Do YOU get enough time to play?


23rd October 2020

WE’RE working with the LEGO Foundation to look at the importance of learning through play.

Although play is obviously fun, it can also help us to develop vital life skills like creativity, teamwork and problem solving.

However, many people are worried that pupils don’t get enough time to learn through play at school or at home, so we want to ask you and your parents/guardians what benefits you think you would get if your schoolwork and homework included more opportunities for learning through play.

Answer the poll below, then ask your parents what they think about play becoming a bigger part of your schoolwork, and let us know what they say in the comments below!


What do you think the benefits would be if play was part of all your lessons at school and in more of your homework?

Created with the support of the LEGO Foundation


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i.q.t.pup · 1 week ago


caravanner · 1 week ago

My mum said - playing shouldn't stop in school once you get to year 2 and you start doing more complex work, there should be a set aside lesson each day where kids can build, colour, make things to keep them engaged and creative. Even high schools should allow at least half a hour a day for kids to play a game or make a model that isn't included in art lessons and isn't structured so they can choose what to do themselves. Most kids learn more by doing hands on activities than work based.

marmoty100 · 1 week ago

I want to learn MORE!

toodles · 1 week ago

I already play enough

toodles · 1 week ago

That is my answer

emoji4172 · 1 week ago

If play was part of my lessons at school I would want to learn more and would be less likely to get bored.

hancarp77 · 3 days ago

I think we should always do something creative in school, even if that’s writing a story or colouring in. School wouldn’t be fun if it was just work, work, work.