Could you last a five-hour-long lesson?


22nd July 2020

WOULD you like to spend all day doing maths? Well, lessons at one school in Leicestershire will last a whole five hours when pupils go back in September!

Manor High School in Oadby is trialling the long lessons in line with Government guidance that year groups should be in ‘bubbles’ as much as possible, including lunch and break times, and that pupils should avoiding passing other bubbles in corridors.

The school has drawn up a fortnightly cycle of all-day lessons, so on Mondays it could be maths all day, Tuesdays English, Wednesdays science and so on.

The school is going to trial the new idea for 50 days to see how it goes.

The head teacher, Liam Powell, says that the new plan will fit in with COVID-19 restrictions. He also thinks it’ll be helpful because less lesson time will be lost as pupils walk to different classrooms.

Could you last a five-hour-long lesson?


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omangion · 6 months ago

No, I could definitely not last a five hour lesson - I would not be able to concentrate.

superpug27 · 6 months ago

No human being can sit through 5 hours of one subject. There’s a reason we have break and lunch during the school day and there are 45 mins for one subject. You’d get too tired and disorientated for one lesson with no breaks.

arya · 6 months ago

I agree and voted no, because, firstly nobody would want to spend the whole day on one subject and you would get extremely tired. I suppose if it was a subject you liked, like reading, and wasn't too difficult, then I guess you might be able to, but it would get boring, and might put you off your favourite book if you didn't want to read it for that long (for example).

tennis22 · 6 months ago

I don't think anyone could do that! our periods are 55 is with a lesson changeover or break. Even the teacher probably wouldn't last that long. They haven't thought that through. The students in that class would get bored and not perform to the best of their ability.
What would parents think?
I wouldn't be able to consentrate

pebble1 · 6 months ago

5 hours on one subject is too long- the pupils would eventually become bored and stop taking things in.

pigeonfan · 6 months ago

No I couldn’t and I think not many people could. It would be too long to do one subject for. That’s why we have breaks.

cupcakesxo · 6 months ago

I could not be able to do 5 hours of maths. It would be too much for my brain. Also, we wouldn’t be able to do all of the subjects in a week. We could only do 5 subjects in a week but if their thinking of switching the subjects sometimes it would still not work because we would get more Maths and English then French. And also like Tennis22 said even a teacher can’t last that long.😅🤗🤩🥳😉🙃🙂🥰😋😀😃😄😁😆😊☺️BYe

puppy123 · 6 months ago

No, I don't think that would really be if it anyone, as people would get bored and not pay attention, so they would only really learn the things from the first 45 minutes or so of the lesson, and might start acting up, so the teachers would get annoyed and frustrated

epice · 6 months ago

Double Science is bad enough!

books128 · 6 months ago

i would not be able to last that long in ONE single subject, even with breaks.

claracluck · 6 months ago

It’s much to hard!😉

puzzlepeas · 6 months ago

I don't think anyone could go through a 5 hour lesson, school would be the most boring thing in your life if that was the case. I think the moment you left school you would never do maths again.

adonjewel · 6 months ago


marmoty100 · 6 months ago

No I can not survive a five hour lesson because I would get sooooo board!

nim-pom · 6 months ago

No, it would be too much stress and discomfort for a child to work on one subject for a long period of time with no breaks and no ability to get up and move around. There is a reason for having multiple different subjects during the school day, as it provides a variety and students do not get bored. Furthermore, after working on one topic for too long, the student would not do their best because there would be no interest anymore.

alpacafan · 6 months ago

It would be too boring.

camembert · 6 months ago

5 hours?!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long for just one subject.😑

opalstar · 6 months ago

I would not be able too it would drive me crazy ! I'd like too see them try though!

peebi0412 · 6 months ago

Absolutely NOT! It has been proven that children can concentrate for a maximum of 45 minutes before loosing focus. 5 hour lessons will not be good for mental health and some children will be stuck in a lesson they hate for five hours!
I certainly couldn’t do it!

grace2012 · 6 months ago

No one could do five hours of mind numbing maths

tlsea · 6 months ago

I would lose focus for that length of time, I might end up not learning anything.

p1neapple1 · 6 months ago

By the end of the lesson I would be fidgeting so much I would not be able to last 5hours I will also be probably be passing notes to all my friends🤣😂

ivansp2011 · 6 months ago

It will be better if it was 5 hours of one subject because you would have learned more in that time than 45 minutes.

redwolfx · 6 months ago

I can barley last a half hour lesson so I could definitely not last five hours 😕

catheaven · 6 months ago

NO NO DON'T MAKE MEH DO MATHS FOR 5 HOURS!!!!!! That is a stupid idea.

sophie.w · 6 months ago

No, definitely not. Everyones concentration would go after the first half and then there woud be no learning during the second half.

footym · 6 months ago

To long

abinews · 6 months ago

One-hour lessons are long enough, and changing gives us a break. I could never last through a five-hour lesson!

pickles7 · 5 months ago

NO WAY 😲😲😲

angie20 · 5 months ago

No one can concentrate for that long !

brontefan1 · 5 months ago

I wuld never ever do that would just go to sleep and hope it is over :) there are 30 mins for one subject in my school i go with it!!!!!!

zee960 · 5 months ago

that is so long I would not last

ebao · 5 months ago

I could last for 5 hours in lessons

cheeky8 · 5 months ago

some subjects yes but some no i don't know fellas

meepemeeps · 5 months ago

I would probably sleep to be honest-

bamboomilk · 4 months ago

I can barely last double maths, and that's only two hours. (With a half an hour gap for lunch in the middle).

bamboomilk · 4 months ago

I would just get sooooo tired of one subject for 5 hours!!!

wireylucy · 4 months ago

I don't think anyone could do that! I can hardly last HALF AN HOUR lessons so FIVE??? I'm afraid I'd pass out. The teachers could just change classrooms!

wireylucy · 4 months ago

Who agrees?

stargrl · 4 months ago

Thats cruel! Like miss Trunchbull.

panda89 · 4 months ago

My teacher would faint from telling us off for talking so much

djshadow · 4 months ago

I like school so I could last a few hours

djshadow · 4 months ago

But I wouldn’t be able to concentrate that well for long

emilynight · 4 months ago

No I don’t even listen to normal

emilynight · 4 months ago

No I don’t even listen to normal lessons

dingbat202 · 4 months ago


dingbat202 · 4 months ago

1 h is long enough

mai140509 · 4 months ago

5 hours of history?! NO WAY THAT'S HAPPENING!!!

mai140509 · 4 months ago

5 hours of history?! Not happening

marmoty100 · 4 months ago


katkid10 · 3 months ago

I quite like Maths, but I think I would be helping the person next to me more then I would be doing work!😋

giraffe21 · 3 months ago

Only if it was fun!

giraffe21 · 3 months ago

I have done a 5 hour long R.E lesson!!! IT WAS TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

willowroma · 3 months ago

OMG NO WAY! I can’t even last half an hour!