Do you think schools in the UK should have closed sooner?


20th March 2020

SCHOOLS have now been shut by the Prime Minister, but he took longer to do it than other European countries. Why was this? When the below was written on Tuesday, this is exactly what we asked.

Mr Johnson said: “We think at the moment it’s much better if we can keep schools open, for all sorts of reasons. This is something we need to keep under review.” One of the arguments for keeping schools open is that children infected with COVID-19 are at a really, really low risk – lower than any adults.

If schools close and children stay at home, there is a worry that many parents who work in the NHS and other public services won’t be able to get to work. Lots of parents get help from their own parents to look after their children. But as people over 70 are among the most vulnerable people, it is too risky to let them look after children who could have the virus.

But with more teachers taking time off work to stay home, head teachers’ unions say some schools face closures anyway. “It is likely that a number of schools will have to close because there are too few staff available,” they said in a joint statement. The National Education Union has also called on the prime minister “to close schools, at least for some time and at least in some areas”.

They ask that SATs tests, due to take place in May, are abandoned and for the Government to suggest what they plan to do about “the inevitable widespread disruption to GCSE and A-level exams”.

At the time of writing, the advice remains that teachers and students should prepare for exams as normal.

Do you think schools in the UK should have closed sooner?


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hatsbatspi · 2 years ago

I think the government should have closed schools much earlier because leaving schools open leads to the deaths of many older people and parents as children bring the virus back to their parents and grandparents.
It is also starting to show that the virus is also very dangerous for children.

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toffeedogs · 2 years ago

I don’t think so because children aren’t the ones who are vulnerable to Covid-19 but I think it’s still a good idea to shut the schools, but the only problem is if the children’s parents work at the hospitals cause then they can’t go to work

asbml · 2 years ago

If he had done so earlier, the number of cases may have stopped a little.

asbml · 2 years ago

I think we're a bit behind and we might have already started opening schools.

asbml · 2 years ago

I am really upset the school's shutting down and I already miss my friends. Who agrees? If you know me plz reply. 😭🙁😊

snufflypug · 2 years ago

Yea though it is extremely boring cooped up all day.

codonnell · 2 years ago

Yes, he should have closed schools sooner. China have reopened some of their schools and if we had so e it already, we could have been back to school by now.

forest06 · 2 years ago

I think it’s ridiculous not close schools because the kids might not be affected as badly but could still pass it on to the the teachers

daveadave1 · 2 years ago

I think they shouldn't have closed sooner because children need proper education from proper teachers.

daveadave1 · 2 years ago

First to comment yes.

oceangirl · 2 years ago

I think Boris Johnson closed schools at the right time because we need to be at school as long as possible

jeeta1997 · 2 years ago

I think that The government should have shut school much sooner, but, as well as the fact that we would miss out on our education, for them, it is more politics and economy. If we had had shut school sooner, and people stay at home, then things like interest rates, and profits would have just started to decline earlier, and nobody wants that. Also, everyone, good luck and stay safe!

redtoad · 2 years ago

If schools shut early some maths challenges(like the grey kangaroo for school years 9+) would have to be cancelled and some schools only would of have a few days left of school so they can just continue going there rather than school. Also if schools shut down for to long gsegs and a levels won't go on.

lollipop33 · 2 years ago

They should have closed sooner because even though children are at a low risk from CoronaVirus, they can pass it on to grandparents and greatgrandparents and other elderly people and COVID-19 is really life-threatening for them

giraffe101 · 2 years ago

I think they should as then we could have slowed the spread of the virus more and save the elder people of our country from getting the virus.

cutiecat · 2 years ago

toffeedogs they go to school if their parents are keyworkers because they can't stay at home

saxophone7 · 2 years ago

Yea definitely he should've closed them way sooner. My mum took me off school on Monday because she is in a high risk category. It's kinda boring tho. 😴😴😴😴

saxophone7 · 2 years ago

My friends are allooking like oh school was so much fun today wasn't it and I'm just sitting there watching them text each other and being like 😭😭😭😭

anju-fnews · 2 years ago

Yes because children could have caught the virus from just walking to school everyday and they can pass it onto their teachers who have a higher chance of dying from Covid-19.

huriya2006 · 2 years ago

@asbml yo girl! I miss u tooooo like its so unfair. :)

18bunnymay · 2 years ago

I think the government should have decided to close schools earlier because otherwise people did not get to say a proper goodbye to their friends when they fell ill or went into self isolation.

bob007 · 2 years ago

I personally think that closing schools sooner would have resulted in young brains being denied the opportunity to learn more, but on the other hand it would have prevented kids bringing the virus home, therefore preventing parents from contracting it. i'm siting on the fence.

petgirl109 · 2 years ago

Yes they should have closed sooner

thanos · 2 years ago

Schools just have to shut down because of the coronavirus.

15rcarterr · 2 years ago

The schools should have closed much sooner, and having a diabetic child in the house (My sister), it was too dangerous for me to go to school, as I might have brought the virus to her. Whether or not there is an elderly or high risk person in your household, it is a bad idea to go to school, where all the children in your area go to.

The government SHOULD have closed schools earlier, but they were worrying more about economy than lives.

nevada · 2 years ago



752525 · 2 years ago

I really think they should what is boris Johnson doing thinking he has everything under control well he is wrong that stupid scheme of his he needs to listen to the World Health Organization they know better than boris Johnson he needs to have a quick rethink on what he is doing maybe persevere look at Australia they shut down instantly when they heard about it and that’s what we should have done boris Johnson really should shut schools down earlier and that’s making the corona virus cases go up I have no idea what is doing but all I know is that half the world is on lockdown and literally we are doing absolutely nothing about the covid-19 just shutting down schools shut down everything in the country it’s not worth it if we carry on like this. We will be just like Italy said the World Health Organization and I think they have the right idea boris Johnson you really need to change your act it’s not right to all the people in England .

mhkmal · 1 year ago

I visit my grandparents a lot and it put not just me at risk but them as well. That is just me visiting them what about those who live with them.

nergit · 1 year ago

I don't think so because children are less at risk from the disease and we only display mild symptoms. If we do catch it, we will just have to isolate for the next 2 weeks and get over it.

nergit · 1 year ago

I don't think so because children are less at risk from COVID-19 and if we caught it, we would only display mild symptoms; all we actually need to do is self-isolate for 2 weeks.

bamboomilk · 1 year ago

YES! And Boris Johnson is the one saying: SAVE LIVES!.......
If he wanted to save lives he should of shut down the school earlier. Boris Johnson caught the Coronavirus and someone I know said "serves him right!"

dog_lover · 1 year ago

Now I'm in year 6, I was really happy when they said sats was cancelled, but were missing out on:

-end of year trip
-end of year assembly
-end of year production

basically everything fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
and i miss all my friends!

cloandhols · 1 year ago

I agree with nergit.

5honypony · 1 year ago

I think yes, because we needed to shield family members and elderly people sooner. Even though they eventually closed schools, that was, in my opinion one of the best steps you can take.

purplebook · 1 year ago

They should closed them a little bit sooner but the schools needed to stay open for as long as possible

mat29110 · 1 year ago

I think yes because if he had closed them sooner it would stop the spread

aspeni · 1 year ago

I agree with toffeedogs

kabs · 1 year ago

I believe schools should have been closed earlier as even though we weren’t been effected we were spreading it back to our parents and grandparents who are much more vulnerable. If our parents get and they then can spread it to other people they work with. This spreading to a wider population.

ioio · 1 year ago


gwenrat · 1 year ago

Yes defo

cloudy23 · 1 year ago

I think yes because if the pm closed schools earlier, it would have been much more unlikely to catch COVID 19. I mean, schools are SWARMING with germs and viruses

donkey4 · 1 year ago

I believe if the government had chosen to close schools earlier the deaths of many people classed in the vulnerable category and of people who were not viewed as vulnerable. Look at New Zealand around 12 people have sadly lost their lives compared to Britain’s current death toll which is actually over 12,000 people so yes I think we should of closed schools sooner

sushibear · 1 year ago

With the current situation now, I feel we should definitely closed schools sooner to stop children and adults travelling unnecessarily to stop the spread. If we did maybe we could have slowed down the rate of spread.

panda_2000 · 1 year ago

By closing schools earlier would mean that loads of lives would of been saved

ameliau · 1 year ago

Personally, I think Boris and the rest of the Government did the right decision to close schools at the time they did. I think this because we needed to get to a suitable stopping point with our school work we were currently. We have now been in lockdown for more than 4 weeks now and I have learned a few things that are very important. Here we go:
School is extremely important
We can thankful
And loads of other opinions by you and the World. Stay Safe and Keep healthy. Remember to support the NHS and raise money. #Stay Safe

scichaser2 · 1 year ago

I think we should’ve shut schools earlier so that they could reopen sooner (the virus would stop sooner). This would mean we would spend less time in lockdown and in effect enhance our education.

agentlord · 1 year ago

I think that we shouldn't have closed earlier because, now in my school we do meetings on teams and we're not allowed to call each other using teams and using Microsoft teams to communicate is the easiest way to communicate with each other.

agentlord · 1 year ago

Zoom won't be an option because we only do Zoom meetings pretty much once a week.
Skype won't be an option because only eleven people use Skype on a regular daily basis.

5honypony · 1 year ago

I think yes, because children are not always the most hygienic, so they could catch the coronavirus easier, and pass it on to family members

wireskid · 1 year ago

This is a tough one, home learning is harder because you have things at home to look forward to like watching TV and it makes education and it makes you tempted to do it so it makes it harder to do any proper learning and if you don't have a good education then you won't be able to possibly make a cure for a virus like this and that won't be good for anyone because then another pandemic may occur and no one can figure out a cure.

wireskid · 1 year ago

We are very unlikely to get it but we can easily be carriers of the virus, we may not have it but we can still carry the virus so he should've closed the schools earlier actually.

edmonds123 · 1 year ago

Yesbecause the longer we are at school the more people will get it and then take to school pass it on and then soon LOADS of people will have it

killswagjr · 1 year ago

There were already deaths before schools shut

fnsnowman · 1 year ago

I don't think that they should have been closed earlier, but I do think the government should have given us more notice.

bones6 · 1 year ago

I think we should of closed schools later because if your on y6 you should have done stats and some y11 should of done their GCSE

grungeland · 1 year ago

My understanding is that Boris Johnston has no authority to close or open any schools in either |Scotland or N Ireland so I am not sure how you can ask a question about the PM closing/opening schools in the UK. Maybe you need some education on the difference between England, Britain, Great Britain and the UK as it is obviously lacking at the moment

kinsparke9 · 1 year ago

Schools should definitely have been shut earlier. A lot of people think that children either can't get the virus or aren't affected by it if they do catch it. This isn't true at all. We can get the virus, and so the government needs to be really cautious about reopening schools. I think it's too dangerous to open schools at the moment.

dingbat202 · 1 year ago


it would've






netcheer11 · 1 year ago

I think they shut it at the right time because the deaths were high but nowhere near the peak!

opalstar · 1 year ago

Totally! he did not cose them soon enough he never does he should loo
k at other countries why are they nearly back to normal now?

sassor · 1 year ago

No, I think they closed at about the right time.

backbender · 1 year ago

Yes I think schools should have been closed sooner. I think the government left it very late. ❤️

backbender · 1 year ago

I agree with 752525! Boris Johnson left it too late. He should have listened to the world Heath Organization. We should have done what Australia did. 🌎🇦🇺

smartirl · 1 year ago

Yes, our government sucks. If we had started lockdown earlier, we’d leave home earlier

wordworm · 1 year ago

I said yes because I think we would have had less deaths

toodles · 12 months ago

Yes because it would slow down the spread of coronavirus