · 1 year ago

I think that you should only be able to go to countries on the green list because it’s important to see your family.

scarlet10 · 1 year ago

i don't think you should because the infection rain will only just get higher

krazy-kat · 1 year ago

I think you should go on family holidays to have fun as it has been a hard time during the pandemic

monkey61 · 1 year ago

I think only go on holiday in our own country not abroad.I still don't think it is safe enough. Good that more and more people are getting vaccinations though.

mcgeorge1 · 1 year ago

i think it is to risky. even though Britain is doing well in administering vaccines countries like France are struggling

mcgeorge1 · 1 year ago

i think visiting places like Cornwall or Scotland is OK as they are in the UK and have the same access to vaccines as the rest of the UK

historygal · 1 year ago

I don’t trust the government in things like this

historygal · 1 year ago

It’s better just not to risk it

poodles · 1 year ago

I think they can but only if they have both thier vaccinations. However, I think that they cannot go out of Europe.

bdm · 1 year ago

With new strains of COVID-19 emerging, I think it is imperative to stay in the UK, however tempting it may be to go abroad after so much time indoors. Travel is a key factor in spreading variants that would have, otherwise, been confined to one country. With so many new variants springing up and even merging, it isn't unlikely that one day, we may have to face one that is vaccine-resistant. At this delicate stage in time, vaccines are our only weapon, and if they are countered, we could find ourselves back to stage one. All in all, it's clear that we should keep to the UK as far as holidaying is concerned.

katkid10 · 1 year ago

I just got sent home from school. 😭😭😭😭😤🤬

katkid10 · 1 year ago

bdm Are u actually a kid?? Great persuasive writing. Mind if I steal some?

frogster10 · 11 months ago

The people who are still going on holiday are incredibly inconsiderate!! No one in England is taking this virus seriously. In my home country, everyone is practically fine. But because of how England is not doing the most well, I haven’t been able to visit my family from abroad for 2 years now

mwhitty · 11 months ago

As long as you have a COVID test before, then and after