Could you do with a little more free time every week?


19th January 2017

According to research by Center Parcs, on average, UK kids are ‘working’ nine hours longer than their parents every week, thanks to “extracurricular activities, classes and clubs” (full story in Issue 553 of First News). What do you think? Could you do with a little more free time every week? 

Could you do with a little more free time every week?


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1isme · 7 years ago

Definetly ! Sometimes I have to spend up to 4 hours just doing homework every night!

yanisk · 7 years ago

Sometimes the week seems to last so long because we work really hard at school but is is all for the best

yanisk · 7 years ago

But maybe we should have an off-school day about once a month after working very hard or going on a tiring school trip or something.

ami002 · 7 years ago

Definitely I am super busy this month and has no time even in the weekends, or to eat lunch at school!

anna002 · 7 years ago

At the moment i am working towards an academic scholarship which puts lots and lots of pressure on me, but the fact that i already struggle with stress and fatigue makes the situation nearly unbearable.
I would definitely advance from a little more relaxation time...

Dozzeria · 7 years ago

Sometimes, yes. The homework in my school is sometimes tricky! I get stressed easily so YES

Katie2006 · 7 years ago

Ooh ? I should really have more time off?☺️✌?

Dylster888 · 7 years ago

Yes. I get worked hard every week and I thing there should be 3 days on the weekend.

enzo · 7 years ago

we have a mean teacher

tincan · 7 years ago

Yes I think we should because children work hard in school and two days rest is not enough considering that we work five days a week. i think we should have saturday sunday and monday off.

bluelion · 7 years ago

Yes, definitely!
It's not fair on us! It's like we are the adults! Secondary and primary are hard work. I wish we had no homework, that would mean we work for less time.
Blue Lion ??

prongsii · 7 years ago

I start work at schol at nine in the morning and finish at 6 in the afternoon but I am happy with the work I do;it helps me get better

prongsii · 7 years ago

yanisk, I think that already with half term holidays we dont need to have another holiday every month

11plusgirl · 7 years ago

I am so busy some nights so some free time would be great!

rubyrub · 7 years ago

I have too

RedWombat · 7 years ago

I don't think I do as although lots of my days are taken up with homework and school projects, I also choose to do extracurricular activities which the description above classed as working. I do things like guides, netball, hockey, gymnastics, science, horse riding and more. I love all these things and would class some of them as doing in my free time.

_georgiec · 7 years ago

i spend so much time doing homework it needs to be cut down!

gracie777 · 7 years ago

Us kids need time to relaxe and play, time to be kids

gracie777 · 7 years ago

Children need time to be children do our favourite sports and to sit around and watch TV. Homework and school aren't the only ways we learn!

gracie777 · 7 years ago

. Homework and school aren't the only ways we learn!

star234war · 7 years ago

It is not fare because have to do homework in the weekend when it is a time to relax

antrabbit · 7 years ago

I definitely need more spare time. I'm in year 6 and I have Latin, French, English, Maths and geography/ science homework, not to mention that we get spellings!

realsr · 7 years ago

of course x 11

bluelion · 7 years ago


ms12345 · 7 years ago

yep of course
I spend too much time doing my homework

benj · 7 years ago

I know such parents are out there who force children to do extra-curricular much of the time, but most don't. It is anyway healthy for children to have a schedule, and besides, nowadays, the alternative is usually playing video games. Go figure.

nbeausang · 7 years ago

Yes I think we should get more time to have rest and not to worry about school and homework

luna4hyena · 7 years ago


luna4hyena · 7 years ago

I agree tincan.

Etonmess54 · 7 years ago

Yes!!! I have to spend ages doing homework ? every night so I don't have any time for relaxing ? or having fun. ?

Etonmess54 · 7 years ago

The only days that I have fun is on the weekends

Etonmess54 · 7 years ago

I even have homework in the holidays!!!

hannahpowe · 7 years ago

Definitely! Once I get back from school: Get dressed, start homework, have dinner, finish homework, revise for upcoming tests and then bed. I barely get that much spare time in the weekend either!

samuel08 · 7 years ago

I think we should have more time off and not just work I already have loads of clubs like football on Tuesdays Cubs on Thursdays swimming on Friday and some more football on Saturdays

endodragon · 7 years ago

I spend a lot of time doing homework and it gets boring.

IsabelH · 7 years ago

Defiantly everyday apart from Sunday I have to do chutor and on Tuesday and Saturday I have to do extra because of school work on Saturday I have to do three sets of long borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring homework

pudsyears · 7 years ago

I think were just fine if we don't get a good education and end up living on the streets hungry and poor well be wishing we got more education.

NooNooBun · 7 years ago

Its not fair!I hardly have any spare time!

happy4456 · 7 years ago

I'm fine! Thought I guess this situation depends on which school you go to and how much homework you get. Though it also depends what your doing in you free time, people could sleep for the whole weekend whereas some people may go swimming there friends to make the most of the weekend.
All in all, this poll really depends on what you do on the weekend.
So, to me, I don't think we need any more free time!

2266flash · 7 years ago

Although like it how it is I still want more time with my parents.

marthakom0 · 7 years ago

I think it is important to give our young brains a break! I think we should have Monday off aswell

Sashgirl06 · 7 years ago

Children should have time to unwind and relax, it's not fair on them if all of their free time is being taken up by homework or after-school clubs. Everyone needs a little time to chill out!

inny · 7 years ago

i'm home schooled so I get lots of free time to play

themonster · 7 years ago

i need loads of time

girlywirly · 7 years ago

We have to be at school by 8:40am and then leave and 3:30 so yes

elyons9299 · 7 years ago

Have to many:
And LOADS more

shea2005 · 7 years ago

I like all the stuff i do after school It would be nice to be able to relax a little more however i love all the extra stuff I do so i am fine.❤?????

shea2005 · 7 years ago

But we do need to be kids and play still.

1isme · 7 years ago

We shouldn't be expected to use our free time on homework and I think that it is the school's problem if we can't handle all the homework we get. We already have enough on our mind (clubs, chores, ecsersize, doctor apointments ect.). I think we should spend 1 hour (maximum) on Homework, chores ect. and homework shouldn't be our priority.

Smile122 · 7 years ago

Because I am at secondary school, I get a lot of homework. This takes up a lot of time and can be very time consuming. I also have to practice playing the flute and go to after school clubs. I do get some time to spend with my friends and just to relax but I could defiantly do with more!!!!???

tim.harris · 7 years ago

I think there should be no homework we already do about 7 hours of school a day

arian · 7 years ago

I think everyone should have more free time because playing is a source of relaxation,so that everybody has an open mind when it comes to learning.

ninjahari · 7 years ago

I'm there for 6&1/2 hrs so yes of course! I leave late anyway.

schwab1 · 7 years ago

ye of course -who couldnt

shysurf10 · 7 years ago

I have my first GCSE in around two months. As much as I'd love more free time- you won't achieve with it.

janatetteh · 7 years ago

Definitely ! you spend most of your life revising for SATs.

kawaii101 · 7 years ago


elephant10 · 7 years ago

Yes homework takes over my week!

peregrine9 · 7 years ago

I'm confined to my house almost everyday as my parents don't trust me... they say I can't cross roads but the truth is I can and am going to HAVE to as I move onto high school, making more time for Homework and other things such as clubs.

bethyboo8 · 7 years ago

yes but the reason is I d0 10 activities that I enjoy s its 50/50!!

gaggy116 · 7 years ago

yes i think so

mathsisfun · 7 years ago

I have 1 day in the week where I have no activities: Tuesday.

My Activities

Monday: Swimming (30 mins)
Tuesday: Free Day
Wednesday: Trampoline (1 hour)
Thursday: Taekwondo (30 mins)
Friday: Gymnastics (1 hour)
Saturday: Gymnastics (1 hour)
Sunday: Ice Skating ( 1.25 hours)

I have to get up just after 6am on a Sunday for Ice Skating plus I have got the SATS in May. :(

d10 · 7 years ago

We need longer weekends!

unicorn21 · 7 years ago

Yes! I always stay up really late working hard on my homework and I get tired in the moring. If children are tired then they don't do well at school! I could use some free time to spend either my family instead of working! ?

ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

I am very busy but my parents STILL work more than I do, because of how much work THEY do.

adoley · 7 years ago

I always do school, playleading meeting, dance, gymnastics, tennis and swimming so it is VERY tiring for me and i just need a day off too relax

flameemily · 7 years ago

I think the weekend should be completely free from homework.

elliefn123 · 7 years ago

Yes because I have to go to school for 6 hours nearly every week!

amynatalie · 7 years ago

Definitely. I have an after school club everyday apart from Monday and then have to do my homework at the weekends

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

Yes! I spend 30hrs at school a week and at least two hours each night doing homework. When I can't do homework at night, it all takes time off my already busy weekends so I end up having hardly any free time

emperor · 7 years ago

Exactly what Sparkle said for me.

jelibean · 7 years ago

YES!I love to read,but also have to do homework.I need more time to read!

kestj003.3 · 6 years ago


sootysweep · 6 years ago


katkid10 · 4 years ago

Me being in Junior School my homework takes about half an hour and my Dad helps me...

weirdcat · 3 years ago

I'm fine.