Do you think AI is more “scary”, or more “good”?


18th January 2023

What is artificial intelligence?

The subject of AI can be a bit confusing because there isn’t a single accepted definition of what it is. The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national academy for AI and it says that the term is generally used to describe a machine performing tasks that would usually need human brainpower. It adds that most AI systems involve computers running algorithms (a program with a series of steps) to work their way through lots of data.

Will we still need journalists?

Some newspapers and websites have been using AI for years. AI can take things like basic financial data, earthquake reports or stats from a football match and spit out a basic story in seconds. So we asked Luckin if AI could put journalists out of work, and if AI could have interviewed her instead of a human. “I’m sure it could have, but it wouldn’t have done it as well,” she says, the charmer! “I don’t think it will put people out of work, but it might change the nature of the job. AI can do part of the job, but it can’t do it all.” Phew!

AI isn’t always right

“I do feel it’s an exciting opportunity for humankind,” says Luckin. “We have to grasp it and we have to make the AI help us to be ever more intelligent. If you look at the problems that exist in the world, such as climate change or antibiotic resistance, we need people to be as intelligent as they possibly can be and able to work in new ways and to use the power of AI.” Although Luckin is in favour of AI, she ends our chat with a note of caution: “We have to be careful we don’t assume that what the AI offers us is always right or the best thing to do, because it won’t necessarily be, and so you need to become even more critical and more questioning. And we also have to be careful that we don’t let it make us lazy, because it shouldn’t be replacing our own intelligence. The secret is to recognise what AI is good at and what humans are good at, then you get them to work together.”

Elon Musk has described ChatGPT as “scary good”. Do you think AI is more “scary”, or more “good”? Answer our poll, and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Do you think AI is more “scary”, or more “good”?


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first@news · 1 year ago

It's more scary because scientists think that if we are too lenient with AI it might become a sticky situation. (It can actually be possible).

lolokaro · 1 year ago

Although Al may be a really good ressource and help for the older generations, it will make cheating become a lot easier and will allow students to become a lot more dependent on it and is that really a good thing? Humans have brains for a reason and even though Al may help they can’t rely on it for everything and I feel like some people especially students will and when they grow and becomes more independent it will be scary

shruti_b · 1 year ago

I suppose the future is in humanity's hands and scientists are always trying to make our lives easier. AI is for the better and we are in control of it because we created it. Of course, things could go wrong, but the world is changing tremendously all the time and there's nothing we can do to stop it. It's best to go with the flow and deal with what may come.

chaem17 · 1 year ago

I think AI is more scary than good, because if you think about it, AI are really just robots programmed by humans, but if eventually they learn to think for themselves and act and behave just like humans, that could be more futuristic than is necessary.

splashy10 · 1 year ago

AL is scary because I get scared by big robots and I would hate it.

mrrickroll · 1 year ago

I cannot comprehend how much fake news could go around!

laxviji@gm · 1 year ago

Technology hasn't evolved enough for AI to take over from journalists. AI can still get things wrong.

austria · 1 year ago

it is more modern so YES