Do you feel that you need more support online?


12th January 2017

As you’ll read on this read Friday’s First News front page (Issue 552 – 13-19 January) the Children’s Commissioner for England has said that most young people don’t really know what they’re signing up to online and that T&Cs for websites and social media sites aren’t made clear enough for children. In her new report, she says that too many young people are being left to work things out for themselves and learn about the internet and the digital world on their own. What do you think?

Do you feel that you need more support online?


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happy4456 · 7 years ago

Adults think that we're not capable of doing stuff for ourselves, they're wrong. Just because we're way younger than them, it doesn't mean that we don't know what we're doing. For example, an adult told me that Mars is a really hot planet. They're wrong! It's one of the coldest! This simple statement proves that children can outwit adults. Anyway, we've seen e-safety videos more than enough so I think us children are capable of having no help from adults when it comes to the internet!

Mae-Bush · 7 years ago

it could lead you to giving away private things and you could be cyberbullied

sockdog · 7 years ago

In school we have lots of lessons on e-safety so I think children over nine are capable of dealing with online problems.

tincan · 7 years ago

i agree with happy4456!!!

bluelion · 7 years ago

Don't you guys know about internet safety?
Some people try to trick you, it is horrible.

Umbrella4 · 7 years ago

Some children do just sign up for things without doing what they're doing. Most of us do know what we're doing but it's good just to be aware!

zachyf · 7 years ago

Some content online that you sign up to, may be against the law as some things are for 18 plus.

fruitz · 7 years ago

I've had enough of people treating us like toddlers, the last thing I want or need is somebody helping me online.

yanisk · 7 years ago

I agree with the first person to comment but some children are not capable of being alone online, it can be dangerous. You might think the e safety vids are a bit over the top but it can happen.

rubyrub · 7 years ago

I'm fine

Inventor22 · 7 years ago

A bit of help if you are under 12, for safety.
From Charlie

realsr · 7 years ago

so noooo

scottdaw73 · 7 years ago

Agreed with happy4456 ^o^

benj · 7 years ago

I think that happy4456 is absolutely right. Leave us to do our own thing, and we'll learn from our mistakes. Besides, all schools, including mine, have just gone completely overboard with telling us about cyberbullying. It's important to know about, but bringing it up constantly will just dilute the message.

hannahpowe · 7 years ago

With talks (literally) every other month, I think that kids are able to handle themselves on the internet. If we make mistakes, we will learn from it!

pudsyears · 7 years ago

My best friend has a youtube and four facebook acounts and there both 16+ well mabe not youtube. parents even let them go on twiter.
I just think thats wrong for children to have people looking in on there lives when there not parents thats all.

pudsyears · 7 years ago

Dangerous things could happen.

sisterocks · 7 years ago

I agree happy4456! We are fine on our own

myrtle10 · 7 years ago

In my view, the internet was not created for children. There are many things on the internet that children are exposed to like cyberbullies and other scary things. First news is probably the only thing that is safe fro kids on the internet (beside games).

bluerose9 · 7 years ago

I agree with happy4456.

evadore · 7 years ago

Sometimes the internet can be scary and you get all sorts of nasty people on there. I think more support would be a good idea.

Smile122 · 7 years ago

No because my school and parents have taught me a lot about staying safe and what not to post online and stuff.... I am mostly fine!!?

ninjahari · 7 years ago

I don't because I am very knowledgable and have been taught loads at school.

ninjahari · 7 years ago

Here are age limits:
Facebook and Twitter=16+
Be safe. You should know the consequences.

janatetteh · 7 years ago

i agree happy4456

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

To be honest, I am kind of stuck in the middle. I agree with happy4456 but I also understand the fact that some kids need a better understanding of the internet. The internet can be dangerous. Some kids need to learn that. But I totally agree with the fact that the kids who know how to go on the intenet and can stay safe on it are treated like they no nothing!

bethyboo8 · 7 years ago

I can d it just sometimes I forget things

flameemily · 7 years ago

If we feel we need support we can just ask.

flameemily · 7 years ago

I think the talks should explain what is illegal online not how to deal with "mean" messages.

elliefn123 · 7 years ago

No because my teachers at school and my parents tell me everything about the internet. They also put a security app on my electronics to stop me going on certain sites

sootysweep · 6 years ago

When I first used the internet I needed help. Now I know and am fine.