Do you think it’s fair that Chelsea Football Club is being punished because of its Russian owner?


16th March 2022

ROMAN Abramovich, the wealthy Russian businessman who owns Chelsea Football Club, has had his money frozen by the UK.

Abramovich is one of more than a dozen wealthy Russians who are facing sanctions (financial punishments) from the Government, over their close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They have been banned from using their bank accounts or selling possessions and property.

The Chelsea owner is also part-owner of Russia’s biggest steel factories, and has been described as having “very good relations” with the Russian president by the European Union, which has also put sanctions on Abramovich.

The UK’s sanctions extend to Chelsea Football Club, who are no longer allowed to sell merchandise or tickets to matches, although tickets already sold will still be valid.

The Government has also blocked Abramovich from selling the football club, unless it’s absolutely certain that the Russian owner won’t get any money from the sale.

Right now, the club can’t sell any players either, but it’s thought if they’re given permission, then Chelsea could be saying goodbye to their highest paid players, such as Romelu Lukaku, to raise some much-needed funds.

What do you think? Should Chelsea be punished because of its owner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Do you think it’s fair that Chelsea Football Club is being punished because of its Russian owner?


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blackmamba · 5 months ago

It is Putin's fault he has the power to control people a football owner can't do that.

sailor31 · 5 months ago

I don't think it is fair that a football club has to freeze just because of the owner of the nationality. I think the UK is right to be careful and know whether the money will go to Putin and possibly be used in the war but it isn't fair to feeze a whole club.

hairypoter · 5 months ago

I don't think it is fair about that because even though Abramohivich is Russian I do not think that it is fair and I am a huge football fan and I know that they can't sell any players now. It is fair if there was sanctions put on the owner but not the whole club.

marthajja · 5 months ago

If he thinks Russia is wrong it is not fair

minjapanda · 5 months ago

Chelsea shouldn't be involved as what has kicking a ball got to do with war? I think there should only be some restrictions on Abramovich like he can't use his money for Putin's aid. Also Abramovich might not support a particular side

scarlet10 · 4 months ago

its 100% not his fault he's russian

milkpuddin · 4 months ago

he didn't choose to be Russian

sy24 · 4 months ago

I think it isn't fair because its then letting the whole club down for not playing football anymore and it is stopping them from enjoying their life.

emi1234567 · 4 months ago

It’s not the Russian people it’s only Putin forcing them to join the Russian army and fight
I don’t think it’s fair because how would you feel if everybody hated you because you were Russian

keyas123 · 4 months ago

Roman Abramovich has done nothing wrong, so it is not really fair if they sanction him. On the other hand, I understand the government doing it for extra precautions

tomato6 · 4 months ago

I think it is unfair that the whole club is being punished just because its owner is Russian. Football is nothing to do with war!

fatgerbil7 · 4 months ago

Not all Russians support the war so not fair at all

candyapple · 4 months ago

Just because they have a Russian owner, doesn't mean they should be punished. Being Russian, ( or any other nationality), doesn't mean you are evil straightaway. You can't judge people like that.

mothstar · 4 months ago

it shouldn't be the footballers that are punished just because of the owner

jabby · 4 months ago

They have not been punished because of his nationality they have been punished because he is an oligarch who has made immense amounts of money off of the disgusting things that the totalitarian russian governemnt have done.