Based on your personality, which Big Top Academy character are you?


23rd October 2020

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CIRCUS school is out but the Big Top Bulletin is still keeping kids connected. Over the break, the students of Big Top Academy are staying in touch through The Big Top Bulletin!

When Ms. Martel reveals the coveted title of Big Top Bulletin Editor is up for grabs, everybody wants the role. So, Ms. Martel assigns our always-competitive circus kids the ultimate challenge: each of them will have the chance to “audition” by putting together their very own issue of the Bulletin!

But a mystery in a virtual secret room threatens to derail this trial-by-fire process. What’s the point of a Big Top Bulletin when Big Top Academy seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth?

Imagine a school where every day you get to learn cool acrobatics, test your strength and flexibility, clown around and sing your heart out!

Add to that intriguing mysteries, a book filled with circus secrets, and an amulet with unknown powers and unforeseen consequences and you have BIG TOP ACADEMY.

Meet the talented students of Big Top Academy, and tell us which one you’re most like?

Nick is the son of famous daredevil circus performer Nicholas Zolta Sr. He has circus in his blood. Nick has to keep his audition to the school secret, many years ago his father disappeared while performing a reckless circus act, and his mother Lucy has sworn she would never let her son follow in his father’s footsteps.

April is a perfectionist and set on achieving everything she sets out to do. April left the dance academy when she learned that she would not be in the group of first dancers. She feels she isn’t good enough to stand out on stage, but hides this when she arrives at circus school. For her this is the opportunity to start over and show everyone that she is a star.

Axel is the eldest son of two very strict dentists. Returning for another year, his parents have allowed him to attend to keep him ‘out of the way’. His parents insist the circus is a hobby which they allow him to enjoy, but it was supposed to be a passing phase After two years at the school Axel excels, and if he continues to train, will have a promising career ahead of him.

Ella is the youngest of the travelling circus Piccolo Family, she has been acting with her family for as long as she can remember. Constantly on tour they never spend more than a few nights in the same city, and she can’t imagine her life any other way. Her plan is to create a vlog that documents all the new things she will learn.

Max is a competitive gymnast who has been training for the Olympic Games his whole life and the son of the highly-talented Sir Rayne. Surprised when his father announces he has taken a position as an acrobat director in a circus school, Max decides to change his focus to being the best in the school.

Phoenix is a skater who is not afraid to say what she thinks, and who never thought she would attend circus school. She is a normal girl who goes to a normal school, joins her friends in the skatepark and helps her parents in their restaurant. When she enters the school she has to catch up and will do everything possible to fit in.

Based on your personality, which Big Top Academy character are you?

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panda89 · 11 months ago

Phoenix but also a bit April

witchygirl · 11 months ago

April maybe? But also maybe Phoenix...

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April but also Phoenix coz im not afraid to say what i feel

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April for sure

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April, Phoinex, Nick.

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All of them 😃

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Nicholas and Phoenix and April a bit Ella

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Nick, Phoenix and April

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My name is Ella so yeah...

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i think phoenix and tiny bit axel

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Phoenix and nick!