Do you ever feel like you’re not normal?


6th November 2020

DO you ever feel like you’re different to everyone else or that you don’t fit in? Well, the charity Childline is launching a new campaign, Nobody is Normal, to show that you’re not alone.

Childline, a free helpline for children, hears from thousands of children every year, and many of them say they feel like they don’t fit in or feel ‘normal’. This can be for lots of different reasons, such as bullying, abuse or just not feeling comfortable in their own skin.

The new Nobody is Normal campaign aims to show that feeling like you don’t fit in is something that lots and lots of people experience, so it’s perfectly normal to not feel normal!

The campaign will address body image, mental and emotional health, sexuality and gender identity, and how the pandemic has made some of these insecurities worse.


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dcfan · 3 weeks ago

I do, in a good way.

inferno111 · 3 weeks ago

I feel like im crazy older than myself and make these weird noises and sometimes feel shy and cry most of the time. Overall i think i am not normal and i think that's the same for other people. :3

emilypaige · 3 weeks ago

If anyone is telling you that you are so different. Well, ignore them! We are all the same. We are all humans.

erinat5 · 3 weeks ago

Sometimes I wonder what other people feel and think and what I am is different from everyone else. This makes me feel lonely as I don’t know whether I am “normal” or not.

ledog19861 · 3 weeks ago


exclamatin · 3 weeks ago

FIrst one to comment!!! :]

opalstar · 2 weeks ago

Yes, sometimes I feel different to everybody else, whether if it's what I'm wearing or what I say

rhubarbf · 2 weeks ago

I did not feel normal at school because I was bullied. this girl just hated me. I don't really know why. Felt like there was something wrong with me, maybe I wasn't good enough. Cause she was really good at school and she had an amazing voice. It didn't make me feel normal because this doesn't happen to normal girls. Then when we told the school about it they didn't do anything about it. I felt as if I was all alone, nobody to help me apart from my parents. Thats when I decided to move school even though I really liked it there. I had great friends and everything was great but just one person made it all bad. I feel a bit more normal now but am not quite back to my normal yet. It made me feel much better when my new friend at the new school told the class that she had been bullied too, physically at her old school. I didn't feel so alone with it.

anag · 2 weeks ago

sometimes my friends are too full of themselves and purposely want to leave me out and make me feel like I am always wrong... but I know them too well and understand that they are just playing around. I take this lightly as I know it is just a joke. If this happens to you and you know this wasn't a joke, tell an adult. BTW my friends are REALLY funny!

18bunnymay · 1 week ago

sometimes I dint feel normal because I can't go on holiday ,socially distance and have to self isolate

ivansp2011 · 6 days ago

Yes I do as this girl keeps on bullying me,gives me noogies.Even though she can't write a 5 the right way round she says she is cleverer than me.She keeps on pushing me away from friends so I can't talk to them.I do not know why she hates me.The thing that is weird is that she spends more time on me than her friends.When the teacher is not looking, she pulls faces at me.I always help her but she acts like I did nothing and carries on bullying me.This all started from year 2 and now I'm in year 5. She keeps on insulting me and it's really annoying. I don't show her that I feel sad but it hurts me inside. A lot. At least I have a bit of time with my friends which makes me feel better.

humbugs · 4 days ago

I see things that others can't 😐

humbugs · 4 days ago

and hear 👂🏻 😐