Can a robot have the same rights as a person?


3rd November 2017

A ROBOT has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia

Some people have suggested that it already has more rights than many humans!

The robot, named Sophia, appeared on stage with its head and body uncovered, but Saudi women have to cover up in public. There are also many foreign workers in Saudi Arabia who are denied citizenship and are often blocked from leaving the country – something the robot will be allowed to do.

Do you think robots can have the same rights as humans?

Can a robot have the same rights as a person?


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VAHC · 4 years ago

gradually robots will evolve to think and act like human. When this change happens robots should get rights.

grace27 · 4 years ago

Surely a robot can't have the same rights as us. A robot is just a machine whereas humans are people that are born to have rights and a robot can't have just the same!

missy11 · 4 years ago

What- a ROBOT with more rights than HUMANS!!!! That's just crazy and unfair. This must change.....

happy4456 · 4 years ago

No!!! They are machines.... not humans! They malfunction at the tiniest drop of water, and now they might have the same rights as people?! First robotic pilots, then worries about them starting wars, then robotic taxi's and now this!? What's happening to us??? Are we honestly relying more on robots to chose our feelings than our own selves? *sigh*

missy11 · 4 years ago


charlton07 · 4 years ago

I just saw in the paper that the robot did not wear a headscarf, whilst all the other Saudi Arabian women were, it is just not right

Unicorn2 · 4 years ago

No because they are just artificial intelligence and if they have the same rights as us then everything would start going wrong. Humans we can get blamed, they can't.

oceangirl · 4 years ago

A robot is a robot, not a human!!??????

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emango · 4 years ago

A robot cannot do more than it has been programmed to do. if this were animals we were talking about, it would be a different matter, but robots can easily be programmed against us.

bingaling · 4 years ago

I think yes because it is just a robot. What harm could it do? It isnt an actual human being because as technology is advancing this is what our life could be like in the future so why deny the rights of a ROBOT? This technology could help us in the future so why stop this technology from blossoming and growing?

cooledie · 4 years ago

robots shouldn't have the same rights as humans because they are really just mechanic toys that don't have the same feelings,guts , brains and hearts as us.they are manufactured, we are real and have been born.

Charliebat · 4 years ago

Very good poll??

ajem · 4 years ago

Human's have been around longer!

zuzu722 · 4 years ago

Robots are not humans, and they cannot think for themselves. But this robot has been given more rights than living humans! Robots shouldn't have the same rights as humans.

owly · 4 years ago

No! They don't even know they have rights, so why give them any? We are living things, yet somehow this robot has a larger allowance than us than what it can do. We feel hurt if someone is mean. We can be sad. We have emotions. Do robots? I don't think so......

daisy101 · 4 years ago


daisy101 · 4 years ago

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jackspicha · 4 years ago

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Plus it is sooooooooooooooo obvious it is



jackspicha · 4 years ago

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jackspicha · 4 years ago

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arthikank · 4 years ago

Robot Sophia might have more rights because she's doesn't look Saudi or she's a robot but I think a robot should have the same rights as a human

emperor · 4 years ago

Robots are computers! Humans have feelings and emotions but robots are just objects. Humans are living, so should have more rights than robots. Robots don’t need rights anyway!

tiger6 · 4 years ago

No because it isn't a person. If we let robots be treated like humans, eventually nobody will ever get any jobs. A robot doesn't have feelings nor creativity.

musicilove · 4 years ago

Someday robots will rule the world I don't want to live then

musicilove · 4 years ago

they could treat us as slaves

izzy_xxxxx · 4 years ago

NO! And defo not MORE (which it does)

izzy_xxxxx · 4 years ago

It is the 21st century and women in Saudi Arabia have only allowed women to drive, are not given adequate education and are not allowed to go out unaccompanied

artcrazy · 4 years ago

I'm sure robots do deserve citizenship, especially since scientists are making them have more humanlike emotions, but to think a robot is getting more rights and respect then a living, breathing being? Doesn't that sound a little strange?

spark60 · 4 years ago

No because humans are more advanced and when a few robots are granted citizenship, other companies and countries get bigger by making more robots and eventually, the human population willl be taken over by robot population.

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norensanz · 4 years ago

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catonclan · 4 years ago

If a robot has more rights than a person then it is not fair because people made the robot and why would a robot be declared right to live in Saudi Arabia anyway?

catonclan · 4 years ago


purple11 · 4 years ago

I think No because its unfair that a robot should have more rights than a human being. Robots aren't even real so why should they have more rights?

myrtle10 · 4 years ago

Robots are controlled by us and they will always be if we don't give them rights. If we do, they may think that they have control over us and try to enslave us like the Daleks! First comment!

jimmbob145 · 4 years ago

I think that we first need to review what rights we do have before we can pass them on to robots. If robots don’t have to cover up, why do Saudi women?

posy123 · 4 years ago


woof04 · 4 years ago

I don't think so. Robots are just machines, and I think we're going a bit too far, making ones that are like humans.

woof04 · 4 years ago


lightning · 4 years ago

I say no because robots a not alive so lets say they work at the military they could malfunction a could cause a lot of damage

dashy17 · 4 years ago

Yes!!! Of course Robots can I mean come on even if robots can malfunction pretty easily they can do the same things as us making them be able to have rights!!!!!!

lazerkid1 · 4 years ago

Robots don't have feelings. They can't be hurt by what we say.

jam11 · 4 years ago

Why should a robot have equal or even more rights than a human being? It is simply not fair.

dreamrider · 4 years ago

If robots have the same rights as us then they will take over jobs and how we live

lolnews · 4 years ago

I said no. Robots aren't actually living things like us. And to make a robot have more rights than a person is just wrong.

catawesome · 4 years ago

If a robot get the same rights as a human and the same treatment it will begin to act like a human, but it might not necessarily be a good human...

xyzman · 4 years ago

XYZMAN says no as robots could have the same rights but how would it be charged? Battery?wire? And another question is malfunctioning

ldj777 · 4 years ago

No. Because a human (with rights) must have programmed it.

shpee · 4 years ago

In the future? Maybe. As of right now? No. Definitely not. They're not advanced enough.

chatt001 · 4 years ago

They don't have feelings

cooledie · 4 years ago

robots should not have the same rights as humans because they are stupid mechanical toy things.
THEY ARE NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inventor22 · 4 years ago

The robot should not have the same rights.
From Charlie

jamesy22 · 4 years ago

No. Just no. Pure no. They could access internet,we get hacked,get bankrupt,die. It's all in a chain link.

mintpanda · 4 years ago

They shouldn’t. They aren’t equal in status of humans

kitten6262 · 4 years ago

If robots have the same rights as us then they could take over and make us slaves

topmodeliz · 4 years ago

It is just a machine

lishy · 4 years ago

Robot so would be given a target and will stop at nothing to complete that target, and if it gets dangerous then people will try to stop it however it will get rid of that person until it completes its goal
. Also it could be used for the wrong reasons.

fox64 · 4 years ago

No way. A robot, rain+power-cut=bye bye. A human, rain+power-cut=getting wet and saying oh dear but lighting a candle. Problem solved. Simple. [Always time for maths-nearly].

P.S. Those were estimates.

bruh12345 · 4 years ago

I HATE ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kitten · 4 years ago

Of course not! Robots have no brain so they can't THINK. Why should they have the same rights as us? Or maybe even MORE?!?!!!!

adelie · 4 years ago

Yes, but only the same, no more.

fnwells · 4 years ago

NO definitely not !!!! A robot doesn’t have as much logic as a human so they make the wrong decisions!!

vvvv · 4 years ago

Give every living thing rights, even plants, and I would say yes. But robots! No way?

5012s0s · 4 years ago

I think no because they were pogramed so there is less chance of them doing something wrong and it's preventing people from doing things. What might happen is that humans won't learn because of robots. When robots stop in the world who will know what to do?

Everest13 · 4 years ago

The robots don't have feelings and will probably never have true feelings, just expressions and tones of voice imitating them so they don't have a need of as many rights as us. Additionally, I doubt they will ever get a chance to vote as a politician would not allow such a thing so they will also not have the right to vote, among many other things.

coolguy · 4 years ago

They aren’t even letting humans in let alone robots ?

pooemojie · 4 years ago

Yes they could but as long as they do not take over the world!

zeushades8 · 4 years ago


gavriella · 4 years ago

A robot can never be on the same level as a human,it is something unimaginable to me, no matter how developed the technology is. Robots are not the same as humans in any way. I think that it was foolish of Saudi Arabia to grant citizenship to such an unworthy cause.

tennis08 · 4 years ago

It didn't even give us the chance to vote!

xmasfan · 4 years ago

Robots are modern technology. Humans are people who have beating hearts and have been around almost forever! Are we really going to allow robots (a.k.a. computers) to have the same right as us?

bloodgun · 4 years ago

A robot can't have more rights than a human this is insane if we keep on going like those robots will take over the world

gio2017 · 4 years ago

Technology plays a huge part in our lives, however, we have to remember that it is just that - technology. I don't think that robots should have all the same rights as humans.

redindian9 · 4 years ago

robots are just mindless tech. they dont need to be treated like princes. in a hundred years we will be treated like princes by robots, not the other way round.

appleman · 4 years ago

no matter how human they are inside they are still robots

woof04 · 4 years ago

Not really, because robots are not living organisms.

darknite72 · 4 years ago

why? Maybe in the future when they develop feelings and are more human like but a human is alive whereas a robot is made and is a computer. So NO!!!!!!

darknite72 · 4 years ago

why? Maybe in the future, a human is alive whereas a robot is made and is a computer. So NO!!!!!!

popchip4 · 4 years ago

THERE COULD JUST BE A ROBOT ON THIS CHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

musli12345 · 4 years ago

I think no

chetan272 · 4 years ago


stride03 · 4 years ago

robots could go against their own programming with a mistake lets control them now

kgrewal · 4 years ago

Although technology is improving, you have to admit robots can never be like humans

bunkins · 4 years ago


dude28899 · 4 years ago


matilda29 · 4 years ago

We shoulda all be equal!

emojiluv05 · 4 years ago

Who knows what they would do if they did have the rights

loading795 · 4 years ago


7diamond07 · 4 years ago

I think yes because it is a robot and how much harm could it do?

RoseBun · 4 years ago

a robot is not a living thing and does not have feelings.

ag0807 · 4 years ago

yes, they are just machines but they can fit in just like us

nachodip11 · 4 years ago

No, not at the moment anyway. Until we can understand and confirm that robots are conscious which as far as we know it is a big fat NO!

kestj003.3 · 4 years ago


amberspell · 4 years ago

yes I think... Well, there's no denying it would be interesting!

bellacoona · 3 years ago

no because they aren't even humans

holholster · 3 years ago

Robots shouldn't have the same rights as a person, because they can not be trusted in taking part in important events, such as voting for the Prime Minister.

1cupcake1 · 3 years ago

No because if the robots had to travel to another country then they wouldn't be able to go because they wouldn't have a passport

flossingg · 3 years ago

never ever ever ever

trudie · 2 years ago

No robots are where they follow your commands but androids can choose for themselves what to do and what not just like a normal person's life😊

redrubyguy · 1 year ago

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