What colour do you think a tennis ball is?


30th March 2018

A HUGE debate has been sparked over what colour a tennis ball is. Is it green or yellow?

Tennis star Roger Federer has even got involved, replying to the question with: “They’re yellow, right?” While some agree, others still aren’t convinced. What do you think?

What colour do you think tennis balls are?


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rivalgamer · 3 years ago

I think that they are yellow because if they were green then they would have to bee much darker then they are now.

fantastict · 3 years ago

Yay first to answer! A tennis ball is actually A yellowish green.

donutlove · 3 years ago

I think it's close but they are a kind of neony yellow to me.

bigfatcat · 3 years ago

How are they green? It could just be from the lighting or background that it’s in, obviously I think it’s yellow and I don’t know why it’s been brought up now because it’s always been yellow.

ltarling66 · 3 years ago

I'd think that the tennis balls would be yellow, a light yellow. I mean, they look lime, but I still think they're Yellow.

tintin13 · 3 years ago

I always thought tennis balls were highlighter yellow,but this certainly made me think.

I am the first to comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

titmouse · 3 years ago

There're flourescent green

pizza1 · 3 years ago

They are obviously neon yellow!

pizza1 · 3 years ago

I am the first one to comment!!

sophette · 3 years ago

FIRST TO COMMENT!!!!! ??????????????

anjana · 3 years ago

shall we say yellowishy green

fams · 3 years ago

It’s green very bright neon green

dolfincake · 3 years ago

Well, I am up for a maybe. It could be a mix of green and yellow?? I wasn't really sure though. I am sticking up for my opinion. It might be a new colour, a bit of yellow and green? It is possible, isn't it?? :/

ep-22579 · 3 years ago

I think that a tennis ball is lime-green so I didn't vote. I hope Andy Murray agrees with me!

hazza11 · 3 years ago

I think that a tennis ball is a really light green, but not quite yellow.

unicorngrl · 3 years ago

I think we should leave it yellow because the tennis playing grounds are green so they might find it a bit hard to see it . and the person who collects the ball will take longer

Esiotrot2 · 3 years ago

tennis balls are yellow and green. some brands can make them more yellow and others more green.

aash1234 · 3 years ago

I play tennis but I'm not quite sure about the colour of the ball...

zeushades8 · 3 years ago


I personally think they are neon yellow so I went for yellow

fox64 · 3 years ago

Sorry about that. I vote yellow. Still funny, though. L.O.L.

fox64 · 3 years ago

Excuse me, computer. There is not 0 comments. It is perfectly clear that there is my comment that I just commented.
Seriously. Is technology REALLY smart enough to take over. Tut tut.

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shpee · 3 years ago

Aren't they different colours depending on who makes them? Some are yellow, some are green. Most of the ones at my school are green, but they have yellow ones too.

elise2006 · 3 years ago

I think ? they are yellow because I would always say something like grab the yellow tennis ? ball.

ishaan2008 · 3 years ago

I think a tennis ball is yellow tint because green is a little darker

irowlands · 3 years ago

I'm really not sure, it looks like it could be a mixture of both colours. Maybe some people just see it differently to others.

purplefox7 · 3 years ago

They’re obviously yellow because if they were green, and the tennis players were on a green court, if the ball got dropped, no one would be able to find it.

cooledie · 3 years ago

Tennis balls are definitely GREEN in my opinion, just really bright and a kind of lime colour.

cmi_hall1 · 3 years ago

Does it really matter? I think it was a very light green but I'm not really fussed whether it is or not

unicorn07 · 3 years ago

Have you ever seen a green tennis ball?
You would never find a green ball if it got lost in grass

samuel08 · 3 years ago

In my mind it’s yellow, but other people might think it’s green. It is like an optical illusion


RoseBun · 3 years ago

It is so green. It may be light but it is definitely NOT yellow. In my opinion, it is more of a neon green but not yellow.

izzie99 · 3 years ago

I have researched and they are........................................YELLOW, well, a flurecerant yellow really. But they do look a bit green and all my family agree that they are yellow with a tinge of green, I'm not saying anyone is wrong though!

rocker26 · 3 years ago


daisy101 · 3 years ago

I think they are a neon yellow which is basically a yellow with the characteristics of green

hobbes123 · 3 years ago

A tennis ball is like kind of yellowy green!!!!?????????

spacewoman · 3 years ago

I think it could be both, it just depends on how you see it.

bucky · 3 years ago

a tennis ballis a lime green

flameemily · 3 years ago

In pictures they sort of look yellow but they are definitely green!!!!

Magic10 · 3 years ago

In my opinion, they’re mostly yellow, although I understand why some people say they’re green. They’re not completely green. It’s like The Dress all over again.

fluffy14 · 3 years ago

Well you can get green tennis balls and the green looks different to the yellow and that is a yellow tennis ball

12kpalme · 3 years ago


licorne · 3 years ago

I think a tennis ball colour can vary it can be yellow or green the only thing that matter is if it has the properties of a tennis ball and to be honest we shouldn’t be debating its colour but about properties.

fn920 · 3 years ago

yellow. Just yellow.

dolfincake · 3 years ago

duh i was the first to comment :)

piewham · 3 years ago

Tennis balls are more neon yellow than neon green, so I voted yellow.

hobbes123 · 3 years ago

I agree with izzie99!!!!??????????????

kinsparke9 · 3 years ago

Neon Lime

legend2258 · 3 years ago

Look at one, they're yellow.

Jonty · 3 years ago

I think they are yellow, but I have found a description of what they are like on google.

Tennis ball
Sports equipment
A tennis ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis. Tennis balls are fluorescent yellow at major sporting events, but in recreational play can be virtually any color. Wikipedia

ponyclub · 3 years ago

I think that they are neon Green

explorer12 · 3 years ago

Definitely yellow!!

mrmilo · 3 years ago

I think a tennis ball is green because my dogs ones are green but then the ones you use for tennis are sort of yellow so I don't know.

dollop · 3 years ago


sonnyfirst · 3 years ago

they are sort of a very very light neon green

vfoucault · 3 years ago

I believe it (the tennis ball) is a very,very green shade
Still,I believe it has a bit of yellow

fresh · 3 years ago

They look like a neon yellow not a green

holly · 3 years ago

If you look ? close its yellow

bobfm · 3 years ago

I mean there yellow!
I suppose it depends on the tennis ball as I have a red one but surly the normal ones are yellow!

dachshund7 · 3 years ago

How does everyone not see it's green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hazzter21 · 3 years ago

?look it is 100% yellow

dcb10 · 3 years ago

It's really hard to tell . but me personally I would say it is yellow , because if you bought a green one it would look much more darker. But other people may disagree with me so that fine.

amo · 3 years ago

I've never really thought about that before but now that I am I think It is just a very bright shade of green

kaena · 3 years ago


catiebug11 · 3 years ago

Soooooooooooooo yellow

catiebug11 · 3 years ago

I mean, sure the color could look green, but it is just neon! I totally agree w 'rivalgamer'. For a tennis ball to be green it would have to be quite a lot darker. (;

doctor2010 · 3 years ago

It's yellow obviously. Why would it be green?

doctor2010 · 3 years ago

Believe ME

superspy11 · 3 years ago

They are just about green. The reason why they appear yellow is due to the fact that they are extremely fluorescent.

unidist · 3 years ago

it's neon yellow... i asked my teacher!

ollasherwo · 3 years ago


aim123 · 3 years ago

it's green

lollydor · 3 years ago

Light green?

lollydor · 3 years ago

This is confusing I’m not sure

gxlden · 3 years ago


mayasoccer · 3 years ago

It's obvious. I worked as a ballkid at the Australian Open a couple of times and I was holding them for hours. Even Roger Federer agrees...

racheli · 3 years ago

more yellow than green

holholster · 3 years ago

I think that a tennis ball is a lime colour. However, it is more on the yellow side if you ask me.

aim123 · 3 years ago

I think it is very bright yellow. I also have an argument for this as it is to help the the players see the ball better.

xcurlysuex · 3 years ago

I think that some tennis balls are green, and some tennis balls are yellow. I think that this one is yellow though, but the ones i have at home are green. Maybe it's just the printer ink? I vote yellow for the now

xcurlysuex · 3 years ago

Do you know those pictures on the internet that some people see one colour and other people see another? I think that tennis balls are one of those.

draco · 3 years ago

a tennis ball looks yellow but it is actually a really light florescent green

florescent-the colour of highlighters

retep · 3 years ago

The full balls that good people use are yellow, but you get green and yellow, orange and yellow and red and yellow balls.

ali450 · 3 years ago

I would call them greeny-yellow but they are more yellow than green.

oceangirl · 3 years ago

Green definitely. Look at it closely , and it is green

oceangirl · 3 years ago

GREEN ??????????????

119c00kies · 3 years ago

I think that tennis balls are like a hi-vis jacket sort of yellow.

tesarous · 3 years ago

They are kind of like a neon green that turns yellow when its dirty

uniglitz · 3 years ago

i think it is yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

sootysweep · 3 years ago

a tennis ball is a very bright yellow.

piggy2018 · 3 years ago

I would say a mix of green and yellow

shadowfox · 3 years ago


ollym · 3 years ago

rrrreeeedddd yyyooo

123kittens · 3 years ago

To be honest, neither! They are between a neon yellow and a neon green depending on the brand.

lottielove · 2 years ago

I DUNNO!!! Highlighter yellow and neon green at the same time! AGH!!!!!

lottielove · 2 years ago

I say RED! (I have actually seen red tennis balls before tho). :O

trudie · 2 years ago

Obviously yellow

panda89 · 9 months ago


ansha007 · 6 months ago

tennis balls are neon they are not green nor yellow

ansha007 · 6 months ago

though I think it is mostly greenish