Do you think smoking should be made illegal?


21st April 2021

THE New Zealand government has suggested several new restrictions on cigarettes and tobacco products that could lead to a smoking ban for young people and future generations.

The country is aiming to be completely smoke-free by 2025. Several ideas for how to reach that target are under consideration, including a gradual increase to the legal smoking age that could effectively ban those born after 2004 from buying cigarettes, setting a minimum price for tobacco, and restricting where tobacco is sold.

Many health organisations in the country came out in support of the proposed restrictions. Cancer Society chief executive Lucy Elwood said: “Tobacco is the most harmful consumer product in history and needs to be phased out.”

Smoking rates are particularly high among Māoris (the indigenous people of New Zealand). Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, who campaigns for a tobacco-free Māori community, said he hopes the plans “will begin the final demise of tobacco products in this country”.

However, not everyone agrees that the plans are a good thing. There are concerns that small shops and convenience stores could lose money or even go out of business. The New Zealand government also admitted that clamping down on tobacco products risks an increase in criminals smuggling them into the country.

According to Associate Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall, about 4,500 New Zealanders die each year because of smoking.

One in four cancer deaths in the country are due to smoking, while around 500,000 people, or one in ten, smoke daily.

Do you think smoking should be made illegal?


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nim-pom · 2 weeks ago

I simply do not understand how smoking is not illegal!!! Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes should fall into the category of illegal items, like many drugs, and should stop being sold (they were only sold in the first place for money). Smoking is extremely detrimental to health - it can cause fatal illnesses, like lung cancer, heart disease and negative reproductive effects on women. Smoking is killing yourself, and others. Passive smoking affects people who do not smoke, as they breathe in the smoke emitted by others who smoke; this can cause asthma, especially in young children. SMOKING MUST BE MADE ILLEGAL!

krixkrax8 · 2 weeks ago

yes should be iligal

timmy · 2 weeks ago


artichoke · 2 weeks ago

If drugs are illegal, why aren’t cigarettes?

loldoll20 · 2 weeks ago

Smoking should be made illegal because, 1: you get no benefits from it 2: it harms people and gives them lung cancer 3: production of tobacco is harming animals; what if they eat the tobacco?

panda89 · 2 weeks ago

No. I hope projects should be in place to discourage smoking but stopping it is extreme as many shops which are suffering from covid need the money from cigs

applepear · 2 weeks ago

Smoking is polluting our planet. It is hurting our people and damaging our land. #QuitSmokingNow

gpfang · 2 weeks ago

Yes,because smoking make you have rotten teeth

scarlet10 · 2 weeks ago

what's good about it? and it is bad for your health

scarlet10 · 2 weeks ago

totally agree with nim-pom

opalstar · 2 weeks ago

Smoking is horrible, #Makesmokingillegal it gives you cancer, makes you feel rotten and is addictive, oh smoking is THE WORST. It will kill everybody who does it if they don't stop. Banish smoking!

katkid10 · 2 weeks ago

I believe that smoking should be illegal, Although they should bring in the rule slowly (because smoking has addictives, which means that you just want more of the thing - a bit like chocolate).

Smoking is bad for our climate and has no reason to be around. Cars are bad for the environment but they get people to places quicker - many people are also working out ways to make cars better for the environment, cigarettes, however, can not be changed to be better for the environment. Furthermore, cigarettes have barely any pros, but more cons:


some people find it relaxing and cool


with each cigarette, seven minutes of their life is lost,
hard to quit,
their clothes smell bad,
it can cause Cancer.

Also, a smoker's child is more likely to smoke. So, don't smoke - don't even try.

katkid10 · 2 weeks ago

It is also bad for the heart

meepemeeps · 1 week ago

I think it should be illegal since it is doing harm to the planet and doing harm to people that smoke. Business may go down by cigarettes going out of the shops, but it is doing no good to the world and the people that live here but instead just causing bad.

charlieee7 · 1 week ago

It shouldn't be illegal, because it is a personal decision, but it should be discouraged. I don't believe smoking is right, but if people aren't give the opportunity, cigarettes will just be smuggled in, meaning that the problem won't be solved.

nivi_madh · 1 week ago

you cant just say it is illegal , some people who smoke can feel as of every thing is against them. what would you do if they said your favourate food is illegal. what you should do is stop people starting the habit and try to ease out the bad habit but not suddenly

sherni · 6 days ago

I agree with nim-pom

candyapple · 6 days ago

I think it SHOULD be made illegal!!!

pinkyfox · 6 days ago

Smoking is bad for people and the environment, it should be illegal!

milkpuddin · 5 days ago

smoking is bad for you

minja8 · 5 days ago

It should be illegal because it is addictive and is bad for the lungs

minja8 · 5 days ago

It's bad for teeth and you can get athsma SMOKING SHOULD STOP

ivansp2011 · 3 days ago

It should be illegal as it is not healithy for your lungs and people die from it. People become addicted to. However, it does calm you down when you are angry though but I still do not believe it should be legal

ivansp2011 · 3 days ago

charlieee7, yes it is the person's decision but you become addicted. The person may die.

abhi01 · 2 days ago

Smoking should be made illegal because it causes health issues, harms you etc etc.