Do you think that CBBC going online-only is a good idea?


2nd June 2022

THE BBC has announced plans to take CBBC and BBC Four off traditional TV and make them online-only channels.

The cost-saving move comes after the Government said it would freeze the TV licence fee for the next two years.

By law, each household in the UK has to pay the TV licence fee (£159 per year). In return, the BBC is committed to use the licence fee money to make “impartial [not biased], high-quality and distinctive” content, which will “inform, educate and entertain” everyone who pays the licence fee.

Cuts to many other services, including the BBC’s local television and radio networks, were also announced. The BBC World News service is also set to be merged with the UK’s main BBC News channel.

BBC director-general Tim Davie said that this was the “moment to build a digital-first BBC… A positive force for the UK and the world.”

Television ratings for CBBC have been hit hard in the last few years, as viewers move to streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix.

Comic Relief host and comedian Lenny Henry described the decision as a “mistake”.

What do you think?

Do you think that CBBC going online-only is a good idea?


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athenakid · 3 weeks ago

I don’t think that they should, because if they do, people who don’t have online or don’t have those privileges won’t be able to watch what they like to watch on live tv. Also, it would be lowering the amount of people watching, which would not be very good for business.

rainflxwer · 3 weeks ago

(In my opinion) Such a bad idea!

lauren_123 · 3 weeks ago

It is a bad decision as with the cost of living rising, not many people can afford I pad's, Netflix and Disney plus subscriptions so most people use CBBC and with it going online it will make it a lot harder for families to access it.

ivansp2011 · 3 weeks ago

It will lead more people to look at computer screens, damaging their health.

reuike · 3 weeks ago

I think no because I am happy with the way they are right now where you can just it live

mangogirl1 · 3 weeks ago

I said yes because we hardly ever watch CBBC on actual TV and because of that, if most people watch online then what's the point of having it?

vishy_11 · 3 weeks ago

absolutely not! I love watching CBBC and it going online would mean not watching it.

candyapple · 2 weeks ago

It doesn't really affect me, but I'd say its bad for people who don't have online access

max1234 · 1 week ago

I don’t think they should, because it might encourage more children to go online, and to online danger.

mistywater · 1 week ago

I don't think they should, because a lot of people watch these channels and would find it much harder to watch them if the BBC put them only online. I also think this is silly for them as it would lower the amount of people watching the channels, so the BBC would get less money. Why do this? It would get a bad public reaction and a bad result for them. Any ideas why you might do it?