Should the breeding of dolphins and killer whales be banned globally?


11th May 2017

France has banned the breeding of dolphins and killer whales in captivity.

The government has also banned the keeping of all whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity, except for orcas and bottlenose dolphins that are already being kept in aquariums.

Under the new rules, direct contact between the animals and the public is now banned (such as swimming with dolphins) and pools need to be made much larger.

Parks and aquariums have six months to make some of the changes and three years to expand their pools.

We want to know whether you think the breeding of dolphins and killer whales should be banned globally. What do you think?

Should the breeding of dolphins and killer whales in captivity be banned globally?


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ezbez56 · 4 years ago

they should be free to do what the want
#first comment

radishes10 · 4 years ago

(first one to comment yay!)
I think they should still be kept in a safe environment and still be bred, but have some freedom and be treated well and cared for.please tell me if you agree with my comment btw.

shpee · 4 years ago

If it includes porpoises, then no. Simply for the sake of the Vaquita (which has about 30 animals left alive in the species.)

cyberguy20 · 4 years ago

They shouldn't.

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

No, because people from charities and zoos might be breeding them to teach them and then set them free in the wild at an appropriate age. However, in cases when it isn't benefiting the species, such as SeaWorld, I think yes.

Etonmess54 · 4 years ago

It's not good for animals to be bred in captivity.?

orangebob9 · 4 years ago

They have every right to live as us.They only kill because they do not know any better.They don't think like us.They eat to stay alive like every other animal.It's not their fault.

radishes10 · 4 years ago

hey ezbez56! I was first to comment and I agree with shpee

isabelho · 4 years ago

Yes because what if we were forced to swim with strangers and be kept in a small tank with people looking at you.

Tomas · 4 years ago

No, because I LOVE swimming with dolphins.

sangn08 · 4 years ago

I don't think they should be bred by humans because it would disrupt their natural lives

lightning · 4 years ago

It would mean to ban breading those animals because the are very amazing animals and swimming with dolphins is fun

smudge55 · 4 years ago

Swimming with dolphins is a wonderfull experience. And if it was banned here I would be soooooo sad. Especially since I've never got to do it yet. Anyone heard of dolphin tale? If you do, imagine what would happen to clearwater aquarium! They wouldn't be able to help dolphins who couldn't live in the wild!

anjana · 4 years ago

i agree with you Radishes10

mialyons3 · 4 years ago

Although I think Dolphins and Killer Whales should be free to mate with whoever they want to and free to live how they choose, it is just as important, if the particular species is endangered, to breed and keep them away from the threat of extinction! I am unsure of which side to support because of this.

AlanaH10 · 4 years ago

Animals are just like us, they need to roam free!!!

scootz · 4 years ago

Remember that dolphins are living species and they should feel free and roam around and enjoy their life. They need to be in a safe environment and we must keep the dolphins species going.

VAHC · 4 years ago

If they are looked after in a place that is comfortable for the whales than no, it should not be banned.

jennia · 4 years ago

vote yes. it is the right thing

sophette · 4 years ago

If they do they might get extinct

Eris2005 · 4 years ago

Dolphins and whales kept in captivity should just be given bigger areas to live in. This way they will be happier and can still be bred

friendlyem · 4 years ago

dolphins dont harm you they are so cute they will get endangered so im voting no

ice · 4 years ago

I love dolphins and killer whales so defiantly nooooooooooo!

schwab1 · 4 years ago

I'm against zoos and places like that( small aquariums, farms) and I think it is unfair that ALL animals (including dolphins and whales) should be bred in such small places.
imagine if we were stuck in small cramped spaces and were imprisoned forever-just watch free willy!

schwab1 · 4 years ago

agree with alanah10

wren · 4 years ago

If they are being bred for conservation reasons, I guess that is different. People should be educated on the importance of preserving species. If they are being bred for conservation, it is the breeders and experts responsibility to keep them in proper conditions.

But if they are kept in captivity for human enjoyment and pleasure, that is unfair.

evadore · 4 years ago

If we stop breeding them, they'll all be extinct! :'( :'(

oliverj · 4 years ago

I think that it is OK, as long as not too many killer whales and dolphins are breeded and kept in captivity

labrador24 · 4 years ago


drummer1 · 4 years ago

It is unfair for the animals not to have the freedom they deserve.

avapizza98 · 4 years ago

I agree with radishes10

oshie1000 · 4 years ago

I don't want these animals to become extinct.

drummer1 · 4 years ago

I think that if the animals are becoming extinct they should be bred so then the population will increase and then they should be able to be free.

tincan · 4 years ago

no because it is just like saying that humans cant make a family

Mog18 · 4 years ago

GIVE THEM FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ yes it should be banned!

pugly · 4 years ago

I said no because I think that they should be in the wild because there serposed to be wild animals.?

hamiltocat · 4 years ago

I don't think that breeding in captivity is necessarily bad, but it depends on what you are doing with the animals. If there is an endangered species, then it should be bred in captivity to keep it's species going, but animals shouldn't be treated cruelly.

girlywirly · 4 years ago

It is cruel to breed animals in captivity as they may not want to

flameemily · 4 years ago

You may say it is fine for saving the species and I agree but for that people just need to make parts of the sea protected. Most bred in captivity are for shows and it is cruel.

labrador24 · 4 years ago

They should be in the wild unless they are hurt

dotmatilda · 4 years ago

I kind of believe yes and no as if it was the law they may just start bringing in animals from outside endangering the species

Everest13 · 4 years ago

We need to continue wisely breeding (prevent inbreeding) of endangered species to prevent them going extinct

poem-13 · 4 years ago

It depends on how they are treated, I mean, it's humans causing climate change and all that so we need to help them, but treat them well.

claudine · 4 years ago

Only if they're rare

leahpanda4 · 4 years ago

I think yes because most big marine animals become depressed when in captivity and some die in captivity because of being away from freedom. I think they should be bred in a safe environment maybe once in a while and then let into a protected area of an ocean or sea so they are free and protected at the same time.

bruh12345 · 4 years ago

I agree with radishes10

ponyclub · 4 years ago

Me too

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

# No beCaUse it iZ fun

adelie · 4 years ago

No, that's crazy to think yes!

jcirmaci · 4 years ago


tiffanycat · 4 years ago

no because they choose to come over to you to be fed and everything. if we leave them alone they might die. plus its a good experience to brag about XD

sealover13 · 4 years ago

I am a member of WDC so am against dolphin captivity. Dolphins shouldn’t be bred because their babies will just be born into a life of doing circus tricks for “entertainment”. No matter how big the tank it will never match how much room they have in the sea-100 miles per day compared to 1500 lengths back and forth in a tiny tank

sealover13 · 4 years ago

Dolphins should be free!!! #enddolphincaptivity

katkid10 · 1 year ago

It depends, people, doing that could get their numbers up and save them but people could then think that is was more OK to hurt them

katkid10 · 10 months ago

I don't think that it should be banned globally, as some conservations actually save species.