Would you give up Christmas lights to save money and to save the Earth?


29th September 2022

LATER this year, Britain will light up as Christmas approaches.

Are houses covered in lights, which can be seen all over Britain (and the world) good for the environment?

People love to dazzle their neighbours with their love of Christmas, but does love for the planet matter more?

Holiday lights even illuminate the planet from Space, says NASA. The space agency says that parts of the Earth are up to 50% brighter between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Globe At Night, an international organisation that raises awareness about light pollution, says festive outdoor lighting has many bad effects on the planet: it washes out stars in the sky, confuses nocturnal wildlife, and wastes energy.

Choosing LED lighting could be one way to celebrate the season because they use 75% less energy, say city officials in London.

Sustainability professor David Hardisty says solar-powered lights may be another environmentally-friendly alternative, adding: “Having one string of lights up versus none makes a big difference. Having six strings of light versus having five barely makes any difference.”

“Sure, go for it. But just go for it a little bit.”

What do you think?

Should we cut back on Christmas lights to help the planet?


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hagrid · 5 years ago


hagrid · 5 years ago

We should. The planet needs to survive a lot more than we need to be festive.

hockey.xx · 5 years ago

I think it is nice to have Christmas lights if they were battery using ones to help the planet.

elephant_m · 5 years ago

No, because Christmas lights aren't harmful. They are here to show the light of Christmas, and I think it would be bad to stop using them.

dwfangirl · 5 years ago

Even though we all like lots of Christmas lights covering our houses, it is incredibly bad for environment. This is why I voted yes for cutting back on lights. The environment could die off and we wouldn't be able to live in it. I don't care about the houses looking pretty but I do care about the environment. want it to live.

dwfangirl · 5 years ago

Plus I was fourth to comment.

fwsa · 5 years ago

While setewardship of the planet is undoubtedly very important, concentrating on minor issues like this distracts attention from the bigger issues facing the environment, such as tha automobile and meat industries.

fwsa · 5 years ago

I apologise for the typo in the previous comment, I meant Stewardship, not ‘setewardship’.

parvati · 5 years ago

I don't think we should cut back christmas lights although it is a big harm to the planet because we can use SOLAR or LED lights can't we?

parvati · 5 years ago

4 th comment

parvati · 5 years ago

I agree with you hockey.xx , christmas lights are really beautiful but they would be better if they were battery operated!!

parvati · 5 years ago

I also agree with you hagrid, the planet does need to survive a lot more than we need to be festive but also we are just trying to be traditionally English!!

parvati · 5 years ago

I agree with hokey.xx mostly though because we can still have lights they just need to be led ,solar or battery operated!!

abinews · 5 years ago

I think we should cut back on Christmas lights as the planet is more important than the lights. It might not directly affect us but it will affect the next generations.

rockstar13 · 5 years ago

@hockey.xx: I completely agree with you!-) ?

parvati · 5 years ago

WE should definitely cut back the inflatables because that is very bad for the air!!

sloth2008 · 5 years ago

Yes, I think it would be a good idea to cut back on Christmas lights. They look very pretty, but it's either make your house pretty or save the environment. I choose save the environment.

gingerfrek · 5 years ago

Christmas has become a largely comercial holiday, and lights are part of that comercial produce. I mean the earth is more important than a holiday that's gonna come round every year.

seaparrot · 5 years ago

Yes as this is harmful for the planet also there could be plenty of other options that are eco friendly like solar power and compost solutions. As well as this all these lights people are hanging up in trees could trap birds and squirrels.

119c00kies · 5 years ago

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? TACOS!

ad72_456 · 5 years ago

I'm sort of inbetween, but leaning closer towards yes. no because christmas is a time to be happy and many people show joy to others through lights, but saving the planet deserves first priority over being festive

habbot07 · 5 years ago

We should because the planet is where we live and we don't want to ruin it.But sometimes we can be festive just no to much.

skateuk · 5 years ago

yes, we should cut on lights,although it may help charities it does not help the environment, and environment comes before charity. the word needs to work on the most important things first, e.g.
1) save the environment
2) stop wars
3) stop poverty

heh · 5 years ago

It's nice to have Christmas lights, but we shouldn't get to much, the planet is more important.

heh · 5 years ago

2nd to comment!

spacegirlg · 5 years ago

Come on, let’s help save the planet as a team. I know the lights are beautiful but maybe we could just put up a small strip of LED lights outside, or even have the only outside decoration to be a wreath.

huddlest · 5 years ago

4th, and hell yea we need to save the world

3leph4nt · 5 years ago

Yes I think we should cut back on Christmas lights to help the environment, but I think we can still have them just not as many.

3leph4nt · 5 years ago

Or use solar powered lights instead.

bruh12345 · 5 years ago

I think that we should cut down on Christmas lights and try and use LED lights. WE NEED TO SAVE THE PLANET!

rbs13 · 5 years ago

Christmas lights are very beautiful but perhaps we should all try to use solar powered versions?

owly · 5 years ago

They shouldn't cut down on Christmas lights. The lights in Trinity Close are famous for them, and soon the whole Christmas idea will be lost. They were a British invention, and soon Christmas will become an American festival not British. Lights were invented by Thomas Edison back in Victorian times, and once he put out a string of bulbs. Then, they became Christmas lights.

In conclusion, they should not be cut down so they can be a way of remembering Thomas Edison.

aoifeh · 5 years ago

yes we should because more and more damage will come to this earth and are grate grate grand children will die before there even 7

radishes10 · 5 years ago

Maybe they are bad for the environment, but it is part of Christmas and it wouldn't be the same without them- and we don't exactly use them all year!

ewb26 · 5 years ago

As a country we should reduce the amount of Christmas lights we have, but not completely ban them. An idea of when having lots of Christmas lights is good, is when you are raising money for charity.

heh · 5 years ago

Dennis Weaver did say, 'We don't have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment.'

Having bright Christmas lights isn't more important than having a healthy planet!

abdul786 · 5 years ago

yes because the planet is more important do YOU want to die?

xx_puppys · 5 years ago

Christmas only comes once a year, and what about all the other leaders the process would be so long. All of this is tied on to BREXIT Leavers are eco people and remainers are the 'think' people. Most of our joy for Christmas laps onto lights.

lilpenguin · 5 years ago

Yes, because protecting the planet is important, and if people really want Christmas decorations they can use Christmas inflatables instead.

fox64 · 5 years ago

If they are using up energy quickly and unnecessarily then yes, but if they are just using a bit and are battery powered then no they don't need to be banned. Also, why not get a charity that helps the planet!
lights+money=money for charity.

dog13 · 5 years ago

Would we rather have loads of lights up destroying the planet . Or not have so many and keep the planet alive?

oceangirl · 5 years ago

Of corse we should. Yes. I am aware of the fact that helping charity is good. But, we can help charity In other ways.
Having 1 sting of light compared to having 0 strings of lights is better for the environment than having 6 strings of lights to having 5 strings of light. Come on. Think about it!!

fly · 5 years ago

I think we should as we are spoiling the world for others as well as we will not be around when the world goes bust
Though I understand some family’s put a lot of effort into making a beautiful display maybe they could do it in another way

darth_bob · 5 years ago

I think that we should stop using Christmas lights as the planet is more important than putting up festive lights. And even if they were solar or battery operated they still have light pollution which can confuse wildlife and affect studies. If people want to show that they are festive then they can put up ribbons or decorations rather than lights.

chotspot · 5 years ago

Yes! The planet is much more important.

swordfight · 5 years ago

While I agree with you on the automobile front, all the intensive beef farms worldwide produce less methane than the tofu industry. So, as long as it’s responsibly sourced, eating meat is fine.

But also, another of the threats facing our planet is that we use too much plastic. So, at Christmas, and at all other times of the year, try to pick food with less plastic on.

We can save this planet,together.

5honypony · 5 years ago

I think we should cut back on Christmas lights on houses but on popular public venues, palaces and popular shops, you should be allowed more. After all, it’s more important for our world to survive than to look nice on public holidays

clarity32 · 5 years ago

Everyone LOVES christmas lights right.
But just think of how much energy is wasted,that could power quite a few homes.
If u are going to puts x-mas lights up that defiantly put LED lights up.

natalija · 5 years ago

I agree with David Hardisty because there are houses which have so many lights and they use so much energy whereas I think that you can use lights but only a sensible amount.

22well · 5 years ago

I think we should because a few twinkly lights look nicer anyway

emzdude · 5 years ago

I voted no because we could change our Christmas lights to be less harmful to the environment whilst still using the festive lights.

swim23 · 5 years ago

Yes we should cut back on lights because it's killing our world ? and when it's dead ? we will not be able to survive here therefore no Christmas ? lights then. It's now or never............

prostarsg · 5 years ago

Yes! I agree! People need to respect our important planet or our crucial earth will be destroyed and we don't want that . SO WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can you? That will be great!

cleverclog · 5 years ago

“Sure, go for it. But just go for it a little bit.”

It's part of the meanings of Christmas.

However, we should cut on all the rubbish we are constantly buying

daj123 · 5 years ago

I think we shouldn’t cut them because it’s only one day and it’s the most fun and festive time of the year

sao · 5 years ago

I think its vital to cut down Xmas Lights, as it unnecessarily wastes precious energy, There are so many other ways to express festivity without there being a downside to it!

nate1up · 5 years ago

I think we can still hang Christmas lights. My house use led and that is how it should be done

zarla_101 · 5 years ago

If every person had one short string of Christmas lights along the front of the house, and they were a green, eco-friendly battery powered product, then everything would be fine. Being decorately festive in the holiday season is awesome! But what annoys me is when you see houses that are absolutely smothered in lights. There's no need! It is so harmful to the environment and selfish. Just one string of battery powered lights would suffice perfectly.

y0l0zc00l · 5 years ago

Christmas lights r pointless coz they just waste electricity

crystalx27 · 5 years ago

I think we really should cut back because the environment is already under a lot of stress with rubbish and plastic as well as rising levels of CO2. People should do their part for the planet

ekerosberg · 5 years ago

I agree with elephant_m

12ah · 5 years ago

I agree with Zarla_101

milkshakel · 5 years ago

yes because i have no battery ones and u dont have to charge them

wis09 · 5 years ago

Even though we like to be festive the planet needs to survive. It's Christmas lights or our life!

rosiem · 5 years ago

I guess so as even though I love the festive spirit, our planets endangered and we need to do anything we can to save it!!!

rosiem · 5 years ago

I guess so as even though I love the festive spirit, our planets endangered and we need to do anything we can to save it!!!

flute123 · 5 years ago

No. Full stop.

lottielove · 5 years ago

No of course not, Christmas isn't Christmas without Christmas lights! Although it WOULD be eco friendly but STILL!

lottielove · 5 years ago

I agree with 119c00kies.

katkid10 · 3 years ago

I have never had Christmas lights up on our house, but it is nice to walk around and see the Christmas lights. I have seen people overdo it though. Imagine:
A large house
Christmas decorations and inflatables, that glow so brightly that you feel like you are becoming blind, now times that by about 500.
These decorations now cover the whole house.
You just about have the house I saw coming back from the hairdressers.
I think that Christmas lights really hurt our planet and that if we want the lights, don't have really brights ones or loads of them.

katkid10 · 3 years ago

Also, 119cOOKIES, I love tacos.

lauren_123 · 2 years ago

I think people should still have a few lights like on their tree and maybe 1 or 2 other things but I think we shouldn’t have lights around the house as that is just a waste

scarlet10 · 2 years ago

i agree that it makes people happy but the world not flooding and being able to eat properly also makes people happy

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

Even though vhristmas is an important event for gathering, the christmas lights are mostly unneccesary and can not be used too often(or not used at all)

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

Even though christmas is an important event for gathering, the christmas lights are mostly unneccesary and can not be used too often(or not used at all)

andybunny · 2 years ago

I think Christmas is a celebration and you need to be festive.

beanroo100 · 2 years ago

Yes because it costs a lot of money for some people.

dogcat11 · 2 years ago

The planet should be put before Christmas lights. As pretty as Christmas lights are if we don’t save the planet there might not be any more Christmases.

bluesky72 · 2 years ago

Yes 'cause our world 🌍 matters a lot to me ♥️I really want to make a difference to our environment to make it better
🐶🦊🐯🐸🐒🐣the animals matter to!

bunnybubbl · 2 years ago

I love Xmas lights but if I HAD to cut back to save the planet I would

snowbear · 2 years ago

I don't think we should restrict the amount of Christmas lights we put up because they don't take up lots of energy as most lights are LED. It would be sad to miss the enjoyment of them for not a significant gain.

olivew · 2 years ago

Even though Christmas lights are traditional at Christmas, I would definitely give them up to save the planet as without earth, we would not be alive.

riyanpopat · 2 years ago

They aren't harmful only a little bit...

luckywolf · 2 years ago

Our planet is more significant in lives than festive lights. Besides, the amount of electricity used for unnecessary decor are alarmingly high, making it very bad for the environment. So I suggest cutting back on the lights.

bananasqui · 2 years ago

You can buy solar-powered lights, which is a good option for being more eco-friendly, we could cut down on the number of lights we put up, but could also get timers for the lights so they're not on 24/7

isabella15 · 2 years ago

Yes because the poor planet needs to survive

duckduck21 · 2 years ago

Christmas lights are a great way to celebrate Christmas but there are lots of other way to celebrate Christmas 🎄

blackmamba · 2 years ago

Even though christmas lights spread cheer I think a healthy planet will spread more .

cutiecat15 · 2 years ago

Yes. We should do this as people are wasting their money and time on lights when you can just decorate the tree with something like tile or baubles. 🎄🎄🎅🏼

cutiecat15 · 2 years ago


swiftiecat · 2 years ago

I think maybe we could get solar powered Christmas lights or we could just get one small thing.

kattiy · 2 years ago

As there is a war between Russia and Ukraine we need to save up money as its getting really expensive

bearbear88 · 2 years ago

No to save the joy of Christmas!

dogsaver · 2 years ago

I think we should definitely go green this Christmas since this planet won't be here forever. We must take action now before it is too late!

stingray1 · 2 years ago

We should!

tiger.star · 2 years ago

Yes, we should, because we don't necessarily need festive lights to make Christmas special. And even if you are a massive fan of festive lights, at least try to cut down to just one or two small sets.

ziggyg · 2 years ago

we should stop wasting electricity. As well as doing specifically that, the lights are bad for your eyes.

potterwolf · 2 years ago

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS MAKES CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS! I could never give them up. It wouldn’t be Christmas with no Christmas lights. Just get natural energy powerd ones.

unicorn97 · 2 years ago

I think we should for a little bit. We should help save our planet!

purok005 · 2 years ago

it would help the global economy folowwing the cost of living crisis

lionbro · 2 years ago

Yes to help the environment

atalantag · 2 years ago

We spend so much money on Christmas light and there are always more in the store but there is no planet B

ninja_don · 1 year ago

LEDs use barely any power