Do you think ending all Covid-19 restrictions now is a good thing?


24th February 2022

PEOPLE who test positive for Covid-19 no longer have to self-isolate, the Government has announced.

The Government’s official guidance states that those who do test positive should still stay at home and avoid contact with others for at least five full days, but there is no longer a legal requirement to do so.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement was made alongside a number of other changes, including the decision to start charging people for Covid-19 tests from 1 April, and stopping regular testing of staff and pupils in schools.

It’s unclear how much tests will cost, but The i newspaper reported that it was likely to be between £2 and £5 for one test, or around £20 for a pack of seven.

Care home residents, hospital patients and other vulnerable groups will still be given free tests. Northern Ireland’s legal restrictions have been removed, too, and replaced with guidance.

In Wales, some restrictions will stay until at least the end of March. Scotland’s restrictions, such as wearing face masks, will end on 21 March. Covid tests will still be free, and people testing positive must continue to self-isolate.

After Boris Johnson’s announcement, some medics, scientists and charities said they were worried that low paid people would not be able to afford tests and will be made to work when ill.

The British Medical Association said the decision to remove all restrictions was not based on evidence and was too early.

School leaders also said that scrapping tests in schools may lead to more disruption, and that the Government was “rushing” things.

Do you think ending all Covid-19 restrictions now is a good thing?


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ginny09876 · 6 months ago

No. I don’t think they should end all restrictions because now if someone gets COVID they can go wherever they like and they could pass it on to someone vulnerable which means they could get very ill so they would have to go to hospital. I think there ending all restrictions so they can’t be bothered to anymore.

estherma34 · 6 months ago

no! ending all restrictions means more people are then likely to get it meaning they could pass it on to older people or high risk people. this could result in more covid deaths. they should get rid of restrictions gradually and change them depending on the rates

busboy1 · 5 months ago

I think that COVID restrictions should still be in place as all the hard work of the last two years could be in ruins.

stingray1 · 5 months ago

It's to much to take away at once.

cr1cket1 · 5 months ago


tillysil · 5 months ago

I want to get back to normal life covids not going away so we should learn to live with it like any other virus

marthajja · 5 months ago

Yes as someone did get seriously ill they would stay at home anyway. Also now most people have the vaccine it is not very likely that they will spread it.

manuqueen · 5 months ago

Of course it isn't! Just practically forgetting about Covid is a really silly thing to do and I just really don't agree with it.

athenakid · 5 months ago

1. They should have a democratic vote about something this serious
2. That is putting vulnerable people on danger and as a prime minister, Boris Johnson should not do that!
3. Like busboy1 said, 2 years work would be in ruins!

Sure I want to get back to normal life, but if it means putting others in danger then definitely not!

alexnews20 · 5 months ago

Yes, because even if you feel ill you can still stay at home and make sure you do not pass it on by washing your hands. Also many people work from home now

jeremyfrog · 5 months ago

Yes, come on. As long as you all get a vaccine, and people use their logic (when you are ill you stay home) it will be just like any old influence. · 5 months ago

I don't think it's right to say people who test positive for COVID-19 no longer have so isolate. This rule being lifted will lead to loads of people being infected with the virus, and vulnerable people will get it really bad, so it's not fair on them to lift the restrictions.

simb356 · 5 months ago

Ending all restrictions would mean more people get COVID!!! We would probably have to lockdown again…

superpug27 · 5 months ago

Yes, we need to learn to live with COVID now that more than 80% have gotten the vaccine which is good since the country has heard immunity. COVID is just a virus so if you feel unwell, stay home and you want to be extra protected from the virus then you can wear a mask.
Shouldn't have to force anyone to do anything! Let's get back to normal :)

fridakhalo · 5 months ago

NO!! already cases are rising so people are just asking for another Lockdown