Do you hide your worries from your parents or carers?


7th April 2022

SIX in ten children in the UK are hiding their worries from their parents, a new survey has shown.

The charity Action for Children found that many young people were struggling to share their feelings about issues such as the pandemic, the cost of living and the war in Ukraine.

The charity says bottling up worries can have a negative effect on children and may come out as anger, aggression or depression. It has urged families to get talking this Easter.

The news comes as it’s been revealed that children’s mental health services in the UK are struggling to keep up with demand.

Research by the youth mental health charity stem4 discovered that some young people are having to wait up to two years to get the support they need.

Tom Madders, the director of campaigns at the charity YoungMinds, has called for “early support hubs” to be introduced so that GPs have somewhere they can send under-18s to get immediate help.

Remember, if you’re struggling with your mental health, YoungMinds and Childline are always there to help and give advice. You can find them at or

Do you hide your worries from your parents or carers?


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sadie2010 · 4 months ago

My parents always make me feel better if I have a worry. It is nice to know someone you trust can share what is worrying you. It is worth talking to your parents about what is bothering you as even if they can't help, it will feel so much better after sharing with them.

sy24 · 4 months ago

Hiding worries from your parents and carers is a bad thing because if you don't tell them now it will always be stuck in your mind.

fatgerbil7 · 4 months ago

It depends on how you think they would do

coolcats · 4 months ago

No I don't. I may feel awkward saying them but after, I feel so much better. I can rely on them.

marthajja · 4 months ago

No nor at all I'm really confident to share my worries with people but I didn't used to I used to get really worried but a worry shared is a worry halfed

superpug27 · 1 month ago

Yes, I sometimes feel it's better to just try a deal with it myself. It all works out in the end.