Do you have a question about the war in Ukraine?


2nd March 2022

WAR is a big and scary topic, and we want to help you understand just what’s going on.

Late last year, Russia began positioning around 100,000 soldiers on its border with Ukraine. In recent weeks, more Russian troops began gathering in Belarus, which is a Russian ally (friend).

Western country leaders were worried the Russians were preparing for a possible invasion of Ukraine, and now that has happened.

We’re going to be answering your questions on what’s going on in Ukraine in an upcoming issue, so if you’re wondering about something you’ve seen or heard, or have a question about what might happen in the future, then be sure let us know in the box below.

What do you want to know about the war in Ukraine?

If you are worried about the news, speak to an adult you trust or contact Childline on 0800 11 11.


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athenakid · 5 months ago

I really hope the war doesn’t effect us. My friend lost a really close family friend to a bomb in Ukraine.

blackmamba · 5 months ago

Don't worry guys If Putin comes near us he is TOAST .

fluffymole · 5 months ago

? · 5 months ago

We all need to remember that it isn't the Russians wanting to do this- we can't blame them- It's only Putin who wants to do this.