Do you think shooting these wolves with paintballs is the right thing to do?


9th November 2022

OFFICIALS in the Netherlands have said that park rangers in Arnhem province can shoot wolves with paintballs to protect the public.

The decision has been made because local authorities are worried that the wolves could pose a danger.

Wolves in the wild usually stay away from humans, but a video on social media showed a wolf strolling straight past a family in De Hoge Veluwe National Park. A spokesperson said: “We’re dealing with wolves that have become too tame.”

It’s hoped that shooting paintballs at the wolves will make them scared of humans again and ensure that they stay at least 30m away.

It also means that rangers can see which wolves have already been hit. Animal protection association De Faunabescherming says the wolves have become so tame because park officials have been feeding them, but the park denies this claim.

Do you think shooting the wolves with paintballs is the right thing to do?


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uniquestar · 1 year ago

wolves will become endangered if they are shot too often.
And using paint balls just turns it into a joke but it should definitely not be thought as if it is funny at all!

ugoose86 · 1 year ago

no because wolves look like dogs and dogs are cute🐺🐺🐺 · 1 year ago

It is bad and unecebtable to shoot animals

ea-134328 · 1 year ago

People definitely shouldn't throw paintballs at wolves.
Hitting paintballs at them is no way to fix it.

potterwolf · 1 year ago

We must protect all animals. Hurting them for human safety is just like killing a koala. Just block of the area. There is other ways around it.

otterlover · 1 year ago

I think that you shouldn’t mess with nature. We’ve already messed it up enough!

bonniebill · 1 year ago

I think that shooting the wolves with paintballs is cruel. If they aren't doing any harm then they should leave them be or move them away from the area

mistywater · 1 year ago

NO animals were here before humans and I would happily protect animals better than people. Animals are special and they don’t need to be shot with paintballs. Some people think differently and that’s fine but that’s just my opinion it’s very strong because I love all types of animals.

stingray1 · 1 year ago

It is OK if they are scaring the public, but otherwise no. Its not right to use paintball to do so if they haft to

moomoo8 · 1 year ago

I think this should not be allowed as it is harmful towards our nature . If the wolves are being harmless and are friendly there is no issue but if it starts escalating a better choice can be made

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

Even though they cause havoc across the country, I think it is wrong, and they should try peaceful ways (like luring) to get wolves away from parks

first@news · 1 year ago


swiftie · 1 year ago

It’s cruel. Full Stop.

mrrickroll · 1 year ago

It's may sound cruel, but it's completely harmless to the wolf. If it has to be done, then do it, but only when it is completely harmless.

nuggetwirl · 1 year ago

No that is ridiculous!! This is their earth too that we are ruining for them and now shooting them?

robro · 1 year ago

No obviously not. We should respect them not make fun of them.

pikagirl44 · 1 year ago

It is horrible shooting them, even if they are paintballs, they will hurt the wolves. Making them go away, yes, but not with paintballs because that's just mean

insects80 · 1 year ago

No way!! They are living creatures just like us. I wouldn't want to be shot by paintballs if I was a wolf!!

kauaskar · 1 year ago

Shooting wolves with paintballs is just completely unacceptable and it is extremely cruel. If this continues, wolves will be classified as an endangered species. The world doesn't just belong to Humans, it belongs to Nature as well.

jameringue · 1 year ago

Hurting animals is worse than animals just disturbing you. It's definitely not ok to shoot paintballs at wolves.👎

penelope66 · 1 year ago

NO!do not shoot them because one they might kill you and we have messed nature to much

scarlet10 · 1 year ago

human life is taking over the habitat so where else are wolves meant to go.the answer is to give the wolves their habitat back

dcwash14 · 1 year ago

Bad idea 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺😳

adikinzaal · 1 year ago

The wolves shouldn't be shot at. It never said that wolves have attacked anybody.
at them you should have a tranquiller for people who are trained to use them then they can tag those wolves. Another way is instead of shooting paintballs at them you should do it near them to frighten them.

xxxsunny · 1 year ago

It’s just saying that’s because we can we will

aces10 · 1 year ago

Although wolves may be a threat to humans, I don’t believe this is the right thing to do. You may say paintballs don’t harm people, but anyone who has been paint balling will know that they do hurt. It is wrong to assume it is alright to harm animals, just because there is a chance to harm humans.

breezy · 1 year ago

I think 🤔 people should be nice to wolves 🐺

lottielou · 1 year ago

Definitely not! No one wants to be hit by paintballs for no reason! We've done wrong, not them!

splashy10 · 1 year ago

Defiantly not because it is nature and I don’t like the sound of hurting nature.

splashy10 · 1 year ago

I have a better reason:

Would you like to be shot at by paintballs to make you go away? No. Well if you don’t like it, the wolves will like it even less. Also, don’t make them scared! They might start defending themselves in packs and that could make them even more dangerous. The wolves can also be hurt by doing this. But, I agree that feeding them when they are wild isn’t right because they will soon become reliant on us and might forget how to hunt.

cosimaiw · 1 year ago

No it’s not a game any more this could actually hurt them in the near future

mothstar · 1 year ago

No way!!! Wolves are part of this planet and are only trying to live. Us humans make more damage than wild animals!

mothstar · 1 year ago

I agree otterlover

mothstar · 1 year ago

I absolutely agree splashy 10

lumlum · 12 months ago

I disagree as wolves need their natural grey colors to succeed in hunting but if they are shot with paintball guns it will dye their fur vibrant colors which will ruin their camouflage and hunting.